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Modern wine cellar – the dream of every connoisseur
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Modern wine cellar – the dream of every connoisseur

A wine cellar is the ideal wine storage solution. The cellar is no longer what it used to be, because no one keeps the wine in a cellar separate from the rest of the house. Connoisseurs today prefer to showcase their assortment collection in an elegant way. Therefore modern conservation technologies allow a correct maintenance of the characteristics of the wine.

Wine cellar with a modern glass design

wine cellar wine cellar design home

This can be done anywhere in the house. Look at these modern wine cellar ideas to discover the latest trends.

Refrigerated wine cellar for wine storage

wine cellar wine storage

But before we dive deep into modern design, let’s take a look at classic wineries and how they are modernized. Here we also find the glass or metal spiral cellars that lead into an under ground. This gives the addition of an impressive feature to every environment.

An original idea from Baker Design Group¹

wine cellar wine cooler wine cellar

Other ways to make a wine cellar is the contemporary look in which the plastic architecture shines with its elegant design and organization at the highest levels. The modern glass cellar is a special case.

Keep the wine in the kitchen on an equipped island

wine cellar wine storage kitchen

They are more popular in spacious houses with open floors. The glass highlights the wine and does not obstruct the view. They can be built in any room, as well as in transitional spaces like corridors and staircases.

Wine cellar for connoisseurs to preserve wine make tastings with friends

wine cellar wine tasting house

The shelves can give a more interesting aspect, as well as help in the creative organization and arrangement of the bottles. It doesn’t have to be monolithic, though. The idea is to separate wine from types and brands. Storing wine on the walls keeps a lot of space.

Idea to keep the wine on the wall with bottle holders

wine cellar wine tasting of fine wines

You can use the options to embed or mount, depending on the design phase of the home. What would you most like to keep the wine near in the kitchen, or if you are enthusiastic and keep it in the living room?

Wine cellar perfected for the kitchen

wine cellar modern design wine conservation

Then choose between the storage option that can be decorative or functional. Wall showcases are a great idea for an original living room or dining room background. They are available in decorative frames and the bottle holder is also very functional.

Separate area with glass to showcase the cellar

wine cellar fine wines home

Wine cellar for storage in rustic style

wine cellar rustic style wine wine

What a great idea to keep the wine on display. Blending modern design technology and wine cellar, glass is the best wine storage solution. Thus, around 40% more capacity can be saved compared to traditional shelving.

Wine cellar separated from the living room, but still in plain view

wine cellar wine cellar personal home

It is robust in structure and offers the highest capacity on the market. Extremely versatile in space, the modular design is easily integrated into any space or furnishing. Refinement, beauty and minimalist aesthetics make this choice the most obvious for wine collectors. It takes years for design and engineering to create a perfect wine cellar for wine storage.

Elegance and refinement to explain this storage composition

beautiful wine cellar wine cellar home

Each element of its size and structure must be tested and perfected for the necessary conditions.

An element that cannot be missed in the home of a true connoisseur

modern design glass wine cellar

The weight of the bottle, its gravity, its longevity and its stability are all elements that have been taken into consideration. Everything has been sized to ensure that no space is wasted.

Very nice and ingenious spiral wine cellar for a designed house

modern design spiral wine cellar

The design, the materials, the finishes and the formal cleanliness help formidably create a nice atmosphere, making tasting and consumption of wine a pleasant activity.

Bottle racks arranged under the stairs in a modern style

modern design wine cellar under stairs

The capacities that these cellars must have are some of these: great storage capacity for the storage of boxes and bottles, high quality materials and particular attention to detail and great attention to the technical aspect for optimal wine conservation.

Classic wine cellar for connoisseurs who cannot do without

wine cellar wine cellar wine fine wines

The cellars can be air-conditioned, that is based on a ventilation system that keeps the temperature constant inside. This must be between 5 and 22 degrees, are indicated for long-life wines.

