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Modern small bathrooms: 24 beautiful, functional proposals with space-saving solutions
small modern bathrooms white idea

Modern small bathrooms: 24 beautiful, functional proposals with space-saving solutions

Having a large, spacious bathroom at your disposal, equipped with all possible comforts, just like in a SPA, is the desire of all of us, especially women, who love to pamper themselves taking care of their bodies. Unfortunately, however, most of the time we must be content with limited space. On this occasion we look at modern small bathrooms.

Modern small bathrooms: ideas and suggestions to furnish small spaces with style and functionality

small modern bathrooms freestanding tub

Proposing a series of twenty-four proposals, from which to draw inspiration, in order to obtain a place that is as functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. In modern apartments, the rooms, including the bathroom, are very compact and it is necessary to study furniture and ad hoc solutions so as to make them usable.

Modern small bathrooms: floor and walls of different colors and materials to visually expand the space

modern small bathrooms including bathtub idea

Modern small bathrooms, another proposal with different colors to widen a narrow and long space

Modern small bathrooms have a long narrow space idea

Whether it’s the service bathroom, or the main bathroom, here you can find several interesting proposals to furnish it in the best way, in a modern and functional way, adopting solutions that will allow you to have everything you need for your personal hygiene in order and above all at hand.

A small bathroom decorated in a modern style with colored walls

modern small bathrooms minimal proposal

The bathroom is the place to relax and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation after a stressful day at work. Comfort, practicality, functionality cannot be missing even if the available square meters are reduced. Such as? First of all having in mind at the design stage what your priorities are based on the space available.

Even in a small bathroom it is possible to enjoy a modern bath and furniture

small modern bathrooms tub

Let us say immediately that in the dilemma between shower or bath, it is no longer necessary to make a choice. It is in fact possible to have both without sacrificing aesthetics. In another of our articles we have dealt with this very topic: consult it to get all the suggestions about it. Today we want to give you advice to make your small bathroom in a modern style, ideal if the other rooms in your home have a contemporary look.

Modern small bathrooms: an unmissable suggestion with designer bathroom fixtures and ultra modern walls

modern small bathrooms design proposal

Make the most of the spaces: here is a small trolley that is perfect for a small bathroom

modern small bathrooms trolleys

In fact, we repeat, the various rooms that make up an apartment must have the same style, have the same “mood”, so as to offer a pleasant sense of balance and continuity. Our goal today is to keep everything you need, whether it’s your main bathroom or the bathroom reserved for guests.

Another perfect design idea for a small bathroom: an original and functional cabinet at the same time

modern small bathrooms design furniture

Let’s see how. In the twenty-four proposals that make up our gallery, you will find different compositions, one for every need and above all for each space and layout.

Small modern bathroom: a vanity with built-in white lacquered toilet with black top

Modern small bathrooms with white lacquered vanities

If you have decided to freshen up the appearance of your bathroom or are planning to do a total renovation, we offer you some suggestions to create a project that will leave you fully satisfied. With the various solutions available today, giving life to a small modern and functional bathroom, without compromising an important aspect as aesthetics is possible.

Even a small bathroom can “dress” in dark colors: here is a successful example

small modern bathroom shower cubicle

A small bathroom with a modern and functional design

small modern bathroom minimal solution

In fact, practicality and aesthetics can be successfully combined with a harmonious and trendy design. Be inspired by the compositions proposed here and you will have taken a first step towards the development of your renovation project. First and foremost, you must think about how each element or component of your small modern bathroom interacts with the space available.

A small modern bathroom with a white marble top and designer chandelier

small modern marble top bathroom

First make sure that they do not occupy more square centimeters than necessary. To optimize the space in a small bathroom there are several elements to be observed.

A small modern bathroom with a mosaic wall and a cabinet to store towels and everything needed for personal hygiene

small modern bathroom with towel cabinet

To get rid of the feeling of disorder and confusion, start by replacing the old vanity unit, certainly too big and bulky, with a slimmer one equipped, for example, with a pedestal.

A small bathroom furnished in a modern style with a washing machine

modern small bathroom proposed washing machine

Already with this first trick you will have gained important space. The next step is to install a small tub, chic models are available on the market

They will also give a touch of elegance to your bathroom, even complete with shower. As we said before, it is no longer necessary to choose between a relaxing bath or an energizing shower. It is possible to have both.

A small modern bathroom with decorated tiles and a beautiful jacuzzi

small modern bathroom with Jacuzzi

An ‘other idea for a small modern bathroom with a covered wall and a bathtub with front opening

modern small bathrooms easy entry bath tub

If, on the other hand, you can’t do without the shower, choose a solution with a glass door so as not to obstruct the space visually. Another trick to save space is to change your old floor with a modern, new concept: you’ll immediately notice the difference!

Modern small bathroom: a proposal with two-colored walls to offer a visual sensation of greater space

small modern retro style bathroom

A trick that applies to the bathroom but also to all the other rooms in the house is to paint the floor in a different color than the walls, unless you have opted for a completely white look.

How to furnish small modern bathrooms: here is a practical and design open cabinet

modern small bathrooms storage trolley

Tiles are generally used for the bathroom walls. The reason is easy to understand: the bathroom together with the kitchen is the most humid room and the tiles guarantee more hygiene and easier cleaning. Thanks to technology, however, wall paper can now also be applied in the bathroom. However, whatever your choice, use different shades, so as to visually amplify the space available to you.

A couple of original ideas to keep the towels tidy and handy

modern small bathrooms storage solution

Modern small bathrooms: another proposal to arrange towels in a rational way

modern bathroom small idea towels

An elegant and practical corner cabinet perfect for a small bathroom

modern bathroom small corner cabinet

In conclusion, keep in mind that at the time of the redevelopment or renovation of a small bathroom, the colors as well as the brightness are basic. The various manufacturers then offer space-saving smart furniture, such as the vanity with built-in toilet that you can see in one of the images shown here, which will help you in the task of keeping everything you need in your small bathroom.

A small bathroom complete with shower cubicle and cabinet that takes advantage of the height of the wall

small modern bathroom with movable shower

For a small bathroom the shelves are ideal for keeping everything you need in order without cluttering up

modern bathroom small shelves proposal

Finally, pay attention to the ventilation: considering that it is a humid environment with little space, if you do not have a window, insert one or more fans of adequate power, so as to make the environment as dry as possible. All you have to do is get to work and create the dream bathroom in your little one!