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Living room furniture: 10 proposals from classic to modern
classic-touch-color living room furniture

Living room furniture: 10 proposals from classic to modern

Of all the rooms in the house, the living room is the visiting card, the room that represents us most of all. It is in fact there that we spend moments of relaxation with the family, but also where we receive guests. In short, its construction is of great importance, both in terms of comfort and design. Today we take care of living room furniture, reviewing different designs.


We offer you, in fact, ten compositions inspired by the classic style, the modern one, the rustic style, the shabby chic style in its modern sense, and also the industrial one in the most elegant guise. Although this proposal is a mini guide, we wanted to offer you different solutions from which to extract the idea that is more appropriate for you. If you wish to learn more about one of the aforementioned styles both in terms of content and images, please consult our other articles on this subject. If, instead, you want to get an idea, get an overview of the different possibilities, here you will find original and trendy proposals.

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Among the different possibilities of “dressing” the living area, the classic style represents an evergreen refined, always and however actual. The classic living room furniture stands out in particular from the cozy look, able to offer the room a warm atmosphere. Do not imagine the classic style as something old and lacking in personality, quite the contrary. Just take a look at the images to immediately notice them.


Decorating your living room following the canons of traditional style means focusing on relaxation with family and friends and on a sober and refined elegance, without frills and ostentation. The classic living room furniture is characterized by quality materials while the colors are soft, relaxing, with warm and welcoming virtues. The ocher in its brighter shades, beige, gray, ivory, shades of white and clay, but also brown in its various shades.

furniture-living room-design-modern-fireplace

Furthermore technology is essential to create a modern living room. If we wish to offer our living area a futuristic imprint, it is necessary to focus on silver or metal gray tones. Space is a very important element in a modern design: using light and bright colors you will get the feeling of a larger and even more spacious environment.


If you want to get a modern look, bet on a few but well-chosen living room furniture: a sofa, a focus on the environment, a large carpet with geometric designs or abstract shapes and a square or rectangular table, can be a simple but impressive choice . Do you love rustic design and would you like to recall it in your living room? Here you will find a couple of very original and easy to reproduce solutions.


In fact, in one of the compositions proposed here you will find a piece of furniture made by recycling the wood of the pallets. It is an original but also eco-sustainable way of setting up the house. You will find, then, an industrial style composition, with an elegant touch, perfect to furnish an open space and, last but not least, a living room in shabby chic style, with its romantic and relaxing atmospheres, revisited in a modern key. Lots of ideas for every taste and need: all you have to do is choose the one you like best to set up your ideal stay!