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Wooden roof lighting – here are some innovative ideas
wood roof lighting series recessed spotlights everywhere

Wooden roof lighting – here are some innovative ideas

Lighting at home – precisely the one that creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, for example in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room or even in the bathroom emphasizing the characteristics of the environment in a soft way.

Lighting wooden roofs – trendy ideas

Integrated modern kitchen living room

Properly lit wooden roofs are a wonderful solution for your new home! Do you need advice on what could be the best and most innovative lighting systems to furnish your home with style and exactly your wooden roofs? Then you have come to the correct place! Here you will find many ideas on the various modern lighting solutions that meet your needs.

Wooden roof lighting with exposed beams

wood roof lighting lamps suspension cables visible

Led lighting, for example, is one of the most sought-after trends and is suitable for any wooden structure, roofs and floors. Moreover it allows to overcome the opposition between ancient and modern, which has always animated the debate in architecture, reconciling aesthetics and functionality.

Ideas to light up an attic with a wooden roof

wood roof lighting bedroom

If your house has a wooden roof, choose LED lighting, which enhances the natural appearance of the wood without artificially creating aesthetic dissonances. This technology offers many expressive possibilities.

Exposed wooden beams illuminated in low light in a small attic

attic lighting poor wood beams view

For example, you can transform an attic with a wooden roof using this type of lighting. Furnishing and then living in an attic is practically a wonderful project, romantic and not the last fun place.

Modern living room with wooden roof and hidden lighting

wooden roof beams attic view

Due to its particular structure, however, there are some limits and features that make it extremely difficult to furnish and illuminate in the most appropriate way. The attics are often poorly lit due to the lack of large windows, due to architectural or stylistic choices such as, for example, wooden ceilings with exposed beams.

LED lighting a wooden roof with exposed beams

modern wood ceiling beams view led spotlights everywhere

For reasons of height, it is not recommended in the attics to use chandeliers or hanging lamps. Pay attention to the different light points, dividing them by type and color. The light can be direct or reflected, hot or cold.

Classic bedroom with hanging chandelier under the wooden ceiling

luxury bedroom large bed chandelier

A reasonable solution to illuminate wooden roofs in the most compact environments is to choose LED spotlights, ceiling lights or flat aluminum profiles for LED strips. We have collected interesting ideas that we hope will meet the taste of many.

Modern luxury kitchen with wood and glass ceiling

modern kitchen luxury table suspension lamps

The wooden roof can become a furnishing element, especially if it is a beautiful ceiling with exposed beams. To get the best result, you need to light it properly. Certainly there are several alternatives in this regard. In order to illuminate a room that has a ceiling made of exposed beams, you must first evaluate the height of the ceiling.

Large terrace with wooden roof and hanging lamps

large wooden terrace roof lighting

Modern elimination in an all-wood environment

wood roof lighting contemporary kitchen style

If the ceiling is very high, the right solution is to use a suspension lamp. In this way the light can spread throughout the environment. Before choosing to light up your room with a wooden roof using a chandelier, also take into account the style and of course the size of the room. If for example the room is small it is not advisable to place a chandelier too wide. If, on the other hand, your ceiling is low, you have to avoid using suspension lamps.

LED spotlights in the bathroom – a modern and elegant touch

led bathroom ceiling wood spotlights

LED lighting for the home

lighting of the wood roof modern spotlights led bathroom

If the ceiling is not high, you have to highlight the beautiful structure of the ceiling and beams, opting for something decidedly more modern, like a series of spotlights clearly visible on the beams. If you want a solution for a modern environment and certainly the structure of your roof allows it, recessed LED spotlights would be a good choice. If you would like to create a soft lighting in your home, right here you can find the best choice.

Minimal kitchen with modern lighting on the wooden ceiling

wood roof lighting kitchen open space type

The aim of the soft lighting is to create a warm and elegant atmosphere. The soft light is distributed discontinuously and creates a pleasant play of light and shadows. It is suitable for particular environments such as living rooms, bars, gardens and so on.

Furnishings with wooden elements and stylish lighting

modern kitchen wood roof lighting

Finding the best solution obviously depends on what result you want to achieve in terms of design and furnishings. As far as lighting is concerned, great strides have been made, but there are still many doubts about LED systems.

All-wood ceiling – equipped with suspension lamps

wood ceiling modern kitchen suspension lamps

Opting for LED lighting for the home is really the ideal and the most advantageous choice. LED lamps are very resistant to shocks and last longer, therefore, they last longer and consume less.

LED lighting suitable for wooden roofs

wood roof lighting modern living room recessed spotlights

By choosing LED lighting for the home, in addition to saving on electricity bills, you will also make an ecological choice.

Various types of lighting in a modern home with wooden elements throughout

wood roof lighting chandelier suspended recessed spotlights

Then bear in mind that the LED lights are capable of enhancing all the beauty of the wood, making the room even larger and more welcoming despite the fact that it is a small attic or a larger room with a wooden roof. Much money is spent on furnishing, decorating and lighting our homes, creating environments that sometimes do not satisfy us.

Wooden roof in a modern kitchen with hanging lamps

minimalist style kitchen suspension lamps

Modern combination of ceiling lights, hanging lamps and wooden ceiling

ceiling wood ceiling lights suspension lamps

Often, however, the desired result is not achieved precisely because of the lack of adequate lighting despite the amount spent. Innovative lighting systems nowadays, in addition to consuming less electricity, do not even require maintenance during their life cycle.

Hanging lanterns – modern solution for decorating the wooden ceiling

wood roof modern hanging lanterns

For example, the use of LED lamps for wooden roofs leaving visible cables could be a very welcoming solution that leaves the aesthetics of the environment intact.

Wooden beams in the living room illuminated in a special way

wooden beams view elegant contemporary living room

Wooden roof with a masonry wall on a design by Tracy Hardenburg¹

wood ceiling spotlights recessed living room rustic style

Take inspiration from our current gallery to give an increasingly modern, innovative and bright spirit to your homes with wooden roofs.