Elegant wine cellar that fits perfectly into the living room

basement house part modern living room

The tempered, adjustable cellars (normally with automatic device) normally between 5 and 18 ° C, instead have been studied to respond to the need to bring the different bottles of wine to the right tasting temperature. They are subdivided into one-and-one and multi-temperature.

Spiral cellar below ground, a truly ingenious way to preserve wine

wine cellar spiral entrance floor original wine

Chilled wine cellar to give comfort in a chalet

wine cellar chalet comfort home

Those monotemperature guarantee a climate between 7 and 10 ° C. The multi-temperature ones guarantee a humidity rate between 60% and 80%. Keeping the bottles in the best possible way therefore not only becomes a priority but a real need to be able to enjoy the aromas and flavors of each type of wine.

Wine cellar for fine wines and keep them in plain view

modern style fine wines cellar

It is essential to know that the wine does not tolerate certain environmental conditions and therefore for its preservation some rules must be respected: avoid exposure to direct light, do not place wine bottles near sources of noise or vibrations, store bottles in places nor too cold or too hot and with constant humidity, they must be laid horizontally.

Elegance and modern design come together to create this wonderful environment

fridge wine cellar to preserve beautiful wine

Modern design to preserve wine

modern design conserve house wine

This position guarantees the constant humidity of the cork stopper over time, thus guaranteeing its impermeability characteristics which, combined with its ability to retain oxygen, makes natural cork the best solution for a correct evolution and conservation of bottled wine.

Modern design of glass wine cellar

modern design conserve wine kitchen

We must also take into account the arrangement of the wines on the shelves according to the type: white and sparkling wines in the lowest compartment and followed by rosé, light reds and important reds.

Ultra modern and elegant for a wine cellar that can hold all your wine bottles

wine shop for wine connoisseurs

Even a wine cellar, like a good bottle of wine, must have particular physical and technical characteristics to guarantee the right conservation of the wine to the owner.

Private wine cellar for evenings with friends who love to taste wine

private wine house fine wines

The characteristics of a good wine cellar: preferably buried (at least 4 meters below the ground level), floor in beaten earth, gravel or terracotta, no light, and the rest we have said before.

Colimated wine cellar to store wine bottles well

glass room wine bottle wine rack

An underground cellar guarantees constant temperatures and humidity, which are essential for a good wine storage and in addition it does not allow the passage of light. Finally, a good cellar for storing wine should be for exclusive use: no other foods should be present in the environment, especially if with particular and strong aromas, which could affect the taste of the wine.

Rustic style for a wine cellar integrated into the dining room

dining room space dedicated wine

Glass bottle rack to decorate the space in the living room

wine cellar, modern glass bottle rack

The kitchen is an ideal place for storing wine, since many kitchens have an open look and adjacent to the dining room. Use islands for the kitchen, cabinets, shelves, and pantry to keep your wines close. A container island doesn’t look very luxurious, but it will give you more space to organize your furniture. Transition spaces are equally suitable for wine storage.

Modern kitchen with a large wine cellar for fine wines

modern kitchen wall wine bottle rack

Original wine cellar to showcase all the fine wines a connoisseur has

luxury wine rack fine wines home

A staircase is one of the favorite spaces for modern designers as the space below it often remains empty.

Wooden wall bottle rack in the living room at home

wine bottle wall wine lounge home

Elegant living room with fridge on the wall for wine

elagante living room wall wine fridge

Let’s also see what the accessories for a complete cellar can be. The answer to this question depends in part on the style of the cellar. In all cases, it is good to start by having the basic accessories available – a set of glasses, corkscrews and anything else you may need for wine tasting.

Living room furnished with an entire wall with wine bottle holder

living room decorated wall place wine

If space allows, a dining table and chairs can also be provided, so as to transform the cellar into an alternative to the traditional dining room to host dinners with friends and relatives by candlelight. The cellar can also be a good place to host a small art collection, books or some wine-themed relics (some of these specimens could also benefit from the controlled climate). In this way you will add a unique touch to your cellar, which can be an interesting conversation theme when you show your home to guests.

Modern wine cellar ready to preserve your most prized wine

luxury room to preserve fine wines