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Modern living rooms with vintage and retro furnishings
modern stays 70s white furniture red touch

Modern living rooms with vintage and retro furnishings

Today designers offer so many ideas to furnish modern living rooms according to the customer’s taste. There are those who like the classic house, others the ultramodern one and others, instead, they would like to come back somehow in the past. The Webster dictionary defines retro as “all the old, which reproduces the old days of the past. Fashion for the old, nostalgia for the old style ”. Looking back at this definition, contemporary design that follows the fashion of the old days can be considered retro or vintage.

Modern and retro living rooms – the Art deco reminds of past times

retro art deco style remembrance past

If you want to make your home modern with a retro touch go back to the rationalization that was fashionable in mid-twentieth century design. Embellish your living room with furniture produced with unconventional materials, such as glass, metals and colored plastic, add brightness and diversity.

Vintage – an elegant touch in modern life represented by the curved gray sofa and white cushions

vintage touch elegant modern life curved gray sofa white pillows

The combination of modern and vintage styles is not limited to the time period of a decade. Do not hesitate to furnish your modern living rooms with objects and furniture that follow the design of various phases of the retro era.

Modern living rooms – the white armchair and the black and white checked puff recall the past years

modern living rooms touch the past white armchair puff square white black

Pay more attention to colors, fabrics and models. Adding some carefully chosen elements will only accentuate the charm of the room. For example, combine design accessories with the characteristics and nuances of the past several years.

Open space and minimalism come together in gray and beige colors

open space minimalism beige gray colors past touch

Keep in mind that during the 1950s, for example, the sofas and chairs were squared, with minimalist padding, not too soft. The most used colors were: red, black, pink, yellow, turquoise and aqua green.

Modern living rooms – an armchair and a vintage lamp in the modern environment

modern living room armchair past vintage lamp

In Pop Culture, music and movies from the 50s had a strong impact on young people, so posters and other prints with pictures of famous people were fashionable on the walls. Then you can also follow this path to give a touch of personality to the environment. Take a look also at the fascinating Shabby chic design.

Vintage, natural colors and dishes on the wall

vintage modern home natural colors beige white dishes wall

But beware of your vintage decor, because following this style, the line between refinement and kitch is very thin. Use your good taste, creativity and attention to detail.

Modern living rooms – green sofa and chesterfield style brown chairs

modern living rooms green sofa marone armchairs

For furniture, try to concentrate on light colored wooden furniture. Vintage is a style that many people love and this is not casual, it presents a combination of the most beautiful features of fashion trends of the forgotten past and transfers them to the present to remind us of those past times in a romantic and nostalgic way.

Retrò is the inspiration for this modern living room

retro modern living room inspiration

From designer chandeliers, vintage furnishings to wall paintings – everything is elegant, chic and antique at the same time. Accentuate the vintage design of your living room with carefully chosen accessories and objects that seem to be scattered here and there in the living room with refinement.

Modern retro style lamp

modern retro style lamp

Furnished with unusual style furniture and do not hesitate to give a bit of personality with precious paintings or, why not, with a map of the world set in a design frame.

Modern stays – the past in a contemporary home

Modern stays past enter contemporary home

Remember that every object preserved over time brings its sentimental value and you look for the right balance between ancient and modern charm. For a period design in your modern living rooms you can also opt for objects and furniture that were created years ago, knowing however that a similar purchase is expensive. Or concentrate on modern manufacturing techniques that can turn every modern piece of furniture into vintage.

Modern and vintage style living rooms with soft colors and blanket placed on the sofa

modern living rooms vintage style soft colors red blanket sofa

The effect of artificial traces of rust, abrasion, stone, bronze and aged wood can be created. Many successful artists and designers turn to the past for their innovative creations.

Modern living rooms – the sofa and the vintage chandelier

modern living rooms retro sofa vintage chandelier

It is difficult to browse through design magazines without entering a modern room that incorporates a style from the middle of the last century or into an industrial kitchen that is based on the bright colors of the old appliances. Today’s designers are trying to unite the modern with the retro and vintage in furnishing to emphasize the contemporary sensibility with the inspiration of classic design. They use architectural elements of upholstery and vintage-inspired furniture.

Gray sofa and wall, round coffee table and retro-style yellow armchair

gray wall sofa round coffee table yellow armchair

Modern furniture and vintage furniture come together in a palette of retro-inspired colors. The geometric shapes and the low tables recall the popular style of the Mid-Century.

Modern vintage furniture represented by a gray sofa and a military green table

modern vintage furniture gray sofa military green coffee table

Also use classic luxury materials such as wood panels to give the space a rich and comfortable appearance. Do not hesitate to be a bit extravagant to create the familiar and interesting atmosphere. With soft and light colors and vintage furniture the living room will have a traditional and individual spirit and this will lead to a welcoming atmosphere full of memories of past trends.

Vintage furniture – design green armchair

vintage green armchair decor will give living room familiarity

Modern room with brown bookcase and wall and beige rug and furniture

modern room bookcase wall maroni carpet beige furniture two coffee tables

Decorate the walls with panels of geometric patterns or with the wallpaper with sophisticated landscapes the refined retro look. Even the herringbone floors never go out of style.

