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Suspended bed: surprising ideas for those who love to sleep in the clouds
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Suspended bed: surprising ideas for those who love to sleep in the clouds

Are you looking for an original, creative and surprising idea for your room and, why not, for that of your children? The suspended bed is exactly for you. For those who like to sleep floating, suspended in the clouds, it is a furnishing proposal, which allows the bedroom to be characterized in a very personal way. You will surely have had the opportunity to see them on the pages of the sector magazines but, to have a more precise idea of ​​what we intend to bring to your attention, we invite you immediately to browse the twenty images that make up our gallery.

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modern suspended-proposal-style bed

We have selected a series of compositions where the absolute protagonist is the suspended bed, available in various styles. Although, in fact, it is a decidedly current furnishing solution, it is possible to choose between different designs. The possible variants regarding the suspended bed are different.


Unlike traditional beds, the ones to which we have always been accustomed, which rest on the ground with feet or with a structure anchored to the ground, the suspended bed is connected to the walls thanks to brackets. As you can see from the numerous proposals that we have selected in our collection of images, there are also suspended beds, or rather hanging, to the ceiling by means of rope and rope systems that have the task of supporting the bed.


It does not end here because there are also models of bed suspended from rocking to the ceiling and, again, beds that remain in midair thanks to a magnetic field. There is no doubt: if you opt for a suspended bed, this automatically becomes the undisputed protagonist, the focus, of the entire bedroom, therefore also the rest of the furniture must respect its high level of design.


In short, it must be able to respect the character of the main actor. Sometimes, especially in the rooms furnished according to the dictates of minimal design, there are very few (a built-in wardrobe and bedside tables with essential lines, for example) the other furnishing accessories, leaving almost the entire scene to the suspended bed.


As soon as you cross the threshold of the room, the look is immediately captured, like a magnet. Many proposals, in particular, have a marked design component. These are really very special, original and creative solutions that inevitably catalyze attention.


In short, this so contemporary solution represents the ideal choice for those who love to sleep suspended, as if they were in the clouds. Among the various technical solutions offered by the market, we present the main ones starting from the one that is mounted on the wall by means of a retractable bracket system. In this case, the eye-catcher is truly remarkable as you will have the visual sensation that the bed is literally floating in the air.


As for the rest of the furniture which, as we have said a while ago, must be able to hold the scene to such a distinctive element, an interesting proposal could be represented by two bedside tables that recall its style, also suspended.


Among the various types, we also mention the one that uses the force of gravity leaning on a single leg adjustable in height. Among the various images we have collected in order to provide you with a range as wide as possible from which to draw inspiration for you, you can view a particularly interesting example.


From the traditional form, in original and amusing round versions and, again, proposals rich in design and personality, the possibility of choice is really wide, even if the suspended bed is a very recent solution. If, for example, you are looking for a more modern line, you can opt for the solution that involves fixing the base of the bed to the ceiling with steel cables, which will give the bedroom an appearance close to the industrial style .


For a more rustic appearance, however, it is possible to opt for ropes. For both solutions, you can view some interesting examples here. In addition to a relevant appearance related to aesthetics, what are the advantages of a bed of this kind? Opting for a suspended bed means first of all introducing an element of great style into the furnishing of your bedroom.


The scenic effect is undoubtedly achieved, however, it must be said, that in order to set up one’s room with this type of bed it is necessary to have plenty of space, both to enhance the bed as it deserves, but also to introduce other furnishing elements (wardrobes and bedside tables) that must necessarily be covered. If the square meters are few, the risk is to “suffocate” the room.


For this reason, the suspended bed is particularly suitable for environments furnished in a minimal style. Another aspect that, alas, must be counted among the disadvantages, concerns the fact that the suspended beds cannot accommodate any storage space in the lower part, because it must be left completely empty. In short, the suspended bed is the exact opposite of the storage bed.


The advantages are all related to the look, which will undoubtedly gain several points thanks to the introduction of an element of this kind, but also cleaning will certainly be facilitated. If you have the space you need and you want to achieve a terrific effect (yes, it’s a good idea to call it that!) The suspended bed is the solution for you.


Take a look at the various types proposed here, you will find suspended beds in all sorts of styles: from classic to modern, from minimal to ethnic, from industrial to rustic. As if that were not enough, the proposals concern the double beds, one and a half and a square. Ideas for adults, but also for girls and boys. In short, everyone has his suspended bed to experience the pleasure of sleeping in the clouds.


Both in the image above and below, you can see examples of beds hanging from the ceiling. The first is a solution made by the DIY technique both for the wooden structure and for the hooks and ropes that support it. The other uses steel chains that give the environment a more sophisticated look.


In the image above we provide another idea that you can create with your own hands. It is a romantic proposal that focuses on neutral shades. We conclude our review of proposals with a very original idea thanks to a light wood structure that supports the bed with the help of steel ropes. All you have to do is choose the solution that best meets your tastes and needs: there is only the embarrassment of choice.