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Modern black and white kitchens – 10 more ideas to furnish the kitchen
black white modern kitchen refined chess motifs

Modern black and white kitchens – 10 more ideas to furnish the kitchen

Modern kitchens, nowadays we sometimes hear this term. Usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of modern kitchens is a classic kitchen, simple and beautiful.

Modern white and black kitchens – classic, refined and elegant

classic bright black white kitchen

Each of us would like to have the perfect home, this is little but sure. Often when we don’t care about size, whether it’s big or small, we don’t care because our home is always our home. The most beautiful and safe place in the world.

Simple and modern contemporary kitchens

elegant modern simple contemporary kitchen

Today I decided to go deeper into the topic and write in particular about a certain type of kitchen, the one in black and white.

Particular kitchen decorated with green plants

particular kitchen beautiful green plant decorations

In my opinion, black and white represent class and elegance in every form and aspect. If you love simplicity and the beauty of detail, this is undoubtedly the right choice for you.

Contemporary and refined furnishings

interesting modern contemporary kitchen

Certainly furnishing your home with taste and refinement is not as easy as it seems, but it is not even impossible. The economic possibility is certainly a fundamental part of the route, as is the type of furniture that will be created.

Classic kitchen – warm colors and wooden floor

simple kitchen warm colors wooden floor

In general the possibilities vary a lot, everything depends on the tastes of each of us. I think that our home and the way in which we organize everything within ourselves reflects ourselves, our character and our ways of doing things.

Contemporary furniture with Murano glass – Italian style

black white kitchens Murano glass Italian style

Creating a comfortable and at the same time trendy environment is not easy, especially if you try to do it yourself. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of ​​the final result you want to achieve regarding the choice of furniture, appliances and everything else we can always take inspiration from somewhere.

Classic cuisine

classic elegant simple white black kitchens

Modern kitchens – simple kitchen furniture

modern classic kitchens black and white details

Nowadays we can consider the internet, various newspapers, television, magazines and more, the key thing is to know what we want to do and have the budget to do it.

Modern kitchens – still ideas in black and white

modern kitchens black white refined design

Ours is an advanced generation and we are usually in step with the latest trends. Having said this, we cannot help but notice that the “minimalist black and white” represent the absolute elegance in kitchen furnishings.

Another proposal for modern and elegant kitchens

classic elegant black white modern kitchens

The size of the space that we need to furnish can also create problems, in this case the kitchen. In fact, if our kitchen is rather small, you have to opt more than anything else for light colored furniture and white walls.

Modern kitchens – elegance, style and simplicity

elegant simple beautiful modern kitchens

White is a color that gives brightness and illumination without weighing down the view.

Classic kitchen furniture

modern style design classic refined cuisine

We can then continue with a black shelf later furnished with small shelves and other kitchen items. As for the appliances, they are strictly white – classic for contemporary furnishings.

Another example of elegance and simplicity in the kitchen

refined modern simple elegant white kitchen

If we want the black floor we must be careful in choosing materials without leaks, if possible, as they make the optical effect unpleasant.

Contemporary kitchens – small and compact

small simple kitchen elegant modern contemporary design

On the contrary, if the kitchen we want to furnish is large and bright it gives us more possibilities, in this case we can also have a portion of the wall in black.

A modern and particular kitchen, cared for down to the last detail

modern classic black white kitchen

Painted perhaps with a particular paint with a blackboard effect, the latter can be found quite easily on the market today. This type of paint is interesting because you can write on it.

Contemporary furnishings and space-saving at the same time

modern contemporary stylish kitchen saves space

It would be a nice idea to take some plaster and decorate the wall with drawings, writings and colors. When we receive guests at home we can for example let them draw or write something in order to have a special contribution from every person who enters our house.

Classic kitchen – contrast between black and white

interesting contrast white black modern kitchen

If instead we want to highlight the dining room, for example, we can do it with a white table that contrasts perfectly with the black wall, adding an extra touch with chairs with a black frame and white seat.

Classic black and white kitchen furniture

modern design classic black white style

Everything depends on the tastes and imagination of each of us in the first place.

Contemporary kitchens with white – black patterns

modern design black white motifs particular kitchen

Many elegant combinations of white and black can also be achieved by reversing the colors of the drawers, shelves and all the furnishings that make up the classic kitchen.

Modern kitchens – bright colors with a special design

modern kitchens special colored particular design

This effect can be achieved by following a symmetrical order, alternating light and dark elements or simply letting one color prevail over the other. In this way we can give life to our classic kitchen.

Other examples for modern kitchens – refined, elegant and colorful

elegant refined black white modern kitchens

We can also make the floor the focal point, highlighting the contrast between black and white. To give importance and originality to our classic kitchen we must choose two-tone, geometric, striped, checkered or floral motifs, in this way we will have an elegant, simple and minimal effect.

Modern kitchens – endless combinations of black & white

refined bright modern kitchens black white

In our contemporary kitchens we have the absolute freedom to improvise in different aspects, this is precisely their great advantage.

Contemporary furnishings – modern kitchens in black and white

fantastic modern kitchens white black class

In fact, we can improvise even with regards to appliances and everything else. To complete our work of elegance we can add small touches of color with various objects on the tops and also on the walls, this will help us a lot to avoid the visual effect of a chromatic repetition. In the end if we want to give a touch of professionalism and functionality we can also do it by adding different details to our appliances, the latter must preferably be made of steel. As I have already mentioned, the possibilities for furnishing your classic kitchen are endless, everything depends on the individual tastes of each of us.

Modern kitchens – another refined and elegant proposal

elegant modern kitchens refined black white