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Walk-in closet in the bedroom – every woman’s dream
wardrobe room bedroom shelves drawers

Walk-in closet in the bedroom – every woman’s dream

Walk-in closet in the bedroom all to itself: the hidden dream of every modern woman! There are already established places in the house. There is a dining room where you can eat, a bedroom to sleep in, a bathroom where you can wash, a games room where you can spend your free time.

Walk-in closet – minimum space available in the bedroom

walk-in closet black bedroom

And the dressing room? The dream, not too hidden, of every woman who loves fashion is having a walk-in closet, an exclusive place that contains all the clothes and accessories. Yes, the walk-in closets are the hidden desire of many Italian women and not only.

Walk-in closet in the bedroom: the dream of every woman easy to come true

niche wardrobe bedroom bed small wooden furniture

In fact, it all started with Hollywood stars and the hit TV series “Sex and the City” in which the lead actress Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) had a walk-in closet, albeit a messy one, all to herself. What envy!

Small bedroom with a wardrobe niche

bedroom niche wardrobe

Wide as a room or as small as a niche, the walk-in closet is the most desired space in any home. Here you will discover many tips and small tricks to design it to the millimeter. The walk-in closet is not an environment that resembles other rooms, as it does not require the presence of ventilation windows.

Walk-in closets in the bedroom – designed to make the most of the space

large bedroom closet

In addition to a series of advantages, it brings a symbolic added value to the home. Depending on the different situations, it can have a different role: changing room, if located near the bathroom; wardrobe if placed inside the bedroom; large dressing room-wardrobe.

Wardrobe room in the bedroom with drawers and shoe racks placed on wooden shelves

contemporary bedroom wardrobe room

Modern bedroom with an illuminated wardrobe niche

modern bedroom niche wardrobe

Of course, in a “normal” house there is not all that space to even recreate a room for clothes, understood as a real living room furnished with armchairs and a mini-bar ?!

Walk-in closet in a modern and stylish bedroom

modern bedroom closet

There is no need for the room that we would like to use for clothes to be huge, just a few meters. With plasterboard walls, but also with curtains or blinds, you can create a new environment, if the space in your home allows it.

Modern space-saving walk-in closets for the bedroom

walk-in closet small bedroom

A walk-in wardrobe completely replaces the classic wardrobe, the one we are used to. Inside this special room you can rest all your clothes and accessories using the spaces in height. With shelves or drawers, you can use all the space, even the corners!

Minimal style bedroom with walk-in closet with sliding doors

wardrobe bedroom minimal style bedroom

For those who love the minimal, the space and comfort, the choice of inserting a walk-in closet in the bedroom instead of the classic wardrobe, is apt.

Wardrobe room with parquet, dressers, wooden hangers and blue curtains

wardrobe room blue curtains

The only requirement is to have space available to be able to carry it out. The walk-in closet, in fact, has the particularity of being able to be implemented and designed according to one’s needs and needs, since it is made up of modular elements that allow modification. Look at our gallery and copy the right idea for your new walk-in closet!

Bedroom and wardrobe room full of clothes and accessories

bedroom large walk-in wardrobe