You can try designing your living room in modern minimalist style with huge windows to let in natural light. Another vintage touch could be the traditional Asian influence that embraces the futuristic living room. The vibrant color that contrasts the muted colors of a chair in bright yellow or a red or green wall, adds so much vintage charm to the final result.

Gray curtains, natural light, brown sofa, white chairs make you feel in the past in a modern living room

vintage brown sofa white chairs gray curtains retro modern living room

Sometimes the modern design requires only a retro decorative touch to emphasize the desired style. Be aware that fabric and wood are timeless elements, so go ahead also for natural materials. And if you add lots of natural light, you will have a modern, yet familiar and welcoming stay.

A dip in the geometric shapes of modern retro style

geometric shapes square cushions modern retro touch

The wooden ceilings and the ornamental stove are only a handful of classic influences, which can help complete the classic contemporary design. Get inspired by the design of the Atomic Age with its special charm. The irregular angles and compact curves are the characteristics of the style.

Modern stays – photos of past stars embellish the wall of a contemporary room

modern living room gray sofa gray white carpet

Imagine also the posters of the comics and manga applied on the walls, for a style a bit ‘extravagant but personal and interesting. The ceilings with exposed beams, the large windows and an innovative and fresh decor in the living room, can be another suggestion how to combine the modern with the retro.

Modern stays in classic style

modern stays influence classic style

Even brass and leather have always been timeless accents in furniture and so you can apply them bravely. Imagine decorating the room with classic style panels and antique design furniture – a delightful combination.

Modern living rooms with vintage furniture

modern living rooms retro gray furniture

The Retro color themes are a simple way to make appear as if the contemporary room belonged to another era. Vintage photographs of Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe allow a glimpse of the past.

A white living room with dark furniture completed with two armchairs and a designer lamp

white living room supply brown two beige armchairs

Bright colors and sinuous furniture were balanced with the luxurious style of luxury homes dating back to the late 1970s. You can also use the distinctive lines of Scandinavian design as a decoration and style that contribute a lot to the modern design of the room.

Modern living rooms – mix of modern and past styles

modern living rooms blend modern styles past

If furnishing your living room with modern industrial material furniture, you know that the shades of light colors like beige and white offer an interesting contrast and a vintage touch to the space.

Retrò – carpet with geometric motifs – white, gray and yellow diamonds

retro half century design rhombus white gray yellow carpet

Although the houseplants are always timeless, the “money plants” were certainly an important decoration in the 1960s, as was the smooth surface table and the Arne Jacobsen floor lamp of high collector value.

Vintage and elegant furniture – blue and white next to the stone fireplace

vintage elegant furniture blue sofa white armchairs stone fireplace

To complete the design of your modern living rooms with a vintage and retro touch, do not hesitate to turn to the classic chesterfield style or to refresh the environment with a Bauhaus coffee table and a Arco floor lamp, designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo in 1962.

Modern living rooms in soft colors – beige, gray and white reminiscent of old times

modern living rooms soft colors gray beige white recall past times

Stay in gray with a touch of purple

gray sofa purple environment

This elegant living room, with the smooth surfaces of the floor and gray walls is in a minimal style, characteristic of the mid-20th century. The design is completed with large windows that let in lots of natural light and with the round metal table and glossy white material. The purple sofa contrasts the soft colors and style and sophistication to the room.

Vintage furniture – the white sofa embellished with gray and beige cushions and three animal paintings on the wall

vintage furniture white sofa animal square cushions

The modern white sofa is decorated with soft cushions – beige, gray, white – and with patterns of geometric figures. The lowered table follows the straight lines of minimalism and its glossy white surface finishes the image of the sought style. The design is completed with three extravagant paintings representing animals in human clothing.

Photographic lamp as a refined decoration of the living room

vintage living room photo lamp

A design in retro style, represents vintage furniture. The gray sofa matches well with the metal tables, following the geometric shapes and straight lines of the floor. The mirror and the windows amplify the space allowing daylight to enter. The photographic lamp gives personality and style to the living room.

Retro armchairs in the modern and stylish environment

retro environment modern armchairs

The armchairs in the style of various ages, elegantly ordered around the interesting design tables, bring the spirit to relive the past years. The white and blue colors of the furnishings are in harmony with the colors of the seascape.

Modern stays and the past – white sofa and blue chairs with decorative wall

modern living rooms back past white sofa azzure decorative wall chairs

Here the straight lines are softened by the elegant curves of the brown carpet, by the refined design of the white sofa and the vintage armchairs in blue around the polished table. A decorative wall with fireplace separates the space between different environments. So much natural light enters through the French windows.

Roamntico style living room with white curtains and light blue furniture

roamntico style living room white curtains blue decor shiny coffee table

Modern and retro come together in this light-blue room. The rocking sofa and the square armchairs combine very well with the glossy white table. Decorative pillows give a sense of familiarity and warmth. The picture is completed with the curtains hanging from the windows.

Vintage in a modern style living room

vintage living room style modern shades of gray

White and gray master the environment represented in this photo. Retro, vintage and modern come together to create a unique design. The decoration of objects of value and the photographic lamp enrich the refined style. Natural light enters freely from the windows.