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Masonry showers: the best solutions to solve space problems
masonry showers-bathroom-modern furniture

Masonry showers: the best solutions to solve space problems

Today there are masonry showers under our magnifying glass. We have carefully selected a gallery of images, to be precise twenty, which can be inspired if you are about to renovate the bathroom. As far as furnishing is concerned, it is of fundamental importance to consider first of all your personal tastes, and of course those that are your needs.

masonry showers-bathroom-modern-furniture

In this article, our attention is turned towards a modern, design furniture and above all designed to solve any space problem. In fact, masonry showers are the best solution to make a small bathroom a comfortable and above all practical environment.

masonry-bathroom-modern-design showers

However, for lovers of rustic style, we do not miss some small examples, just to give satisfaction to those who prefer such a welcoming design. The bathroom has always been considered an environment in which relaxation is in the first place, but if the latter is also very beautiful, then the satisfaction is enormous.

masonry-glass-design-modern showers

The images we offer have been designed to meet any space requirements and not even the last place in style. Because there is nothing more beautiful than having a bathroom that reflects one’s lifestyle. Some compositions are embellished with avant-garde, modern and sophisticated solutions.

masonry showers-wall-in-floor-wood

But the magnificence is not synonymous with a bathroom set up in the most optimal manner. Even a small bathroom may appear to be well organized, if of course the space available can be exploited in the most appropriate manner. The final result can give great satisfaction, both in terms of design and in terms of the comfortable and practical side. In this article you will undoubtedly find the right inspiration for the bathroom with a masonry shower. The showers in bulwarks are an element that can absolutely become the focal point in any environment.


Regardless of the style you have chosen, taking a shower in a different way turns out to be a strategy that aims to make you feel good and relaxed. Coming to the point, the masonry showers are able to make your bathroom a more elegant and atmospheric environment. Besides being very comfortable, they are also in fashion.


One of the advantages offered by this choice is that the shape of the room could be exploited. The difference with normal shower enclosures lies in the fact that they are definitely larger and more welcoming. Even if all this is opposed by the fact that the installation takes much longer. One of the ways to separate the shower from the rest of the space is to create a small wall, but glass is also a valid alternative.


It all depends on what you want to achieve. Feeling like in a SPA is possible! In some of the configurations proposed here we have extraordinary ideas in which everything has been designed in the most appropriate way to satisfy every taste and need. In the solution below, we show you a dream bathroom, designed for those of you who love clean and elegant style.


The base is integrated into the floor, in this way an extra security is guaranteed and the glass divides the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Although this environment is not smaller, the minimal style is immediately noticeable.


For an even more modern effect, take a look at the idea above. The glass is a darker color, offering an extra idea of ​​privacy. The wooden floor stands out from the rest of the space. Now some of you will think that the wooden floor for the bathroom would not be the most appropriate solution, but this is not the case at all.


There is nothing more beautiful than to feel the veins and warmth of the wood under your feet. Nevertheless, many have strong doubts regarding this choice. Can wood come into contact with water? The answer is yes. If we consider the wood that is used for boat hulls, it is a treated wood that guarantees impermeability.

Shower-in-stone-bathroom-master-niche-room bed

It is the right pose that, however, offers the guarantee that this will not be damaged. But to be 100% sure, our advice is to open the windows every time you bathe. This eliminates any moisture deposited inside the room. If you think this choice is right for you, there is another element that must be taken into serious consideration. We are talking about the type of timber. The most stable in contact with water are Doussiè, Iroko, Teak and Merbau.


Oak is undoubtedly an alternative, but with this we must proceed with great caution, because in contact with moisture it tends to create dark spots. The most useful advice we can give you is still one of being very careful when laying. The glued and non-floating installation is the best solution.


The sealing between the various strips and in the perimeter is the other factor to pay close attention to. In the following proposal we have considered a master bathroom, large enough in which a bathtub is also present. In this room it is almost impossible not to feel well and comfortable. In this case the base of the shower is in wood.


As we have said, with the right treatments and a suitable pose, the wood can last a long time. The mixer is undoubtedly one of the elements that immediately captures attention. The massage effect is assured.


Masonry showers and an interesting idea for your bathroom


Here is a variety for a small bathroom. The image above is the best solution to furnish this environment in a comfortable and elegant way.

Masonry showers: original solution for the small bathroom


To conclude with the proposals in our article, take this interesting idea under your vision. The solution with the masonry shower, complemented by a transparent glass, is the variant that goes best with each space, but not the last even in style.