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Modern bathroom lighting – trends and inspiration
modern bathroom hidden lighting freestanding bath

Modern bathroom lighting – trends and inspiration

Modern bathroom lighting! Have you bought a new home but haven’t chosen the right lighting for your modern bathroom yet? Right in our gallery you can find wonderful ideas of modern design for lighting in your stylish bathroom! The days when the bathrooms had a cold and sterile look are already over. The bathroom today is an elegant, relaxing and luxurious room.

Modern bathroom lighting – hidden behind the mirror

bathroom lighting hidden led strips

An environment where you can relax after a long hectic day. A modern bathroom requires essential and geometric lines, in addition to neutral colors.

Modern bathroom lighting – new ideas

indirect bathroom lighting led spotlights

However, before deciding on the colors, pay particular attention to the space you have available and also to the appropriate lighting. Why not choose indirect lighting for your new bathroom?

Retractable lighting in a contemporary bathroom

LED lighting concealed contemporary bathroom

In recent times indirect lighting is gaining some popularity, both in projects for residential areas and for commercial areas or offices.

Suspended ceiling with led lights

suspended ceiling suspended LED lighting

In reference to indirect lights, we mean a hidden light source which is diffused in the bathroom reflecting on the ceiling, on the floor or on the walls. In order for indirect lighting to be used in a correct and balanced way, it is essential to set it in the project from the beginning.

Soft lighting in a rustic – modern bathroom

soft lighting bathroom wooden ceiling

Indirect lighting can give your bathroom a comfortable atmosphere. You can take inspiration from our gallery with reference to the latest trends in bathroom lighting.

Tips for lighting your new bathroom

suspended ceiling suspension led freestanding bath lighting

To brighten up the bathroom at home you need more attention than the other rooms in the house. The light points to start with are two: one for general lighting and one focused around the mirror.

Plasterboard false ceiling with LED lighting – graphic display of Basem Mohsen¹

suspended ceiling plasterboard hidden lighting suspension chandelier

Often it is a room where the windows are small or completely absent. Therefore, for the main lighting, it is better to choose a soft and white light, similar to the natural one.

Classic style bathroom with LED lights

modern bathroom classic style led lighting

You can get a wonderful effect by using ceiling lights, LED spotlights, wall lamps, but also indirect or hidden lights, that is projected against ceilings and walls. As with the other rooms in the house, lighting can also be a piece of bathroom furniture to give character and make the environment more livable.

Particularly illuminated minimalist style bathroom

modern bathroom minimalist style led light

A typical example in this sense is the choice, for those with a suitable height, of a classic hanging lamp. The ever wider features of LED lights are particularly suitable for this home environment.

Modern bathroom lighting with led spotlights and suspended chandelier

bathroom spotlights led chandelier suspension bathtub wood

First because, in addition to not heating up, this type of lighting is not affected by humidity. Second, because it can create a special atmosphere in different colors.

Innovative ideas to light up the most intimate room in the home

modern bathroom hidden floor lighting

Furthermore, LED lighting is one of the most sought-after trends and is suitable for any roof, floor or wooden structure. Moreover it allows to overcome the opposition between ancient and modern, which has always animated the debate in architecture, reconciling aesthetics and functionality.

Concealed lighting in the bathroom – news and trends

indirect bathroom lighting hidden mirrors led spotlights

If your bathroom has an exposed wooden roof, choose the indirect led lighting, which enhances the natural appearance of the wood without artificially creating aesthetic dissonances. This technology also offers many expressive possibilities.

Lights – new trends in modern bathrooms

modern bathroom lighting led recessed spotlights

Modern marble bathroom lighting

modern marble bathroom lighting freestanding tub

If the ceiling in your bathroom is not high you have to bring out the beautiful structure of the ceiling by opting for something decidedly more modern like a series of recessed LED spotlights. If you want a solution for a modern environment and the structure of your roof allows it, a good choice would be the hidden overhead lights or the led strips for false ceilings.

Retractable led lighting in a contemporary bathroom

modern bathroom lighting basin support

If you would like to create a soft lighting in your bathroom, right here you can find the best choice. The aim of the soft lighting is to create a warm and elegant atmosphere.

The splendid touches of hidden light

modern bathroom lighting hidden ceiling LED ceiling light

The soft light is distributed discontinuously and creates a pleasant play of light and shadows. Finding the best solution is obviously a matter of choices dictated by the context and depends on what result you want to achieve in terms of design and furnishings. As far as bathroom lighting is concerned, great strides have been made.

Classic style bathroom – lit up in fashion

classic style modern bathroom lighting

Rustic style bathroom with soft lighting

modern rustic style bathroom soft lighting

Opting for the LED light for your bathroom really is the ideal and most advantageous choice. LED lamps are very resistant to shocks and last longer, therefore, they last longer and consume less. By choosing LED lighting for your modern bathroom, in addition to saving on electricity bills, you will also make an ecological choice. Besides being an advice to follow to help our planet, reduce the energy we consume, it also helps our portfolio.

Save on bills with LED lighting

bathroom lighting hidden particular mirror way

Lighting – a modern bathroom furnishing element

soft LED lighting modern bathroom recessed spotlights everywhere

First of all it is good to consider that we often waste energy without even realizing it. Be careful how you usually light your bathroom. For example, check what type your bulbs are, in case you notice that they are not low consumption, the suggestion is to change them immediately and opt for LED lamps. A lot of money is spent on furnishing, decorating and lighting our modern bathrooms, creating environments that sometimes do not satisfy us.

Hidden bathroom lighting – “less is more”

soft lighting modern bathroom elements wood

Often, however, the desired result is not achieved precisely because of the lack of adequate lighting despite the amount spent. Innovative lighting systems nowadays, in addition to consuming less electricity, do not even require maintenance during their life cycle.

Suitable lighting that gives a touch of elegance to your bathroom

modern bathroom lighting lilac walls

The use, for example, of hidden LED strips or LED lamps in the bathroom could be a very welcoming solution that leaves the aesthetics of the environment intact. Take inspiration from our innovative gallery to give your contemporary bathroom an increasingly modern and luminous spirit.

Bathroom lighting: new techniques and latest trends

false ceiling plasterboard lighting led wash basins