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Masonry baths: 24 unmissable ideas to furnish with a rustic touch
masonry baths such as modern bath

Masonry baths: 24 unmissable ideas to furnish with a rustic touch

It is the room of the house assigned not only to personal hygiene, but it is also the place where one relaxes and regenerates after a long day at work. A regenerating shower or an aromatic bath is what it takes to “wash” away the daily stress. You guessed it, we’re talking about the bathroom. Among the various possible types, today we consider masonry baths.

Masonry baths: many ideas from the modern to the rustic

masonry baths such as design bath

It is a particular type of architecture, very suggestive, perfect both to furnish a second home, in the countryside and also to the sea, but it is also ideal for the city.

Masonry baths: originality and unmistakable style

masonry bathrooms design basin

A masonry bathroom is indeed full of personality and style, moreover it is a furnishing solution declined in various solutions: everyone will be able to choose the one that best suits his taste and his own housing needs.

An example of a masonry bathroom with an original stone floor

masonry baths proposed stone floor

A masonry bathroom is in fact we think of a masonry bathroom. First of all, a rustic style room comes to mind, with an old-fashioned atmosphere, with rough furniture, warm colors and old-fashioned bathroom fixtures. This is not always the case.

An elegant masonry bathroom in shades of gray

gray toned masonry baths

It is sufficient to take a look at the images that we have selected among many to provide you with a picture as complete as possible on the subject, to immediately have an idea on how much we will explain to you.

Original masonry wall and gray design tub: personality and design

gray bath masonry baths

The masonry baths, in fact, can resume in all and for all a rustic style, therefore with furniture in raw wood, a capacious central bathtub of the form of those used in the past, with old style taps, mirrors with gilded frames and chandeliers in style candlestick.

The rustic style of the wall and ceiling blend perfectly with the modern style of the bathtub

masonry baths sloping roof design bath

A masonry bathroom with a splendid shower

splendid masonry shower baths

Or, the masonry walls can simply be the background for a modern room: from linear style furniture, perhaps lacquered white or shiny steel, to the latest-generation suspended sanitary fixtures, to end with splendid designer tubs.

Bathroom furniture with masonry wall and furniture with fuchsia accents

masonry baths with fuchsia accents

When you are about to furnish your bathroom, first define the style you want to give to the environment, so all the steps will be simpler. If you have masonry walls, the dispassionate advice is to leave them so raw, in their natural state, and make them the focal point of your bathroom.

Masonry bathroom with a refined and elegant style

large bath masonry bath

The same applies if you have a natural stone arch or floor: these are structural elements of great beauty, to be enhanced as much as possible.

Original masonry bathroom with polished steel furniture

masonry bathroom steel sink

In the event that you have an original masonry wall, the suggestion is to make it the main wall where to prepare the bathtub or the shower box.

Bathroom furniture with masonry walls and rustic furniture

original masonry bathroom rustic furniture

In this case, all you have to do is choose the style – rustic, classic or modern – and proceed to the rest of the furniture by following the leitmotif. As for the choice of the tub, the suspended solution or the one with a fireplace in front of it is very interesting, as in the photos that we offer in support of our article.

Masonry baths: a perfect proposal for a mountain home

Masonry bathroom with fireplace in front of the bathtub: what a show!

masonry bath fireplace

A real dream: imagine relaxing in warm water, pampered by the foam and bewitched by the fireplace! If, instead, you opt for the shower cubicle, take a look at the image with the walls entirely made of stone: a natural effect, very interesting indeed.

Bathroom with masonry panel and classic style wooden furniture

bathroom furniture panel masonry furniture wood

If you decide instead to create a masonry bathroom with decorative panels, you will be spoiled for choice. In fact, there are various solutions on the market, from those that faithfully reproduce a stone wall to more modern effects, in dark shades to arrive at neutral colors.

Original masonry walls for a rustic and original touch

bathroom furniture panel masonry modern bathtub

Also in this case, choose where to place them, if in a single wall that will act as a fulcrum, if in the whole bathroom (pay attention to the tonality and the motif you will choose because the effect could be a bit heavy and oppressive), or only inside the shower box.

Masonry panels and suspended bathtub

bathroom furniture wall panel wall hung bathtub

Masonry wall and fireplace for a truly stunning bathroom

As for the floor, if you have to make it ex new, first of all think about the parquet as with a masonry element it goes perfectly, moreover it is a warm material, perfect for walking barefoot. Do not think that the parquet in the bathroom is a gamble as currently on the market there are solutions that react perfectly even to humid environments such as the bathroom.

Bathroom with masonry wall and ultra-modern bathtub

bathroom furniture wall masonry modern furniture

Even a ceiling with exposed beams is a perfect complement to a masonry wall. As far as color is concerned, for this place, white is the ideal choice, precisely because it evokes cleanliness, order and offers calm and relaxation to the spirit.

Masonry wall and modern, linear furniture

bathroom furniture light toned masonry panels

Bathroom with masonry wall and designer bathtub

masonry bath-tub design

All light and neutral shades are indicated. If you want a refined bathroom, focus on gray, a color that can convey elegance, as you can see in the example we have selected for you.

Old style bathtub perfectly matched to the masonry walls

masonry baths central basin

And here we are in the chapter on lighting. In the bathroom, as in the kitchen, the light must not be missing. Choose a clear, very bright solution and entrust it to the chandelier that best suits your bathroom style.

A very natural looking shower thanks to the masonry walls

bathroom furniture walls shower masonry

If you have opted for a rustic atmosphere, you can dare with chandelier-shaped chandeliers, while if your choice has fallen on a modern design of the LED spotlights are for you. There are so many ideas and solutions to furnish a masonry bathroom, whether it is an authentic wall or whether you will rely on decorative panels. Make it the heart of your bathroom and choose the rest of the furniture and bathroom fixtures in the style you prefer, bearing in mind that it must represent a continuity with the other rooms in your home.

Bathroom furniture: a solution with masonry panels in shades of brown

bathroom furniture small size masonry panel