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Modern bathroom tiles: lots of ideas for choosing the right coating
modern-solution-marble bathroom tiles

Modern bathroom tiles: lots of ideas for choosing the right coating

It is the most intimate room par excellence: in addition to taking care of personal hygiene, it is the place where peace and relaxation are found. Yes, we are talking about the bathroom that is increasingly the focus of interior designers. On this occasion we deal with an important aspect, namely the modern bathroom tiles. If you are about to set up this room and are looking for a beautiful, but also practical to clean and able to create the ideal frame that brings out the rest of the furniture, here you will find fifty ideas, one more interesting than the other.

modern-color-hazelnut bathroom tiles
modern-proposal-tones-brown bathroom tiles

From the classic ceramic tile, to the precious and highly polished marble, to the stone up to the wood effect, there are really so many possibilities in the field of modern bathroom tiles. We also wanted to offer you some solutions in which you opted for painting, so as to provide you with an overview of complete choices. As we have had occasion to recall even in other circumstances, today there are special paints perfectly in keeping with a humid environment like the bathroom, so if you like the idea, here you will find very suggestive proposals in the trendiest shades.

modern-marble-veining bathroom tiles
modern-stone-marble bathroom tiles

We are therefore in the presence of the room which, together with the bedroom, is the most personal of the whole apartment, for this reason, when one dedicates oneself to furnishing, one must give priority, more than to any other room, to one’s own tastes and personality. Moreover, as mentioned at the beginning, among the various characteristics of the bathroom, it is necessary to note the high degree of humidity: here it is present in greater quantities than the kitchen! The choice of the coating has therefore a central role in order to offer the maximum in terms of hygiene and cleaning.

modern-tone-brown bathroom tiles

Modern bathroom tiles must therefore be chosen on the basis of their aesthetic characteristics but also and above all on the basis of their technical qualities. The market offers a wide range of solutions, able to satisfy every taste and requirement, even economic. In this space we focus on the modern bathroom tiles, focusing on those compositions that have contemporary features.

modern-mix-material bathroom tiles

In our rich gallery, you will find rooms furnished in a modern, minimal style, with industrial, rustic, elegant and even more classic hints. In short, scrolling through the images, you will find proposals of various kinds, so as to have a really complete overview before you can choose the solution that best suits you.

modern-mosaic-green-black bathroom tiles

The most traditional and perhaps even the most used solution is for tiles. Do not imagine, however, the antiquated compositions that characterized the homes of the past, the materials today are completely new and highly performing, even on an aesthetic level. Very interesting are the wood or stone effect tiles, of which you can find several examples here. Another very popular route concerns decorative panels instead. It is a solution that can give the bathroom a new and appealing look, without special interventions and even without spending very large sums of money.

modern-marble-taupe bathroom tiles
modern-light-marble bathroom tiles

It is possible to choose from many types of modern bathroom tiles, even the most precious and delicate ones such as those in marble. The coatings made with this incredible material are able to give the room a unique and extremely elegant touch. Thanks to the unparalleled luster, its uniqueness and surprising colors (from white to black, from pink to gold, from green to blue and so on) marble transforms every bathroom into an authentic masterpiece.

modern-marble-white-black bathroom tiles

As amazing as it is from an aesthetic point of view, marble is extremely delicate and needs special care that makes it unsuitable for massive uses. However, if you do not know how to resist its charm and the cost does not scare you, a marble covering is undoubtedly an added value.

modern-idea-marble-black-white bathroom tiles

We have selected different solutions, all related to modern-style bathrooms, therefore all those rooms furnished according to contemporary aesthetic standards, characterized by clean and essential lines, square and design shapes, suspended sanitary fixtures, freestanding bathtubs, walk-in showers, neutral colors and elegant, but also bright and gaudy tones. These are the distinctive elements of modern bathrooms, so it is necessary to opt for suitable coatings capable of enhancing the environment.

modern-idea-marble-white bathroom tiles
modern-gray-anthracite bathroom tiles
modern-stone-effect bathroom tiles
modern-white-grain-gray bathroom tiles
modern-beige bathroom tiles-mosaic details
coating-bathroom-modern-brown decorations