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Modern bedrooms, 24 ideas that cannot be resisted
modern bedrooms original design wooden furniture

Modern bedrooms, 24 ideas that cannot be resisted

If you are looking for ideas to furnish the sleeping area, you are certainly in the right place. In this article we show you twenty-four proposals for modern bedrooms. This place is the safe haven after a long day of work and the place dedicated to rest and relaxation.

Modern bedrooms: an interesting proposal with elegant and refined furniture

modern bedroom wall decorations

It serves not only to sleep, but also to isolate itself from the outside world and find tranquility. To succeed in this enterprise it is essential to carefully choose all the furniture and decorations that will embellish the sleeping area.

Modern bedrooms: lively suggestion with a white wooden bed

modern bedrooms original design

Colors, design, furnishing style and fabrics should not be taken into consideration. Below you can take a cue from the images we have prepared and transform your bedroom into an ideal and undoubtedly welcoming retreat.

Very fresh tip with modern white design furniture

modern bedrooms very lively idea

In almost all the images the concept of modern furniture is the basis. Why is it so popular? We will explain it to you immediately! The style of modern furniture fits very well into the hectic pace of cities and the people who are always very busy.

Here is an example of masculine style furniture

modern bedrooms decorated wall idea

It is very close to their way of being, for this very reason it has been so successful. Here for example in the image that follows, a simple and at the same time very elegant solution.

Sleeping area furnished with elegant design furniture

modern bedrooms gray bed chandelier suspension

When buying furniture, you should definitely consider the color. Clear or dark, it must represent your personality and lifestyle. If you want to have a well-lit room, then white is the one for you.

Modern bedrooms: total white original solution

modern bedrooms double bed round shape

In the images we have some proposals that will surely be useful to find useful hints and suggestions. A white bedroom is the most classic choice, but combined with glossy and lacquered surfaces it shows an ultra modern design.

Bedroom furnished with wooden furniture and some green accents

modern light wood furniture bedrooms

Even the soft nuances of cream are very popular in recent times. Depending on the size of your sleeping area, the solution with the storage bed is a valid alternative to have everything well ordered at any time. This is an effective space-saving method for furnishing the bedroom. An extra space to store duvets is always useful.

In this example, wood is the focal point in the environment

modern wooden wall bedrooms

Here is another proposal with a wooden wall and special decorations

modern bedrooms wooden wall original decorations

By lifting the rest surface it is possible to have an area to hide everything you want. Of course also everyday objects, given the ease with which it opens. In some of the suggestions proposed here you can see that the bedside tables are in contrast with the rest of the furniture.

Minimal style with few design elements capable of transforming the entire environment

particular style modern bedrooms

Sometimes even with style, but as mentioned at the beginning of our article, without giving up in any way clean and modern lines. Even the choice of the bedside table is not at all a simple job.

The colored wall is the right solution if you want to contrast with the furniture

modern furniture light color furniture red wall

Here is an example of furniture with dark colored furniture

modern bedroom furniture dark color furniture

They have a very practical function, namely to place objects such as alarm clocks, bedside lamps and books near the bed. They can be of different sizes, according to the model even with extra storage compartments. If your bedroom is very large and has another chest of drawers, then even a table will suffice.

Suggestion for lovers of purple color

modern decorated purple decorated bedroom

Very elegant cream-colored bedroom and a crystal chandelier

modern cream-colored bedroom

In this way you will have created a really nice and original corner. Of course for women the most important element in a bedroom is the wardrobe. It is fundamental to say the least about carefully choosing the one that will collect your clothes and accessories.

Proposed with wooden furniture and a special walk-in closet

modern bedrooms linen gray color carpet

The first thing to decide is the doors. There are three types of mechanism: book, swing and sliding. The space and the style of furnishing are the factors that influence the choice. The hinged doors are the most classic solution, but based on the finishes the modern design will be the basis of everything.

An original example with green walls and decorations

Modern bedrooms original example

Proposed with light colored wooden furniture

modern wooden furniture bedrooms

Even the handles are an element with which you can play a lot. The sliding ones are preferable if the space available is limited. The design of this mechanism is undoubtedly modern and avant-garde.

Bedroom furnished and decorated in a modern style, with an open master bathroom

modern style bathroom master bedroom view

Also the cost in this case is not to be underestimated. The book mechanism represents a mix of two systems. The internal view is total, which is another advantage.

Idea for furnishing the sleeping area with white bed and bedside tables

bedroom furniture light color white curtains

As you have noticed from the images, regardless of the budget you have available, you can create fantastic compositions combining colors, textures and design elements.

Decorated wall, wooden double bed and two industrial style chandeliers

original idea for the bedroom with a wooden bed

If you like strong colors, lively ideas are not lacking. The purple, green and blue bedrooms are just a few examples. It’s up to you to decide what fits your tastes and needs.

Very special proposal with a sliding wooden door

eclectic style furnished bedroom

With a careful use of furnishing accessories, even the large bedroom can be made welcoming and hospitable. On the contrary, small spaces can appear larger with some simple features to put into practice. So don’t waste your time and get involved in the renovation of your modern bedrooms!

Double bedroom with white and shiny furniture

bedroom furniture bright white color

Here is a final proposal with the timeless elegance of gray

elegant night area decorated decorated in gray color