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Rustic style kitchens: the flavor of ancient times in your home
rustic-wood-stone style kitchens

Rustic style kitchens: the flavor of ancient times in your home

It is welcoming and completely made with materials from nature! Yes, we are talking about rustic style kitchens. To feel like in a country house, all you have to do is opt for such furniture. Today we want to introduce you to a small guide on rustic furnishing and all that concerns the kitchen furniture. The imposing appearance of these kitchens is also due to the fact that there are shades of warm colors, more or less dark, solid wood and stones characterized by a very varied shape. Today more than ever we hear about the return to country life, made of tastes, aromas and familiar sensations.

rustic-color-light-island-central style kitchens
country-style rustic-style kitchens

The charm of rustic cuisine is able to transport us in ancient times, where everything was prepared with much love and attention. If you also want to rediscover these sensations, all you have to do is take inspiration from our proposals and choose the one that suits your personal tastes. The furniture of the rustic style kitchens is characterized by solid wood, most often chestnut, oak and walnut. The rustic style is very often associated with the country and traditional style.

Rustic-appliance-design-traditional-style kitchens
rustic-island-side style kitchens

However, there are small differences regarding the colors set. But in principle they are fairly close in design. From the different images that we put under your vision, it is possible to notice that some are open space solutions. In all cases it is necessary to specify that this kind of “sight” furniture is trendy and finds a place in any home, even those of latest construction.


In this case, however, it is of fundamental importance to combine all the shades of colors present. All this in order not to create a stylistic disorder, not pleasing to the eye of the observer. The basic balance between the various environments is very important, regardless of the style of furniture chosen.


Another material that could very often be encountered in rustic kitchens is the tile. Glazed terracotta tiles are the best solution. Moreover, if chosen in the typical color tones for this kind of style, they are undoubtedly capable of transmitting an original allure.

rustic-kitchen-island-central-top timber

Instead, all we can say about the nuances that must characterize rustic-style kitchens, we must mention brown, ivory, yellow, some shades of blue and not orange in the last place. In short, all the colors that somehow are inspired by nature.


To furnish the kitchen there is an element that fits very well. We are talking about the island. Most often it is central, because it makes the environment very practical and functional. If the space available allows it, do not hesitate to install such an item. It can be used as an additional work surface, or the stove and sink could be placed.


Returning once again to the open spaces, we can emphasize that the central island is an excellent tool to divide space imaginatively. It is the perfect solution to define the kitchen area from the living area in an elegant and refined way, also very easy.


If you want more information about kitchens with an island, do not hesitate to visit our other articles, where the image galleries are well stocked. We have already said that wood is the most commonly used construction material. Even the stone is no less. Arm in arm with wood, the stone is able to recreate the typical atmosphere for country houses in the most appropriate manner.

kitchen-rustic-wood-stone-island-area bar

It is even possible to make rustic masonry kitchens, but in this case the construction work is a bit more complicated and undoubtedly requires the hand of an expert in the field. The stone can cover the walls, but why not also the floor. Those with an irregular shape are the most used, since we are not looking for perfection. As for the ceiling, wood can once again give so much satisfaction.

kitchen-rustic-view-color Light

The size of the room does not matter, because the wooden ceilings can be adapted to any need. To best match the rustic style of furniture, it is advisable to leave the wood in its raw state, except for some treatment necessary to guarantee a longer life. With wooden ceilings you can get aesthetically perfect results for any existing furniture context.


One of the main reasons why you have to choose wood to cover the ceiling is because the latter is perfect as insulation. Thermal insulation is very important for energy saving. Moreover, it creates the typical atmosphere for the rustic style.


Wood is a natural material, able to fit perfectly into any home. In case you don’t want to leave it in its raw state, our advice is to paint it and lacquer it. For more modern reinterpretations, but always remaining on the rustic, the lacquered surface is the one that’s right for you.


It must not be forgotten that the color of the wood must also be chosen according to the furnishings, if this is already present. In the proposal that you can see below, we show you an open-space decor. In the space there is the living area, composed of the living room and the dining room.


The kitchen is on both sides with wooden furniture. Even the floor is made of the same construction material, the same goes for the ceiling. In the following suggestion, instead, the revisitation of the vintage style, declined in the rustic version is due to the use of light color tones.

Rustic style kitchens with a vintage allure


This solution is in masonry, offering an original and particular design. The entire composition is enriched with floral decorations on the dining table, also made of wood. Everything is perfect for living like in a country house.

Rustic style kitchens: an idea where the focal point is the cooking area


We conclude our series of images with this particular suggestion, in which there is a central island with a wooden top. The cooking area is undoubtedly the focal point of the entire composition.