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Shabby chic bathroom: suggestions between elegance and romance
shabby chic bathroom furniture design

Shabby chic bathroom: suggestions between elegance and romance

The bathroom is the most intimate environment of the whole house and for this reason it must fully reflect your personality and your way of being. Today we want to present you twenty-four bathroom decor and decorating ideas in a shabby chic style.

Shabby chic bathroom: an elegant and refined proposal

shabby chic bathroom very elegant environment

A shabby chic bathroom is elegant, refined and as announced with a romantic title. Before starting to comment on the images, we want to specify and better understand what the shabby style is. Literally it means worn, worn and aged.

Shabby chic bathroom and total white elegant furniture

elegant romantic shabby chic bathroom

Every room in your home can be furnished and decorated in this style. As you can see from the photographs, even the bathroom. Indeed, it is precisely the bathroom that allows you to experiment and try new things.

Shabby chic bathroom with a freestanding bathtub with a rounded shape

shabby chic bathroom furnishing idea

And why not furnish it with shabby chic? The colors that must absolutely not be missing are the light shades, such as white, pink, ecru and so on.

An elegant shabby furniture with a wooden piece of furniture and a precious top

shabby chic bathroom with white wood cabinet

A very practical tip for bathroom windows is curtains. Lace and ruffles are typical of this style, so don’t hesitate to decorate both windows and walls. If you are quite imaginative and have the desire and time to devote yourself to DIY, know that the shabby is the perfect style that gives so much possibility to experiment.

The staircase with mobile function: useful idea to give a second life to objects

shabby chic bathroom floor wood scale original design

Master bathroom with wooden sliding doors

shabby chic bathroom sliding doors

Being a style that rewards furniture with an aged effect, it can also be defined as “low coast”. Just go to the flea market and find the antique furniture. With a coat of paint and the right treatments you can create something new and really useful.

White freestanding bathtub and a wooden chair with a lived-in effect

shabby chic bathroom chair wood bathtub

For a shabby chic bathroom, the mirror and the frame that adorns it is inevitable. In fact, from the images you can see how with a few simple steps you can create an adorable place, perfect for relaxation. At this point we insert the speech of the tank.

Here’s how to set the bathroom furniture in total harmony

total white shabby chic bathroom

In almost all our proposals, this element is an essential part of the furniture. Most of the time it is freestanding. This solution is back in fashion, offering infinite elegance. Paintings and plants are welcome in such an environment, even if your toilet is small.

Freestanding bathtub, but black: an unusual proposal

shabby chic bathroom black color bathtub

Room with wooden walls and curtains with floral motifs

shabby chic bathroom freestanding bathtub

Even the smallest space can be decorated and customized. Certainty is only one and the key word is uniqueness. Many times, it’s the details that make the difference. The basic materials that inspire all shabby chic furnishings are wood and iron. Of course it is possible to combine them with each other, without any worries.

Pink bathroom accessories decorated with roses

pink color accessories shabby chic style

The same is also true for shades. You are completely free to mix different colors and shades. However, you need to be careful not to exceed the limit and weigh down the environment. The personal touch in a room should never be missed. To amortize the cost of an interior designer, it is advisable to proceed and furnish according to one’s own tastes.

Another example of accessories, but this time of a white color

bathroom accessories shabby style white color many flowers

Wooden partitions with Provencal style decorations

shabby chic bathroom wood floor bathroom tub

With shabby it is impossible to go wrong, you just have to look at the images and you will immediately understand what it is. In stylistic terms, a shabby chic bathroom could also be defined as a mix between vintage and Provencal style.

Total white elegant environment

shabby style bath tub furniture

It is perfect for those who love romance and of course DIY. The furniture, as we have said before, has a lived-in and faded look. Accessories such as towels and cupboards to be placed on the sink are also very important.

An original design bathtub with shabby chic accessories

bathroom furniture bathtub original design shabby chic decorations

In our image collection we show you some typical examples with two really lovely proposals. White and pink are the colors that best represent this style. Everything is accompanied by many roses, as decoration.

Environment with a vintage decor and a mirror in a wooden frame

decorated bathroom decorated shabby chic style

Wicker baskets and ceramic objects cannot be missing either. If the space available allows it, consider the idea of ​​hanging on the wall a shelf, naturally made of wood, where you can show off all the handmade soap and perfumes you have.

Original suggestion with two hanging lamps

shabby chic decorations freestanding tub wooden furniture

Idea with a wooden sideboard with a lived-in effect

shabby chic master bathroom decor

Let’s not forget the walls too. The walls are an element of the room, which somehow can transform the atmosphere. Such as? In recent times, bathroom wallpaper is becoming a must.

A pink proposal with wooden furniture and a glossy surface

bathroom furniture pink wood furniture

If this idea seems more than appropriate to you, then the floral motifs are the ones that are right for you. For the floor, instead, the wooden one could be the best solution, which adapts best to a bathroom furnished and decorated in a shabby chic style.

Elegant atmosphere with many accessories and decorations

shabby chic style bathroom adorable accessories

Idea for the rectangular-shaped bathtub with a wooden floor

original idea furnish decorating bathroom shabby chic style

But given the cost and constant maintenance that it requires, even tiles can be a very practical suggestion. Nowadays the various producers offer the possibility of customizing the tiles with well-defined prints, chosen by you to compose the floor according to your tastes.

Another example of a white furniture with original curtain

particular proposal white red curtain bathroom furniture

A proposal with walls decorated with wallpaper

freestanding bath elegantly refined environment

We conclude our collection of images with this last proposal with an original design in a dark, unusual but fascinating color tone.