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Small kitchen: 24 design solutions to optimize space
small kitchen white furniture parquet

Small kitchen: 24 design solutions to optimize space

Everyone would like a dream kitchen, one of those where space to enjoy cooking and store everything needed to make dishes for family and friends abounds. Unfortunately, however, we often have to deal with rooms of limited size.

Small kitchen: this is how to make the most of the spaces by creating interesting compositions from an aesthetic and functional point of view

small kitchen linear light furniture

Small kitchen: a modern composition that uses the wall in length and the center of the room where a comfortable island has been placed

small modern colored design kitchen

Smart and space-saving furniture, proposals to store and have everything at your fingertips, linear and design solutions, bright and fashionable colors: in short, everything to create a practical and functional kitchen, but also beautiful and trendy.

Small kitchens: a classic design proposal with an angular structure and a small side table

small kitchen corner furniture idea

From an often cramped, dimly lit and exclusive area of ​​women, the kitchen over the years has gained a place of primary importance inside the house: it has become the place where not only food is prepared, but shared with the family and friends.

How to furnish a small kitchen: a proposal with furniture, island and light wood floor

small kitchen island wooden furniture

Many homes have open space solutions, that is with an open kitchen, but the kitchen in its own right is still widespread. In this case, we often deal with rather small spaces. Don’t worry, there are many, many solutions to make even a small kitchen convenient, practical and functional. Making the most of every space is the key word.

How to furnish a small kitchen: a luxurious idea with light furniture and black marble top for a really chic contrast

small kitchen island marble top

How to furnish a small kitchen by adopting a modern and functional style

how to furnish a small modern style kitchen

Not only that, it is often said that white has the power to enlarge the space and is ideal for giving an extra brightness to the environments. Of course, it is so, we absolutely do not want to affirm the contrary, but the color, even lively, is not forbidden, especially if you like it! The small kitchen can therefore dress in all the possible shades, provided of course you choose one or at most two. We have selected several colorful proposals, all very interesting.

How to furnish a small kitchen using the brightness offered by white

small kitchen proposed central island

Here is a very interesting proposal from the functional point of view with many storage solutions for dishes

well organized small kitchen solution

If you love color, red, yellow, orange, but also blue or gray, they are certainly not banned, on the contrary. The important thing is to dose everything carefully so as not to risk overloading the space too much. But is it possible to enlarge a small kitchen? The answer is yes, provided you use the right tricks.

How to furnish a kitchen of limited dimensions using the linear wall and adopting a dividing wall

kitchen small partition wall solution

A small modern kitchen, compact with a touch of orange

small kitchen proposed fashion colors

For a small “spacious” kitchen, a U-shaped layout is preferred, depending on the space configuration. Or take advantage of the length of the wall and place a small multifunctional island in the center. In the images shown here, you will find some examples of smart furniture and also storage solutions, perfect for letting you have everything in order and at your fingertips.

Small kitchens: a modern composition with linear gray furniture, technologically advanced

small kitchen proposed modern gray furniture

Small kitchen: here is a solution with an original chandelier and a small island in the middle

small kitchen idea island wood

After these choices, let’s think about color. Neutral colors are ideal, as is a total white look. If you want to give your kitchen a chic look, choose a combination with anthracite gray, a matt black or a strong color like red, purple or blue lacquer. Kitchen lighting also plays an important role in developing a sense of grandeur.

A small kitchen that thanks to the use of white for furniture and walls is more spacious and bright

small white kitchens total white idea

Small kitchens: a proposal with colorful and original furniture

small kitchen proposed original furniture

In this case you opt for a white light that best radiates the kitchen. With the right precautions, targeted choices, good taste and sobriety, even a small kitchen can be cozy, well organized and even beautiful to look at. Be inspired by our proposals and you will get a great result.

An interesting idea to furnish a narrow and long kitchen

small kitchens proposed light furniture

A small kitchen furnished with sobriety focusing on aesthetics and functionality

small kitchens long narrow room solution

In modern homes, in fact, it is increasingly common to have to deal with small environments. Even if the square meters available for the kitchen are few, it is necessary to be able to obtain a work surface, as comfortable and functional as possible, in a strategic area such as the one placed between the sink and the kitchenette.

A modern and original proposal to furnish a kitchen in a limited space

furnish kitchen small modern compact idea

How to furnish small kitchens using a space-saving table

furnish small, space-saving kitchen table idea

As far as the latter is concerned, it is better not to give in to the temptation of the oven column and instead choose stoves that also house the oven, possibly with a lower drawer. Now we come to home appliances. Assuming that the best choice concerns the latest generation with regards to consumption, as regards size, the focal point of our article, if the fridge is bulky, choose a mini to be placed alongside a mini freezer.

A trolley with drawers, comfortable, practical and functional, perfect for small kitchens

furnish kitchen small drawers trolley

A space-saving piece of furniture with extendable top

furnish small kitchen with extendable flat furniture

The same goes for the dishwasher. In a mini kitchen, even the simple act of opening and closing doors and drawers can be a problem.

Another “smart” piece of furniture, ideal for a small kitchen

furnish small kitchen with space-saving furniture

Small kitchens: a proposal to store having everything you need close at hand

furnish small kitchen storage solution

So why not choose shelves rather than open cabinets and metal supports for hanging pots and utensils? If space allows it and you want to place a table inside your kitchen, even just for breakfast, the advice is to choose extendable models, or folding and fixed to the wall, so you can opt for stools instead of some chairs. Even in a small space you will have everything you need, just like in a dream kitchen!