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Red kitchens: ten ideas that go beyond temptation!

Red kitchens: ten ideas that go beyond temptation!

Dedicated to those who live, even the culinary aspect, with passion! Yes, today we deal with red kitchens, a solution that attracts and goes beyond temptation! It is indeed a choice that can be truly irresistible! It is well known that red is a color that has no equal with regards to knowing how to arouse emotions and suggestions, for this reason it must be wisely measured and managed with adequate intelligence and balance. Also and especially when it comes to kitchen furnishings.

red-modern-detail-white kitchens

In the moment in which you are going to choose the decor of this room, so lived by the whole family, both for the colors and for the style, it is necessary to pay maximum attention because we will have it under our eyes every day for a long time . So the choice must be carefully considered and the idea of ​​adopting a color as rich in personality as red must be dictated by a profound desire.

red-proposal-modern-linear kitchens

Red is a very particular color, certainly not suitable for everyone, even if there is a growing demand that is becoming one of the most popular colors for kitchen furnishing. And red kitchens are! Scroll through the ten images that we have collected to visually accompany our writing: they are truly captivating and unique compositions, full of personality and passion!

red-island-top-white kitchens

You will find proposals in lacquered red, opaque, excellent examples of modern and more traditional kitchens, which use the red color with great balance within a timeless aesthetic. And, again, perfect combinations with other colors (white, black, gray, stainless steel inserts). In short, many, many solutions in the spirit of refined and elegant boldness.


The kitchen is the room where the family meets to share some of the most important moments of the day and red certainly represents a color indicated as it symbolizes strength, intensity and decision. It has many shades, ranging from the most orange ranges to the most purple ones.


For the kitchen, the ideal is to focus on bright and bright red tones, even if the compositions in rouge et noir are also very interesting, of which here you have the opportunity to view an interesting example. You can get various shades, all perfect for making irresistible red kitchens.


Red is a color used since ancient times to paint, in fact we find it on the walls and furnishing elements belonging to past eras. Red is also an important color because it was used for events of a certain importance. An example? The confetti for the degree. Red is the color that symbolizes passion, perfect for furnishing the kitchen: food is certainly a passion!


As mentioned, however, choosing red kitchens is not for everyone: usually those who have a strong character and a strong personality opt for such a solution. Not only that, it is a choice made by those who are not afraid to dare and above all know how to get noticed. But be careful, red kitchens do not go beyond good taste and elegance, on the contrary, with some tricks they can also be very refined.


The combinations offered by red include, for example, the choice of white for the top and some details. In the image above, it was also chosen for the floor and the splash guard. In the previous composition, instead, it is the paraschizzi in the center of the scene with a proposal in white and red mosaic. As mentioned, the red kitchens can also be elegant and refined, in particular if you insert stainless steel details, for appliances, handles, chair and table legs, the hood and so on. Equally successful is the combination with black. In one of the proposals we selected, we chose black for the floor and for some furniture. This is also an interesting way to play with red.