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Modern bunk bed – 34 ideas to copy
bunk bed modern children's furniture

Modern bunk bed – 34 ideas to copy

Bunk bed for all bedrooms for children, not a bad idea. The bunk bed is great for families who have more than one child. They are easy to distribute in the nursery environment and are a space-saving idea.

Classic composition with total black, ideal for teenagers

bunk bed modern teenage furniture

Besides being very functional, they are a combination of fun and practicality. In any environment, especially in the case of children, you will save space. The bunk bed is a great way to maximize space. Just a crucial aspect in modern homes.

Idea bunk bed in solid wood for the children’s room

bunk bed modern furniture kids room

They include a wide range of possibilities. However, a broader analysis shows that not only children’s bedrooms can be fitted with bunk beds. Even the adult bedrooms can be furnished with this modern and ingenious piece of furniture. Especially those models that are multifunctional, ergonomic and with a pleasant appearance. Aesthetics is also an important factor in choosing a bed. There is a wide range of styles and themes.

Twin bunk bed in light green to always be cheerful

bunk bed modern furniture green color

Simple and modern bedroom for children with a bunk bed in white

Original modern furniture bunk beds

Each of the bunk beds in the photos below have been designed to fit perfectly in smaller or larger rooms, depending on the number of beds and available space.

If you have more than two children this solution is for you, all you need is a larger room

bunk bed modern children's furniture

Even if space is not a disadvantage you can be sure that your children, boys or girls, will love to climb stairs when they go to sleep. Today the bunk beds market is very developed and beds with desks and wardrobe can also be found in a single solution.

Bunk bed with steps and drawers on the lower bed

bunk bed elegant modern furniture

Now there is a whole range of colors and materials used for this area, so there is no need to worry that your choice does not fit your style at home. Regardless of its appearance, color, or size, we all want to buy the most solid bunk bed we can find. This more or less limits the choice of wooden and metal beds. We recommend choosing the wooden option, since metal is an industrial material, but it has its hidden dangers when it comes to children.

Type composition for bedroom furniture for boys

bunk bed for children

Wooden children’s bedroom with blue bed linen

bunk bed kids bedroom blue colors

Sometimes it could be sharp, slippery or cold. All this must be taken into consideration before making the final de-union. In the end the wooden beds are not expensive after all, depending on the material they are made of (oak, pine, cherry, etc.).

Bunk bed with integrated drawers on the side

bunk bed modern furniture wood bedroom

To choose the bed that makes for our bedroom, we must narrow down the choice a little. To provide precise information on what to look for (for the bed and accessories), measuring the bedroom is an essential point.

Solid wood is the favorite feature for a durable piece of furniture

bunk bed modern solid wood furniture

The height of the bed counts more: it is necessary to be sure that there is the right distance between the mattress and the ceiling, otherwise the child could get hurt while getting up.

Integrated desk to save space

bunk bed modern furniture integrated model

Choose bunk beds that have solid security measures to prevent the baby from falling to the ground. Bunk beds are generally fitted with such tracks, but you can install others to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.

For teenagers a square and a half with scale could be an ideal idea

bunk bed modern furniture square medium

In case you are not sure how to do it, read some DIY tips, or ask for professional assistance. Children under the age of 6 should not sleep on the upper bed. One thing that should certainly be avoided is the narrow stairs.

Bunk beds by the designer Rice Paddies¹

bunk bed modern quadruple furniture

For younger children, those with handrails to hold onto would be excellent. If the bed does not have a handrail, it has probably been done for teenagers who do not need to worry about balance. Therefore, it all depends on the age of your child.

Simple and elegant solution for girls with ladder to climb on the upper bed

bunk bed modern furniture stairs

Style is also a matter of age. An eight-year-old girl will probably ask for a Pony-themed bed, and a boy of the same age will ask for a cot with airplanes. But both after one or two years they will refuse to sleep in those beds.

Pull-out bed for friends who stay to sleep from your children

bunk bed modern triple furniture

And for this you should talk to your children and try to convince them to choose something traditional. We also talk about mattresses. They are a fundamental part of a healthy and peaceful sleep. The standart spring mattresses are ideal for children who do not have support problems. They are a traditional choice that also saves on the family budjet. The best option are those open reel, as they provide equal support regardless of where the overhang is under pressure.

