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Marble floor: unparalleled light and elegance
modern marble-open-space floor

Marble floor: unparalleled light and elegance

The marble floor gives value and a shine unparalleled to the house: scrolling through the twenty-five images we have selected, you will find unmissable ideas for the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. These are authentic masterpieces that make the house unique and precious. This extraordinary material is also characterized by the many and splendid veins that give a unique light. The marble floor is also able to heat the room if you have opted for solutions in shades of cream, red or pink.

marble floor-living room-wall-equipped

These shades are particularly suitable for contexts furnished in a classic way, where wood is the most present material. If, on the other hand, you want a cooler look, for a modern and design context, the advice is to choose surfaces made with blue, white or even dark colored blocks. The marble floor is generally chosen for representative rooms, such as the living room, as it is a splendid and precious surface.

marble-living room-design-modern marble floor

Not infrequently it can be found in the bathroom and also in the bedrooms, but with exceptional results, but it is rarely encountered in the kitchen, given its renowned delicacy. The marble floor offers an aesthetic level and a light that has no terms of comparison. What’s more is unique, as each block of material, being a gift of nature, is obviously not duplicable. Famous throughout the world is Carrara marble which comes in different colors ranging from green to red, from black to white.

floors-marble-living room-couch-black

How beautiful it is to see, how delicate it is. The marble floor is the choice for an environment used little and above all carefully. It should also be emphasized that it is a non-waterproof material, absorbs liquids and can stain indelibly. Furthermore, over time the marble floor tends to become opaque, therefore it is necessary to revive it with special detergents. Without doubt enchanting, highly polished and spectacular, marble floors are very delicate and also quite expensive. A room with a marble floor, however, is a true work of art.

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Floor-in-marble-room bed
Floor-marble-room bed-black