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Shelves – design, ideas and trends in the kitchen
dark shelves enrich this island kitchen white color

Shelves – design, ideas and trends in the kitchen

Shelves are one of the kitchen cabinets, which carry the “two sides of the coin”. There are those who like to use them both as a comfortable and practical object, and as a design object. For others, instead, they only create confusion and disorder. There are always pros and cons. Today, however, their use is increasingly sought after and fashionable. It’s called Open Shelving.

Open shelving is the style that begins to be increasingly used in our kitchens

large kitchen island walls covered shelves

An English term, which often begins to enter our daily life and leads to interesting and surprising results. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. We are always looking for ways to make it comfortable, chic and welcoming.

Shelves for a simple space, the welcoming and the familiar

kitchen island design shelves

And so, open shelving could help us expand the space of the room, while at the same time allowing us to discover its beauty, elegance and warmth. It is an excellent solution for the modern kitchen, but also for the rustic and classic one.

The modern kitchen, enriched with dark shelves on the white wall, looks chic and inviting

shelves perfect decoration white wall dark classic kitchen

Despite the cons, if you have a little imagination and good taste, if you experiment without hesitation, with Open Shelving you could achieve excellent results in the kitchen environment. Of different sizes, with various colors and interesting shapes, they could be used not only as a practical object. They are also the decoration that embellishes and completes the design.

Shelves and light are the creative solution to give a modern touch to the classic kitchen

aluminum shelves light white kitchen

The designers offer many curious and interesting ideas for kitchen furnishing and suggest how to make it fascinating and functional.

Design shelves – creativity and courage with innovative shelves

interior design chic shelves

With a little creativity, a little courage and good taste, surprisingly remarkable results could be achieved. Play and invent how to position them, be creative by combining them with other colors, with wall units of different materials, illuminate them and you will see that the end result will bring you much satisfaction and joy.

The kitchen in various colors invites us with style and hospitality

design kitchen shelves red orange white colored

A touch of art in the kitchen! Why not?! Avoid boredom, furnishing it with something different and revolutionary, but elegant and beautiful, which will reflect your creativity and imagination. The different color will transform the boring kitchen into a pleasant place. Create, try, experiment for a better result.

Design shelves – to bring elegance to the large kitchen

design shelves show our precious objects

Wood and iron together are around the solid wood hood of a beautiful classic kitchen

iron wood set around hood solid wood beautiful classic kitchen

Decorated with art objects, with precious dishes or with beautiful jars filled with pasta or spices, they will make the kitchen corner a chic and inviting place. The trends in kitchen furnishing allow us to combine different materials and different styles, to achieve the desired goal.

Shelves along the wall are the touch of art in this kitchen designed by SAOTA and Janine Lazard Interiors

Shelves along the wall touch art kitchen modern dark glossy color

Wood, iron, marble, glass! These are the classic and most used materials ever. And even today, as always, they are in fashion. The wrought iron and the solid wood of the DIY shelves are the magic formula for the rustic kitchen. Glass and light go well in the modern kitchen. The marble shelf is comfortable in the classic one! However, it is important to find the balance between the materials in order to achieve the final project with an optimal result. Explore the best possibilities for placing shelves, for example in the corner or alone as design shelves, near the window or under the worktop, combined with wall cabinets.

Shelves – modern glass and light trends

shelves composition beautiful light glass aluminum

Finding their correct position and their right shape you can give a little style of the old furniture or even a free breath of the closed space. Get out of the habit and immerse yourself in the novelty.

Shabby shelves to give the kitchen a little charm

Beautiful shabby shelves wall decoration

Use the light that falls gently on the design shelves to emphasize the Combine light with glass – it’s a better solution for small spaces. Get elegance and style. Play with proportions and dimensions.

The bookcase together with the white, green and stainless kitchen are a creative solution

bookcase together kitchen white green stainless steel

A simple kitchen enriched with shelves in different arrangement seems functional and chic

simple stainless steel kitchen enriched with dark white glass doors

beauty of the exhibits. Create a warm and sunny image by applying shabby shelves, for example. Do not hesitate to put the shorter ones together with the long shelves. Thus create diversity and this will allow you to avoid repetition and boredom.

Various materials and light go well for a modern style

bright glass aluminum light shelf complete design

Place them so that they are easily accessible. Look for design and style, but also comfort and practicality. The kitchen is the room that often unites us. You can make it not only a useful and functional corner, beautiful and modern, but also inviting and warm, combining shelves with shelves or with a small bookcase, full of books. Get closer to nature with some fragrant flower vases or with some plants with aromatic herbs. The kitchen will become your special place, where you can hide from busy and hectic days.

Design shelves for the Japanese style kitchen

Their orange-colored shelves underlines this Japanese-style kitchen's beauty

Aromatic herbs on the shelf bring us closer to nature

white shelf combined with purple color aromatic herbs vases

The shelf is the timeless piece of furniture. Always up-to-date, always in style, it gives a magical touch. Turn the kitchen into a large, bright and warm space. Do it yourself shelves, shabby shelves, cube shelves, iron or wood shelves or glass shelves – let’s start using them again.

Shelves placed around the window and the hood adorn the kitchen wall

shelves arranged around window hood embellish kitchen wall

Attached to the light wall, near the window, on both sides of the hood, continuing to the corner, then finishing the picture, the dark shelves of a remarkable thickness have transformed this kitchen into a chic and stylish kitchen.

The size and position of the shelves are an excellent solution for decorating the kitchen wall

different position measurement shelves excellent solution decorate kitchen wall

In this white kitchen, the wooden shelves, applied on the wall so that the different sizes follow each other, compete the space. They are a pleasant decoration that collects the cute and precious dish.

The white kitchen combined with the gray living room are adorned with light on the shelves

white kitchen combined living room gray embellished light shelves

Here design and elegance, white and gray, soft light and valuable objects create an inviting and relaxing area. Creativity and good taste make us enter a special, modern and at the same time familiar place.

Do-it-yourself shelves in solid wood are the beautiful decoration for the style of the kitchen

DIY shelves massive wood decoration beautiful kitchen style

Solid wood has always been appreciated. And even here it goes well with the rest of the space. In this wooden kitchen everything looks simple and practical and the island in front gives a touch of clean and aligned design, inviting and warm.

Cube shelves are great for displaying small figurines

excellent cube shelves displaying small figurines

Solid wood and wrought iron are always in fashion

solid wood shelves always wrought iron fashion

Wood always warms up space. It pairs well with iron. And so this beautiful combination allows the kitchen to be inviting and practical.

Modern shelves of white and orange colors – the art in the kitchen

colorful white orange art kitchen shelves

Use a modern design, or different colors you must never hesitate. Furnishing our kitchen area is always better to be brave and creative to get the result you are looking for.