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Modern living: how to make a successful composition
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Modern living: how to make a successful composition

Setting up modern living means focusing on a dark and trendy choice. Especially if you aim for a simple and orderly atmosphere, furnishing your living room in a contemporary key will be simple and will ensure you an excellent result. Yes, because modern living can have different aspects and characteristics. First of all, when we refer to a modern design, we are talking about elegant yet functional lines.


It is a piece of furniture that focuses on the essential, it is rigorous, with a well-characterized appearance, where edges and straight lines are the masters. A modern living room is simply furnished, with technology that stands out both for lighting and for other devices that have now fully entered our homes.

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Modern living spaces are in fact the perfect place to host flat-screen televisions, latest-generation audio systems and hi-tech lights. Moreover, if art is one of your passions, do not hesitate to include contemporary paintings and sculptures to give a further touch to the environment. The same goes for the plants that, in addition to beautifying the room, will purify the air.


These features will add character to the living room, creating an ideal space to relax with the family and entertain guests. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, the living area, even the most modern, must be organized in such a way that all family members and guests feel perfectly at ease.

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We have collected ten modern living compositions in which you can find ideas to create a perfect combination of furniture, colors and decorations, so as to create an attractive look for your living room. In particular, the advice is to focus on simple atmospheres and ordered spaces.


The solutions proposed here present, each of their kind, minimalist style design ideas that give rise to elegant and functional environments. One of the main aspects, if not the main, of modern design, is precisely that of perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality. In setting up your modern living room, head straight for this direction and the result is assured. Let’s start with the walls, for which the most popular colors are the neutral ones, not too bright. Although it is possible to find (and here in the images you have a couple of examples) the tears to the rule are very successful.


The contrasts are the basis of every successful composition, so if you opt for a neutral-colored decor, a touch of color on the walls is ideal. The image above, for example, is perfectly explanatory. Conversely, if some piece of furniture or accessories have touches of color, it is good to opt for neutral walls. Tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, cushions and decorative objects in metallic shades are the ideal choice to create a modern living room projected towards the future.

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In a modern context space is of great importance. Clean, essential and linear lines have the ability to expand the available space. Choosing a piece of furniture with few and targeted elements, such as a sofa at the center of the scene – the large modular sofas, which can be used as a corner sofa or a linear sofa, depending on the configuration, are a very popular choice and guarantee maximum comfort -, a large carpet with geometric designs or abstract shapes and a square or rectangular coffee table, can be a simple but winning choice if the spaces at your disposal are limited.


Complete everything with designer lamps, with steel details for example, to place near the sofa so as to obtain a pleasant soft light. To complete your composition and make it even more fascinating, insert elements that act as focus such as design armchairs and tables. Mix everything with your good taste and you will realize your perfect modern living!