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Rustic fireplace: 60 ideas for a house that looks at tradition
fireplace-rustic corner-walls-chair-big-mountain-glass-ceiling-sofa

Rustic fireplace: 60 ideas for a house that looks at tradition

The rustic fireplace can become the heart of your home. This element can represent the place where the whole family will gather to chat and share pleasant moments. Are you planning to renovate your living area? In this article we propose 60 images from which to draw inspiration if you are looking for interesting ideas to renovate your living area. The solutions they are truly endless, but the style that comes closest to country life is the rustic style.

Rustic fireplace: an idea for a stay with clean lines


The rustic fireplace in this case is the perfect addition to make your stay a unique and enchanting place. If you also prefer this type of design, then in all cases you should consider the interior design of the surrounding environment. It is important to follow a very precise style and not to create an unpleasant stylistic confusion for the eye. However, we have selected some images to show you how with a few targeted gestures it is possible to insert a rustic fireplace in a typically modern environment.

Rustic fireplaces: here is an ideal proposal for a simple living area


The most important thing is to follow your tastes and ideas. Even for those who just want to give the final touch to their modern living room, the stone fireplace could be the icing on the cake.

Modern rustic furniture for the living room and once again the fireplace is the ideal addition

fireplace-rustic elements-design-modern-ceiling, wood and wicker-basket-beams

The rustic fireplace allows you to be in contact with nature, because the most used materials are wood, stone and stones. Wood undoubtedly transmits heat and is therefore considered a characteristic element, capable of conveying a sense of welcome and abandonment. Sitting on the sofa, together with your loved one, naturally in front of the fireplace, allows you to enjoy in the best possible way the most intimate moments.

Rustic-style living room furniture: idea with sloping ceiling and exposed wooden beams


Once again the rustic fireplace is at the center of attention. The rustic-style interior architecture gives the whole environment a dominant and above all fascinating character. The warm and lived-in atmosphere immediately captures the eye of the observer, enhancing the sophisticated design. Take inspiration from the suggested images. You will no doubt find the one that comes closest to your personal tastes.

Corner fireplace: a space-saving solution for smaller rooms


The fireplace cover is just a matter of taste. Stone, the predominant material in the images we have selected, is a traditional element. Most of the time it is used to complete interior design with a rustic touch, but also modern and contemporary interior design. For a design fireplace, white, beige and glossy black stones are preferred. For the rustic style the irregularly sized stone turns out to be the best solution, given the natural look it presents. The country houses are becoming highly sought after, even by those who live in the city.

The modern style combined with the rustic style


Precisely for this reason the idea of ​​installing a fireplace in your living room allows you to completely transform your home. Therefore, even the rest of the house will have to be renovated, furnished and decorated according to the rules of rustic design. To do this, focus on warm shades like red and orange, on pastel shades like beige, cream and off-white. In the images suggested you can also find exposed wooden beams.

Very large living room in shades of gray

rustic fireplace-very-large-sofa-gray chandelier-suspension-beamed ceiling

This architectural element of an environment is almost essential to have the impression of being in a country house. They are also readily available. And here is also a practical tip for those who do not want to spend an enormous amount: the wooden beams made of plasterboard are the best solution to obtain the sought visual effect and without having to invest an important sum.

Typically rustic environment with a stone wall and a chandelier


Take inspiration from the images to find the right ideas and create your own ideal rustic fireplace. The modern lifestyle makes room for tradition, which will undoubtedly conquer your home.

Even light colors can be combined with rustic interior design


The wooden beams give a traditional and highly sought look

fireplace-rustic stone-wood-table-chair-leather-beamed-ceiling windows
fireplace-rustic-stone-table-wood-sofa-leather-living room-original
rustic fireplace-lounge-furniture-design-chandelier-round-table-seating-especially
fireplace-rustic-style original sofa-great-window-room-furniture

Here is an example with a wooden cladding for a rustic fireplace

fireplaces-rustic-chalet-mountain-furniture-wood-furniture-living room

For a sophisticated look, combine the stone with modern construction materials

fireplaces-rustic-design-pearson-design -group-furniture-sofa-coffee table-rectangular
chimneys-rustic-idea-coating-stone-table-rectangular-wood rocking-chair-lighting-chandelier

A stone fireplace is the ideal solution for an open space

Furniture-rustic stone-fireplace-room-furniture-wooden-mountain-view-wall-decorations
Furniture-rustic fireplace-stone-table-wood-round-librerire-wall-environment-warm
Furniture-rustic-modern-white-ceiling-lamp-design-fireplace-carpet-leather sofa
furniture, living room-fireplace-style-rustic-chairs-classic-colored-beige
fireplaces-in-stone-table-rectangular-wooden-sofas-color light-shelves-wooden-decoration
fireplaces-rustic-stone-chandelier-suspension-colored sofa-table-wood
fireplaces-rustic-stone-shelf-wooden-decoration-lamp-desing-industrial-couch-color Light
fireplaces-in-stone-wood-shelves-books-seat-sofa-sloping ceiling
fireplaces-in-wall, ceiling-beams-view-wood-leather-sofa-many-decorations
chimneys-in-stone-table-rectangular-wood-sofa-woven ceiling-wood

Decorations play a fundamental role in obtaining a truly original look

coating-fireplace-in-stone-wall-white-chairs-design-classical framework
coating-fireplace-in-stone-TNTE-windows, floors, wood-sofa-red
rustic living-fireplace-in-stone-leather-sofa-floor-carpet-wooden-beams