Bedroom to feel original with two ladders on the sides

beautiful original adult bedroom

Idea for hotel rooms for large families to satisfy every request

castle beds hotel room ideas

Foam and memory mattresses are an innovative solution. With an irreplaceable record of resistance and comfort. Whatever your choice, keep in mind that there should be at least four inches of distance between the baby and the mattress core.

Multiple solution for gray boys with solid scale

ladder beds gray color

Online shopping for bunk beds for children “is a great idea, because it gives you the complete picture of the choices you have available, and allows you to compare them in order to meet the needs and preferences of your children. When you do, make sure you have the above suggestions in mind.

Beds for girls to save space with the bunk bed

bed children modern style white color

If your child is a little lazy, this is the perfect way to convince him to leave the bed because he will start to love going down the stairs. Placing the bunk beds near the window will allow your children to fall asleep with the beautiful view of the moon and stars.

Combining fun with utility to meet the needs of children

original children's bed stylish fun

Use this as a suggestion for long nights if your child has trouble falling asleep. Depending on the number of children and the space available, it is possible to adopt more than two beds delimited between them as seen in these images:

Kraig Kalashian² bunk bed solution

original bed scale teenagers purple color

triple or quadruple bunk beds in the same room. The bunk bed design is customizable, simply by choosing the colors you like best. The rooms with bunk beds are a trend in aumetno. It is not just about large families that need more space.

Ideal for ladders and very soft shapes

original furniture teenagers warm tones

They can also be found in tourist areas. Numerous luxury resorts offer this possibility for large families. But these should not be designed in a banal and boring way. They must perfectly blend in with the spirit and mood one has on vacation.

It almost looks like a dollhouse room with its clean and elegant style

Stylish clean baby furniture

Choosing a bunk bed is the reason why you opt for the most, in a matter of maximizing space. Equally important is the composition factor. This could have a cupboard or other mobile storage units together.

Bunk beds ideal for hotel rooms

children's furniture hotel idea

Innovative design and Smart Storage are numerous. If you are thinking of buying a bunk bed for the children’s room, it is worth investing a little more in bringing home a composition that comes with lots of drawers and a couple of shelves.

Adorable little house for girls with a hidden bunk bed

dolls house idea hidden bed

Contemporary ones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some are inspired by classic design, others are more modern. Some beds also have wheels. They have interesting features that allow your children to quickly thread the sheets and say enough to the mess and keep the room perfectly tidy and clean.

Itegrate modern design with shelves and play area

modern bunk bed design for little girls

Contemporary ones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some are inspired by classic design, others are more modern. Some beds also have wheels. They have interesting features that allow your children to quickly thread the sheets and say enough to the mess and keep the room perfectly tidy and clean.

Rustic design ideal bedroom for adults

rustic wood bedroom design

The space under the lower bed, useful for storing games, clothes and much more, is a common feature. There are also many bunk beds where the stairs up to the last step offer additional space. Of course, furniture stores offer different possibilities for adding and integrating, for example, a desk and a wardrobe. In the pictures you will find many examples.

Functional bed ideal for a small bedroom

idea save space kids room

We can add some decoration to make it more fun so that it doesn’t seem boring and monotonous. Let’s do them more special with the addition of something fun and unique. Ask your child, what would you like more. An idea could be to stick a rope on the upper bed, and so the child will seem to be on a pirate ship.

Ideal bedroom for the princesses of the house with a lovely pink

beautiful beds many princesses accessories

Not just for kids! There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that the bunk bed is not for adults. But the reality is another. When you live outside the home, as university students often do, you have to share an apartment with other people.

These stairs give a princely look

beautiful classic white bed stairs

And if the latter is a studio apartment, the space must be organized at its best. So a solution is our friend, bunk bed, along with its innovative and ingenious design. We can safely say that they are good for children and adults who feel like children inside, in the heart.

Bedroom with functional bed with drawers under the lower part

modern kids furniture in neutral colors

A cream color, almost white, irresistible with the bookcase and integrated wardrobe

modern white color composition integrated bookcase

Space furnished with bunk beds with wardrobe and bookcase. Ideal for a small and compact bedroom. All with an elegant white.

Play area combined with night space

space integrated play castle bed

A fun example of a child’s bedroom, with a space to play under the bed. Convenient shelves to collect baby’s things integrated into the furniture.