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White kitchens: perfect combination with modern style
white kitchens glass sideboard wood

White kitchens: perfect combination with modern style

Most people are inclined to believe that the living room is the meeting place of the family, the facts speak for themselves: honor goes to the kitchen. Today we are dealing with the topic of white kitchens that tend to have a modern style, with many variations of composition, with or without an island. White kitchens convey a sense of glamor, cleanliness and transparency.

White kitchens with modern and very elegant design

elegant modern white design kitchens

In this pristine place where food is prepared with so much love, we spend time with our family, we host friends, creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The white color creates a fairytale scenario, flooded with natural light during the day and recreating a glamor illuminated by artificial light in the evening.

White kitchens with lacquered furniture and futuristic design

white futuristic modern design kitchens

In the gallery you will find many modern ideas with a very powerful visual impact to furnish your kitchen. The wavy lines delimit the kitchen space, creating a modern effect that implies a design that communicates simplicity.

White kitchen with wooden inserts

white kitchens modern design idea

To give a touch of personality you can add some colorful details. The addition of bright colors here and there breaks the monotony, adding another dimension to create the overall effect. Accents of bright colors establish a youthful mood.

Total white with lacquered furniture and light wood top

white kitchens wood inserts soft lighting

Modern furniture with hanging chandeliers and wooden chairs

white kitchens lamps suspension wooden chairs

White is a timeless color, so choosing a white kitchen always remains a safe bet. A white furniture is the guarantee of having a very bright place with an excellent design. To design a kitchen of this kind, you have to start with furniture first, which is certainly the basis of everything.

The visible shelves in black create contrast

white kitchens dark wood view shelves

The furniture implies a lot of elegance when, for example, the look is completed by a stainless steel hood, a glass sideboard or a black colored wall. If you want to simply renew your furniture, consider the idea of ​​repainting them.

The chandelier and the hood are certainly effective

Modern style lacquered furniture white kitchens

It is an ideal solution to gain brightness, thanks to this update, plus without any radical change. If desired, some new elements could be added to increase the sense of modernity.

Modern design with white lacquered furniture and wooden top

white kitchens wood top built-in washbasin

Or simply add small, well-visible appliances with a strong, vibrant color. Another idea to break the total white of the furniture, with another color for the walls.

Perfect combination of steel appliances and green shelves

white kitchens black ceramic top

Or opt for strong color to use for the kitchen splash guard. In this way you will make the kitchen a more cheerful and inviting place. As we have said, white is the base that allows you to experiment with light, with furniture and with appliances.

Idea of ​​combination between white and green

white kitchens in green as contrast

If one day you get tired of this color, but I strongly doubt, you can simply repaint everything. And what other color is perfect as a base?

Modern and extravagant design with many exposed shelves

modern white kitchen decor original shelves

Moreover it is possible to combine it with many other different styles, starting from a traditional, rustic, minimal kitchen and so on and so forth. You can add a couple of colored accessories, a hanging lamp or a sideboard to your kitchen. Even visible shelves are an ideal solution.

Furnishing ideas for small rooms

modern decor white kitchen decorations

The color behind the white will succeed in creating a touch of contrast. You can also play with the work plan. The top can be of a different color, a black, for example it would look very good.

Ultra modern design with central island

how to furnish modern style kitchen ideas

The kitchen in black and white is one of the trends of recent times.

Modern style kitchen furniture with steel appliances

very large modern kitchen decorative elements

From what we’ve said so far, you may think that white kitchens are sterile and even a bit boring. But this is not the case at all. Incorporating contrasting elements – such as natural stone or wood flooring in combination with lacquered furniture – is a very original idea.

Open plan idea for kitchen and living room

kitchen living room open space idea

Many designers suggest wooden beams as decoration, which is a good compromise if you have a total white kitchen.

Wooden inserts with central island

design kitchen modern furniture shiny central island

Even shades of gray, purple or green go perfectly with the furniture. The modern style prefers white, even if the environment has a small size. This bright color is able to make the environment seem more spacious.

Decorative ideas and glass table to detach from the white look

modern furniture furnish kitchen wall decorations

Furthermore, every time you enter your kitchen you will experience a feeling of freshness and purity.

Wood inserts and kitchen top in black color

modern island peninsula central decor

This shade is perfect for a modern decor, with clean lines and minimalist style furniture. To complete the aesthetics of your white kitchen you can opt for lacquered furniture and decorated with accessories in polished glass or stainless steel.

Idea and design from Marvel Building

original worktop wood hood

Furniture in black and white with a steel column

white kitchen parashizzi black top

Some practical examples, useful for breaking with white and creating contrast, is the use of glass. For example, you can add a glass table. Glass interrupts the rigorous lines of contemporary kitchens, without taking anything away from the modernity of white kitchens. Instead the steel base provides character and design.

Lots of decorative ideas in yellow, adding a touch of joy

Elegant modern design decorative elements yellow color

Black cap in a context of a total white kitchen

kitchen furnishing idea paraschizzi black

To detach and contrast you can insert elements of another color, as in this case the splash guard and the black chairs. The chandeliers are really impressive.

Wall decorated with exposed tiles for a modern context

idea lamps suspension wall tiles view

An original idea would be to decorate the wall, as in this case with exposed tiles. The top of the kitchen is in a black color to create contrast. There are also some decorative elements that brighten up the environment.