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Marble floors: the infinite elegance of this precious material
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Marble floors: the infinite elegance of this precious material

Marble floors are natural, elegant and precious. In this article we want to focus on some ideas regarding the flooring of your home. We have collected twenty images from which to draw the necessary inspiration. Marble tiles are a natural surface coating, which is extracted from the mountains around the world.

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Appreciated for its beauty, style and elegance, this material has graced the palaces of kings and queens for centuries, which makes it a luxury for the few. In short, a valid and valuable alternative for interiors. However, there are some maintenance disadvantages that come with the installation of these plans, which must be taken into consideration before choosing and purchasing.

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First of all, however, we take care of the marble floors. First and foremost it must be taken into consideration the style, that is the biggest advantage of the marble cladding. The latter can instantly change the aesthetics of a space, giving it a regal bearing that is difficult to imitate.

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At the same time, marble is available in various shades of colors, and also in splendid multicolored mixtures, providing flexible options for a variety of decorative patterns. The tiles can also be cut into rectangles and triangles of various sizes, in order to create small pieces of a complex mosaic.

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The marble floors are unique! All this is due to the fact that it is a product of the earth, every single piece of tile used on the floor is one of a kind, and there is no one else like it anywhere in the world. In the event that we are dealing with a multi-colored floor, it could become a fairly extreme task, with distinct characteristics. By choosing a single shade, you will have given a specific character to the whole environment.


In any case, the flooring is very often the one that sets the main tone in the space. Of course it also depends on the area of ​​the house. For the various venues, there are very specific shades. The look of a marble floor can bring the power and charm of a mountain range into an interior setting.


Even if the material is highly refined, the presence of its energy can have a powerful effect, injecting into the environment a sparkling, trembling and even fear, while one is connected to the outside world. Translucency is another characteristic of it. Artists have treasured marble for centuries, because it has a translucent natural property that allows light to penetrate through it.


This happens to a statue and also to the tiles that seem to shine almost when the sun hits their surface. The luminous effect is much more pronounced in white marble and more subdued in colored materials. Unlike many other natural stones, marble can also have an enamelled surface, making it silky smooth and sparkling if treated correctly.


This is an aspect of refinement and glamor, which evokes the highest sense of elegance in a space. It is also a truly distinct look, which can make the difference when trying to create a flooring that stands out.


Radiant heat is a very important factor: marble is an excellent heat conductor, making it suitable for a variety of radiant heating systems under the surface to be installed. This can infuse a heat charge, especially on cold winter mornings.


And here is a practical tip: keep spare tiles: once you have installed your marble floor, keep at least a box full of extra material in case of need. This makes it possible to easily replace a tile if there is any crack, breakage or staining over time, which is much more practical than having to replace the entire floor.


If you do not keep any extra tiles, it may be difficult to find a variant corresponding to the color of the pieces already installed. We also see some against marble floors. One of which is scratches: even though it is essentially a rock, marble is actually a relatively soft material that can be scratched, scraped and chipped.


This is especially true if the material is polished, so imperfections will be more noticeable on a solid, smooth and flat surface. Unfortunately, scratches cannot be easily repaired unless the entire damaged tile is replaced. Another negative factor is stains: marble is a surface on which negative chemical reactions can do damage if in contact with acid elements.


This can include a wide variety of foods, sauces, drinks and cleaning products. Unfortunately, the discolorations that come from these processes are permanent. As marble is a porous stone, even water penetrations can cause damage, as well as coloring from colored liquid agents.


This can be avoided by applying a chemical sealant to be applied under the penetrating surface, such as a barrier. However, for optimal protection, this will need to be reapplied every year.


Cracks: Being relatively soft, marble floors can suffer from cracks and breaks. If the floor is not installed correctly this can be a big problem, and the space between the material and the substrate will be weak spots, ready to burst and break under stronger pressure.

Marble floors and an original idea


When polished, marble can be an extremely slippery surface, which can be a danger to accidental falls. This is especially true if the floor gets wet due to environmental factors or spills.

Marble floors and an original proposal for the living room


The conclusion, marble is undoubtedly a high quality architectural element, and its price is therefore of a certain relevance and varies according to the quality. The marble floors are perfect for decorating any environment in an elegant way, giving each room a sublime brightness. Among the many varieties we mention the clearest Travertine, Botticino, Giallo Siena and Reale Giallo up to the most intense colors like Rosso Verona, Rosso Francia, Persian Red Travertine and Nero Marquinia.