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Living room walls and wooden floors: ideas for transforming the living area
living room walls gray color modern style furnishings

Living room walls and wooden floors: ideas for transforming the living area

Light or dark color, decorations or clean design? Yes, we are talking about the living room walls, an element that conditions the overall atmosphere of your living area. In this article we propose some suggestions and different combinations with the wooden floor. All to create an elegant and refined living.

Living room walls in white combined with wooden flooring

modern style living room furniture walls

The images have been selected to help you choose an original and undoubtedly modern stay. Browse the photo gallery to find inspiration and start designing your next living room.

Contemporary style living room walls with a wooden floor

living room wall paper floor wood wallpaper

The color of the walls is not only a detail, but it is a fundamental point, because the colors are able to influence the mood and not at the last place decisive for the style of the whole environment.

Light wood floor with walls of the same color

living room walls white color wooden floor

For a classic style the living room walls require neutral tones. In this case we talk about taupe, ivory and anthracite. These colors for the walls of your living are able to satisfy all types of contexts.

Living room with laminate floor and modern style furniture

living room walls light colors laminate floor

Also trendy are mauve and cinnamon, a touch of elegance guaranteed. Wallpaper is also not to be underestimated. In this case it is preferable to use the monochromatic one, which does the sense to the senses (the surfaces are different to the eye and to the touch), floral and geometric.

A pop art style idea with dark-colored walls and floor

living room walls pop art style idea

If you prefer the living room in a modern style you will not be able to do without strong and bright colors. We are talking about orange, yellow, blue and not the last place a bit more sober and certainly not so strong, gray.

Idea for an industrial style living room with fireplace

warm living room design industrial walls

Yes, gray is the favorite color of modern designers, because it is a sign of infinite elegance that fits into every room in the home. Being a neutral color, you must therefore design the rest of the furniture more carefully.

Polished glass wall in a modern design living room

living room walls in dark glossy color glass

This means that in a living room with gray walls, the furniture in this room should be very particular and modern. The choice of a main wall, a wall with a strong and decisive accent, is also trendy.

Industrial style living room with “Street Style” decorated walls

colors walls living room style

This could be of another color or another material than the others. For a more chic effect, consider the idea of ​​a living room in green or blue. For example, lovers of contemporary British style do not give up on red, the king of warm colors that goes hand in hand with the wooden floor and creates suggestive atmospheres.

Wall colors in dark shades combined with light floor

living room wall dark colors matched light floor

As announced at the beginning, we also came to talk about the floor. The floor is a structural element, but also plays an important decorative function.

Wooden floor with a main wall in dark color

wooden floors contemporary style furnishing idea

The suggestions we offer are able to satisfy any request and meet the needs of your living space. In choosing the wooden floor, rely on the high quality one, a fundamental detail for a longer life.

A rustic style idea for the living room

rustic style laminate floor

Wood is capable of creating an entirely new aesthetic and enhancing any space. That is why the color of the wooden floor is also of great importance.

Industrial design with main wall with exposed bricks

laminate floor wall industrial design brick view

Knots, grouted cracks, combined with special processes such as planing and smoking, creating an antique look, able to give warmth to any space. Wooden floors can have different types of structures: three-layer, two-layer and solid.

Modern design loft with wooden floor and white walls

loft laminate floor light color led lights

Over the years, the classic solid wood parquet has been joined by predefined multilayer floors composed of a top layer of noble wood. In short, to see all these images you will not be able to do without the natural elegance of wood.

Modern living room with electric fireplace and light gray walls

modern living room fireplace walls light colors

This material is capable of bringing sensations of warmth and welcome into every room of the house, but in the context of the living room it is undoubtedly timeless. Surely you won’t go wrong if you choose your wooden floor.

An open space idea with wooden floor and modern style furniture

open space living room floor wood

Oak, teak, oak, doussiè and iroko are just some of the types treated. Furthermore, for those who prefer a more practical and quicker interpretation of the wood effect, laminates are to be preferred, with the same aesthetic features as wood.

Wall in gray color with a glossy white ceiling

living room walls tonality gray floor wood

Original suggestion with blue color and contemporary style furniture

living room laminate floor blue walls

High quality laminate is often difficult to distinguish from real wood. The choice offered by this product among different finishes, allows to create in every home a general visual effect that leaves you speechless. Browse and look for the idea that is right for you.