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Modern kitchen with shiny metal inserts
modern kitchen materials metal lamps suspension

Modern kitchen with shiny metal inserts

The modern kitchen has a crucial role in the world of innovations. As we all know kitchens are an indispensable part of any woman’s life. Modern kitchens are adapted to the hectic life of the people with various combinations of technological, innovative and increasingly ecological materials.

Modern metal kitchen – shiny ideas that shine

combination of golden gray kitchen colors

The functionality of the modern kitchen reaches ever higher levels. The innovative market offers various solutions to make the kitchen one of the most welcoming places at home, equipped with furniture in quick-to-clean materials. Recently the kitchen has completely changed its appearance.

Metal elements with a glamorous impact

contemporary kitchens copper tiles bright gloss effect

Today’s designers are increasingly focusing on the neutral aspect of the modern kitchen, which requires the use of more characteristic inserts and finishes to satisfy the eye’s curiosity. At first the designers set up the kitchen with accents and bright colors until when they decided to completely change the traditional idea. The metal elements quickly became the most sought-after trend in the world of interior design and kitchen decoration.

Bright and brilliant elements: a marvel

combination brass steel copper contemporary kitchen

Soon the even hotter trend of the combination of metals of various types came. Precisely metals will make your kitchen look even more glamorous.

The magic of copper in kitchens

modern white kitchen with copper details

Among the most suitable elements to use are copper, stainless steel, nickel which can give a shiny and brilliant touch and meanwhile a magical and well-groomed look to your modern kitchen. As for the combination of the various metals, this is really a new phenomenon, both in the world of interior design and in the world of fashion.

Victorian style in brass and copper

modern Victorian style kitchen finishes copper brass

To keep up with fashion, the most creative designers have invented the model of the modern kitchen which combines splendid inserts in brass and copper with more polished metals such as stainless steel and nickel. The use of various metals combined in a brilliant way has become a current trend of recent times.

The aesthetic combination of metals: the new trend

kitchen furniture blue copper utensils

The wonderful combination of bronze handles on kitchen cupboards, copper pendant lamps and stainless steel utensils, all in the kitchen!

The most chic decoration: brass handles

furniture style kitchens handles brass

Love for copper

kitchens Mediterranean style copper sink

The taps in the sink in nickel and stainless steel kitchens have been known for a long time. Copper, however, is the metal that makes its way into new trends in modern kitchens by recreating vintage, rustic and industrial styles.

Modern industrial style kitchen

modern kitchen white industrial motifs

From our gallery you can take inspiration on how to furnish and decorate your modern kitchen using various types of metals such as steel and aluminum. They are among the most commonly used metal materials in domestic environments.

Contemporary kitchen with glossy effects

modern island kitchen with glossy effects

Above all resistant and easy to maintain. This makes them even more attractive to today’s housewives. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your kitchen in a minimalist style you can use a white kitchen with metal elements. Organizing a minimal style kitchen is the perfect solution for your ideal kitchen, with glossy tiles, linear white wall units and some accessories in the most desired metal.

Minimalist style kitchen

white kitchen island wood metal elements

Modern kitchens can be made in different ways, starting from simple kitchens with linear wall units to the most compact and modern kitchens with central island. An increasingly used solution in contemporary homes to save space.

Kitchen with central island and metal accessories

white kitchen island copper suspension lamps

The island is used especially in homes where the living room, dining area and kitchen are integrated into a single environment without any partition walls typical of traditional houses. As we all know an open space type environment gives us the possibility to put ourselves in the kitchen while we chat with our guests.

Kitchen furniture with island and metal inserts

kitchen with modern island metallic accents

The metal decoration can give your kitchen a truly welcoming and hospitable appearance. The islands and floors decorated in copper have a great impact in the contemporary kitchen, along with marble cladding.

Rustic kitchen with central island and copper worktop

modern kitchens central island copper worktop

Contemporary kitchens in rustic style: elegant combination of wood and metal

modern rustic kitchen central island metal wood elements

As far as the nature of copper is concerned, you should know that over time copper oxidizes, that is, the more time passes, the more modern your kitchen becomes, acquiring a timeless look. The use of copper can be an optimal solution. Furthermore, steel is among the top metal materials to be used in the kitchen. The most hygienic and easy to clean material there is. This is why you can find it in any professional kitchen.

Steel in the kitchen: for furniture and accessories

modern kitchen wall stainless steel elements

Excellent solution for an elegant kitchen with essential lines made of high-strength technological materials. Cutlery, knives, pots and pans: all closed in the cabinets or in plain sight on the tool bar? We advise you to choose the second option to have everything at hand to make your kitchen even more modern and functional.

Chic kitchens with visible utensils

modern kitchen utensils cutlery hand held

Brass pots and pans to hang in the kitchen

rustic kitchen pots hanging pans

If before all the necessary equipment in a kitchen was well furnished in cabinets and wall units, today it counts the kitchen with everything in sight. The storage bar, the shelves with cans and boxes together with the hanging pans play a key role in decorating a contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens with a glossy effect

Modern kitchen design glossy metal elements

Steel mosaic tiles: a perfect solution for the modern kitchen

modern kitchen tiles stainless steel mosaic

Did you start a family or change homes? Here you will find everything you need to have a perfectly equipped kitchen and not the last trendy place.

Shiny and sophisticated kitchens in metal

contemporary kitchen metallic finish furniture

Modern Tuscan kitchen with copper elements

modern Tuscan kitchen with copper finishes

Browse through our gallery to discover furniture with accessories and accessories in various types of metal that are perfect for your modern kitchen.

Industrial kitchen made of metal materials

modern industrial style kitchens shiny metal materials

If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen that gives space to creativity and at the same time is easy to use and maintain, here you will find the one that’s right for you!