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Living room furniture: from classic to modern, ten winning ideas!
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Living room furniture: from classic to modern, ten winning ideas!

It is the most “social” room of the whole house, the one in which you spend happy and carefree hours in the company of the family. It is also the local delegated to receive guests. Here, design and comfort must go hand in hand. On this occasion we focus on the living room furniture, proposing ten trendy compositions from which to draw the right inspiration to create your own ideal living area.

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This is the first room that is thought of as furniture, and this then depends on all the others. In short, the living room furniture is extremely important not only for the room itself but also for establishing the look of the entire apartment. There are so many possibilities, that’s why we thought of bringing to your attention solutions with a different look, even if the modern cut unites them all.

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On the one hand, the living room is the fulcrum of the house as it allows the family to spend pleasant moments of leisure and relaxation, on the other it can be considered a sort of business card as it is here that friends and relatives are received and it is from here you will get an overall idea of ​​the rest of the home furnishings. The watchwords for a winning living room furniture are a pleasant design, welcoming colors and comfortable furniture, whatever the style you choose. From the most classic proposals to the more contemporary ones, look and comfort can’t really be missing.

The first element one thinks about in relation to the living room furniture is undoubtedly the sofa. Once you have identified the model that best matches your tastes and needs, it will be easier to decide the rest of the furniture. In addition to the sofa, first of all it is fundamental to have clear ideas on the type of imprint to be given to the living room, as well as the arrangement of the furnishings and furniture, which will be dictated primarily by the space available.

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It is also important to clarify what type of activity you intend to perform in the living room, so it is necessary to understand if you want to privilege the aspects of relaxation and intimacy with your family, or if you want to set up a space to exhibit. There are so many ways to create a perfect living room furniture. However, it is important to follow one’s personality and lifestyle.

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Even the walls and their color play a decisive role in the success of the living area. As far as the floor is concerned, on an aesthetic level the parquet is second to none. Other solutions are porcelain stoneware which, in addition to being economical, guarantees good durability. Or if you have opted for a minimal living room furniture, cement resin is the ideal choice. Rustic, classic, modern, Scandinavian, minimal, shabby chic: the styles to furnish a living room are many and depend exclusively on the taste of those who live there. Keep in mind, then, that it is possible to mix the different styles, creating pleasant compromises.

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If you love the essential style, focus on clean lines and simple colors. “Less is more” therefore turns straight towards the necessary, that is the sofa, the equipped wall and little else. Regarding the finishes, choose smooth and continuous surfaces with cement and glass resin. For the colors, on the other hand, the masters of the scene are white and gray. For those who prefer a sober elegance that does not fear the passage of time, classic furniture is perfect. In this case, the protagonists are the dark wood furniture, placed in a warm and welcoming environment, but also balanced and elegant. The eclectic style is ideal for those looking for something new and original.

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In this case, play with colors, shapes, surfaces and decorations, +. If you like the idea you can also take a dip in the past and tap into the 60s and 70s. Are the relaxing and welcoming atmospheres of the countryside your ideal? Then set up your living room according to the dictates of the rustic style focusing on warm shades and wooden furniture. If, on the other hand, you want to play it safe, the modern style is perfect. This is a choice that will never go out of fashion and is also very versatile. The industrial, Scandinavian and shabby chic styles are other possibilities for a winning living room furniture.