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Modern bathrooms with shower: let yourself be inspired by design solutions
modern bathrooms with shower-design-essential

Modern bathrooms with shower: let yourself be inspired by design solutions

Are you looking for inspirations to furnish your bathroom with design and comfort? Here you will find a selection of ten proposals related to modern bathrooms with elegant, trendy showers that offer the ultimate in comfort. Simply browse through our image gallery to find the right solution to create the bathroom of your dreams.


Over the years, this place has become increasingly the subject of attention with regards to style and furnishing. It is indeed possible to set up fabulous design bathrooms, true stylistic masterpieces. In addition to pleasing the eye, the bathroom is first and foremost the place to regenerate, both physically and mentally. After a stressful day out, between work, traffic and more, all you want is to take a regenerating shower.

modern bathrooms with minimal-style shower

The various producers now propose several truly surprising solutions, some of which we propose to you in support of our writing. Elegant and refined lines, but also ultra modern and essential, floors and tiles in an elegant anthracite gray, wood-effect panels, mosaics, suspended sanitary fixtures with design shapes, chromed and elegant accessories, relaxing lights, the use of precious and refined materials like marble and Bisazza.

modern bathrooms with stylish-idea shower

And, again, the timeless elegance of white and black, the refinement and comfort offered by teak, the inclusion of some retro details. All complemented by showers that steal the show: walk-in, corner, wall-mounted solutions with relaxing blue light, with hydromassage. In short, everything you could want. Furnishing modern bathrooms with showers may seem like a simple task and in reality it is, the important thing is to have clear ideas about what look and which atmosphere you want to aim for.

modern bathrooms with functional shower-idea

Here you will find some interesting proposals from which to extract the idea appropriate to your context, your needs and also your portfolio. Even in the case of a small room, it is possible to create a modern bathroom with an aesthetically pleasing shower, but also comfortable and functional.

modern bathrooms with shower-idea-design

Review the images in our mini gallery: you will find solutions for each context. We have focused our attention on bathrooms characterized by a modern, contemporary style, with avant-garde solutions in particular as regards the shower. A design bathroom with a modern look must first of all instill a sense of absolute relaxation, as if you were inside a real spa.


Walk-in showers, available in a wide range of models, are the ideal choice. In fact, they have become a real must have in modern homes. Even more “extreme” at the design level are the open showers, of which here you have an interesting example. Nothing prevents, however, even in a modern context from focusing on traditional shower enclosures as long as the design is contemporary, clean and essential. The walls as well as the floor play an important role.

As mentioned above, gray, particularly anthracite, is all the rage as it gives an elegant, clean and even refined look, helping to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. But the wood effect, of which you can see an example here, is also very impressive. The solutions to create a modern shower bathroom are truly the most diverse. The starting point is to carefully evaluate the space at your disposal, to clarify what kind of style you want to achieve and above all which type of atmosphere to recreate in order to feel fully at ease.


The solutions to create modern bathrooms with a designer shower and above all rich in comfort are many, if you have a preference for essential furnishings, the bathroom is the right room to experiment it successfully and the shower is the ideal element to put it in prominence.