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White parquet: the naturalness of the material for light-laden environments
white parquet-furniture-vintage-bedroom-bed

White parquet: the naturalness of the material for light-laden environments

If you are in the process of renovating your home, then there is an element of great importance. We are talking about flooring. The choice of the floor is of fundamental importance. The options to choose from are varied, but there is a standard material recognized all over the world: parquet. In particular, in this article we take white parquet into consideration.

white-design-living room-modern parquet

But not all wooden floors are created in the same way and the selection of a product is not simply a matter of choosing your favorite color. A number of other factors can have an impact on both aesthetics and performance. So the choice of floor covering is not entirely simple.

white parquet-furniture-living room-design

The basic features to which it must respond are functionality, practicality and not the last place to be in line with the style of furniture. As we have specified in our other articles, the furnishing style should be chosen based on personal tastes and needs.

white parquet-furniture-vintage-living area

And also because the choice of a material corresponds to a certain style. In the rustic style we can often meet the cotto, instead, the tile can be combined with a modern and classic decor. In short, the various materials can direct towards different types.

white parquet-bedroom-furniture-style-vintage

Dark colored wood stands for a more rustic or classic style. In the lighter version of wood, a more modern and minimalist style tends to prevail. The choice of white parquet means that we want to create an environment full of light, ample, natural, but above all of design and style.


In our image gallery, we propose twenty white parquet solutions, declined towards a modern, Nordic, vintage and Scandinavian style. It is up to you to decide what suits your personal tastes and needs. The environments we have taken into consideration are the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and some examples for the bedroom. These are precisely the spaces where the parquet floor could be found.


Such a floor can be available in various shades and types. The essences and reproductions are no less so. During the choice it is possible to opt for a solid parquet, in all essence, or for a pre-finished one, made from aggregate base wood and a bit of essence.


If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend huge sums, then you can opt for a plastic prefinished. The wood-effect floors are very popular because you tend to save on these elements that make up the room. There is nothing wrong, given the times they run, but in all cases we must prefer those of a higher quality, capable of withstanding more over time.


The imitation wood is able to reproduce in a very realistic way all the veins of real wood. However, the white color indicates that the environment will be very bright, clear, elegant and welcoming. However, in the different compositions we show you can notice some darker shades of white. Dirty white is trendy, able to blend into space in an original way.

Parquet-color-white-Nordic-style living room

The choice of white parquet also denotes a certain attention to the choice of wall color. Our advice is to opt for warm color tones, because it is of great importance to create a welcoming and familiar environment. In the different compositions you can see environments with a vintage touch combined with our beloved white parquet.

living room-furnished-style-modern-parquet-White

Let’s see what it means to decorate vintage and how it could be done in the simplest way possible. There are many ways to insert vintage elements in the various rooms of your home. Vintage stands for retro. Everything that is inspired by past ages can be considered perfect to be placed in environments with a vintage touch.


The charm of past years is represented in many of our proposals. In particular, the first composition concerns the bedroom. In fact, this is the area where this kind of furniture goes very well. You could play with lighting and so with decorations. White is the predominant color.


Beige, gray and ivory cannot be overlooked. Everything, however, like the floor and walls, must be combined in the best possible way. Even the vintage furnished kitchen and living room can be very satisfying. In the kitchen, for example, you could play with accessories, such as pots, and some furnishing accessories such as stools, colored refrigerators and much more.

wood-flooring-in-white-bedroom bed

The total white is the basis of many examples shown in this article. In recent times it is very popular, precisely because it embraces very different furnishing styles. We have mentioned the modern, but we have not said anything about the industrial and shabby chic.


In the composition you see above, you can see a Nordic style furniture, in which the floor is a slightly darker shade and characterized by an aged effect. If you want to give character to your floor, this is the best method.


The industrial style fireplace blends perfectly with the living room context. In the next proposal, once again we have a Scandinavian decor, set in the living area. The speech of the floor is the same also in this image. DIY pallet furniture is also an excellent solution.


If you are undecided about which shade to choose, opt for white. The white color is universal and is able to interact with all styles of furniture. The thug is an extra idea that could give character and personalize the space.

White parquet: a choice of style and elegance


We conclude with two truly original images, in which the style is not lacking, indeed. Take a cue from the solutions proposed here and you can start your renovation work with ease. As you have seen it is not at all difficult to find the most appropriate ideas that can best adapt to your personal needs. Opting for a welcoming and familiar environment is always the right choice. So choose the white parquet floor: the result will leave you fully satisfied.

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