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Modern bathrooms coverings: proposals for every taste and need
coating-bathroom-modern-masaico-blue hexagons

Modern bathrooms coverings: proposals for every taste and need

When furnishing the bathroom, one of the first elements to consider are the walls. How to decorate them? What impression should you give it? It is a bit like choosing the frame of a painting. On this occasion we provide you with ten interesting ideas regarding modern bathroom coverings, that is the ideal background for modern and design compositions. These are proposals with a high visual impact, so much so that some solutions are even able to completely characterize the venue.

modern-white-black bathroom coatings

Here, as in the kitchen, the high humidity has until recently imposed the exclusive use of the tiles. Today the choice has expanded to include materials such as wood, paint and even wallpaper. In fact, even in this field, technology has succeeded in developing high-performance solutions that are able to withstand water and humidity perfectly.


So, a green light for these “alternative” solutions that can best accommodate a room with contemporary features. In the images shown here you will find a solution of modern bathrooms with a wood effect very interesting as it has been designed to cover a shower and a bathtub with an avant-garde design, but also an absolutely new and innovative idea.

coatings for modern bathrooms-tiles-gray-decorations

It is a veritable vertical garden that decorates one of the walls of the bathroom, exactly that of the tub. It is undoubtedly an original solution, suitable for those who want to amaze and want a touch of green even in the bathroom. The tiles are a great classic for bathroom wall tiles.

tile-bathroom-modern-gress Light

The color, or colors, and shape depends solely and exclusively on your personal taste. Here we offer you some of the most attractive solutions such as medium-sized beige porcelain stoneware tiles combined with an orange-painted wall: a choice that creates a pleasant contrast. Again, a very elegant proposal where the protagonists are gray opaque tiles interspersed with some decorations where white prevails.


Generally speaking, neutral tones are the ones to use to cover the bathroom walls. The explanation must be sought in the relaxing and balanced effect that I am able to infuse. White tiles are the classic solution that, however, you can liven up and modernize by combining them with black tiles or giving them original shapes.


Another perfect color for modern bathroom coverings is blue, in all its shades, especially the lighter ones. In fact, it is a nuance capable of arousing not only a state of tranquility and well-being, but also a pleasant sense of cleanliness. Here, right at the beginning of our service, you will find a solution made with a mosaic of hexagons of various shades of blue. Since this is an important decoration, it was opportunely chosen to decorate only one wall, that of the bathtub which, for the note, acts as a catalyst for the look.


In the image below you will find a solution that apparently may seem rustic. The natural stone wall cladding, in fact, refers to settings of this kind, but the inclusion of a latest-generation fireplace leads us straight to a modern style.


However, masonry walls are often associated with modern contexts and the result is always impressive. Another modern bathroom wall tile is widely used. The cement tiles, of which here we propose a solution in the shades of blue and one in those of yellow and gold, offer an interesting eye-catcher, in addition to embellishing the room.

modern-wood-effect bathroom coatings

Also in this case, the suggestion is to use them only in some parts, such as, for example, the wall of the tub or the shower. There are so many solutions to cover your modern bathroom in an original way, all interesting, it’s up to you to find the one that’s right for you.