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White and gray kitchen: a touch of style to your living area
white and gray contemporary design kitchen

White and gray kitchen: a touch of style to your living area

We have selected a photo gallery that you can take inspiration from if you want to furnish your kitchen with style and elegance. Yes, that’s right, we propose that you consider the idea of ​​a white and gray kitchen! White and gray are the two perfect colors if you want to give the room a unique and undoubtedly sober atmosphere.

White and gray kitchen: lots of ideas for modern furniture

minimal white and gray kitchen design

Furthermore, if your furniture design is modern or contemporary, these two shades are more than suitable. In the images that you will find in this article you will be able to admire them on the walls, on the floor, on the doors and on the other furnishing accessories.

White and gray kitchen and a proposal with modern design furniture

original white and gray kitchen design

White and gray kitchen with wooden floor and two original design chandeliers

white and gray kitchen two particular chandeliers

Before starting to comment on the photos and understand which composition is the one that best suits your needs, let’s analyze the two colors that are our main theme today. Gray never goes out of style. There are many adjectives to describe it, but the one that reflects it in the best possible way is elegance.

A possible solution for furnishing with some wooden inserts

white and gray kitchen inserts wood chairs

All our proposals that we show you today have a common denominator, and this is undoubtedly the sobriety with which they have been furnished and decorated. Every little element has been taken care of in detail and nothing is left to chance.

An extravagant idea for an ultra modern kitchen with wine cellar for wine

white and gray kitchen wooden floor chandeliers

Proposal with visible red shelves

white and gray kitchen dark wood floor

This area of ​​the house is the area, indeed, the realm of women. But we emphasized that nowadays, many men of the family like to spend their free time, for example experimenting with a new recipe. Gray is also perfect as a background. In this case we find it on the walls, or on the floor.

Here’s how to furnish and decorate a small kitchen

white and gray kitchen floor parquet flowers

This is the perfect way to enhance a modern design kitchen. Speaking of styles, this shade goes very well with any design. Therefore, it does not matter if you have decided to furnish in a modern, classic, contemporary or minimal style.

A perfect combination of white and gray in a contemporary style environment

modern white and gray style clock kitchen

Thanks to its infinite facets it matches perfectly with any design. Let’s say that if you fell in love with gray, you won’t go wrong for any reason, this is the right choice for every woman and man who is looking for style and refinement.

White furniture, gray splash guard and central island with sink

white and gray kitchen with glossy modern floor surface

Here, for example, in the proposal that follows, we show you a contemporary decor of a truly unique open space. The whole environment has been furnished and decorated with lots of taste and originality. Gray is the background and enhances the dining table set.

Contemporary design for an elegant open space with yellow dining table set and chairs

white and gray kitchen wooden table chandeliers suspension yellow chairs

As an accent in this composition we immediately notice the chairs of a yellow color. Yellow goes perfectly and mixing in this case is the most suitable solution. Even the floor is gray, but a darker shade. In short, everything you want from a kitchen can be found in this proposal.

Here is the classic version with the thousand shades of gray against the white wall

classic white gray kitchen decor

Practical solution with a wooden floor and a very functional peninsula

kitchen decor white gray color original chandelier

We have come to talk about white. White is a color very suitable for a kitchen-like environment. The why we explain it to you immediately. First of all, this color gives light and gives a clean feeling. Like gray, it matches perfectly with the style and trends of the moment. It is possible to find white both on the walls and on the furniture.

The minimal design version for the kitchen in white and gray

gray white modern design kitchen decor

Combined with gray is the option that best suits your tastes. But you have to be very careful if you have tried your hand at decorating alone, and you are not an expert in question.

Yellow matches perfectly with the gray color of the furniture in this modern-style kitchen

modern gray white yellow kitchen design furniture

Contemporary furniture with white top and gray furniture

white kitchen some inserts gray color extractor hood

The best solution would be to rely on an interior designer, but let’s say it’s not a very difficult job to do. White can make you fall into the trap of creating a sterile and impersonal environment. So, you have to take care of every little detail, as we have said before.

Another solution with a minimal design for a trendy open space

gray kitchen some white inserts

The best thing to do is to accentuate it with a garish color like yellow or red.

Compact, functional and classic! Everything you need!

kitchen furniture minimal style wood floor

Often we find the two colors, one on the wall units and the columns, the other for example on the island. In this way there is no risk of burdening the visual effect. In short, being able to have a central island is a great possibility to exploit the space in the best possible way.

A Scandinavian design proposal with carpet and an original chandelier

furnished kitchen decorated Scandinavian style rug

The version with central island and dining table function

elegant kitchen refined white gray color

In fact, many times the hob or sink is placed right there. In various proposals it is possible to find it as a dining table, or as a bar area where you can enjoy aperitifs. The ideas are so many, you just need the space and have the necessary budget to make the kitchen of your dreams.

Contemporary style open space with a white kitchen, dining table set and gray chairs

particular idea white kitchen furniture set gray furniture chandelier

But the final result will surely satisfy every taste and need. Furthermore, the market has evolved to such an extent that all manufacturers now offer many possibilities for furnishing and personalization.

White and gray kitchen with three chandeliers suspended on the central island

particular idea modern kitchen furniture white gray wood stools

We conclude our proposals with three images, all with modern design furniture!

A special suggestion with a wooden floor and a very practical island

wood floor kitchen design gray white color

In this we can find a wooden floor in a dark color that matches perfectly with the modern style of this gray kitchen.

An elegant proposal once again in white and gray

white top gray furniture modern design kitchen

In our latest proposal, we show you a modern design with some wooden inserts and floral decorations. The hanging chandelier can only be noticed.