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Living area: ten ideas for comfort and design

Living area: ten ideas for comfort and design

The living area is the most “social” room in the whole house. That is why when you are going to choose the furniture, you must pay the utmost attention to two aspects in particular: comfort and style. Living, the word itself suggests, it is an environment to be experienced, both in the family and in the company of friends and relatives. It is here that one relaxes during free time and it is always here that guests are received.

living-solution-elegant-tones-brown area

From classic to modern, through the rustic and shabby chic (just to name a few of the possible styles), the living area lends itself to different clothes, everything depends on the tastes and needs of each. Here we have selected ten variegated compositions both from the aesthetic point of view, and with regard to the colors, but to tie them there is a single common thread, namely comfort.

living area-furniture-colors-warm

The first image that we submit to your attention focuses on elegance and refinement. It is a living area with a generous dimension, but divided into two rooms. The furniture is based on the classic elements that cannot really be missing in a living room, namely the sofa, the armchairs and a coffee table. All completed with cushions in light and precious fabric, a large rug, a single large picture and a dresser with a retro design.

living area-walls-color-mustard

Blue and blue give the room a chic look and a relaxing atmosphere. Crystal chandeliers further enhance an aesthetically pleasing living area. The next proposal is based on the various shades of brown, which bring a sense of warmth and welcome, thanks also to the presence of wood, perfect for this room.

living area-walls-floor-wood

The space is gathered and made even more intimate by the presence of three table lamps. If you like mixing styles, the third composition offers interesting ideas. The two vintage leather armchairs, the 1960s sofa, the rough wood table and the blue dresser, though different in color and style, offer a pleasant glance. The light walls and the parquet floor complete a fresh and original layout, ideal especially for a house in the countryside.


If the space at your disposal is not much, the advice is to focus on light colors for both the furniture and the walls. However, allow yourself a few touches of color, which enliven the environment, for example for one or two walls. In one of the images shown here, you will find an interesting example with mustard-colored wallpaper with floral motifs.

furniture-living room-big-sofa corner

If, on the other hand, the living area in question is large, do not hesitate to insert a large and comfortable corner sofa or chaise lounge, possibly completing it with armchairs or ottomans. The living room, as we pointed out at the beginning, is the room dedicated to relaxation and the sofa represents its emblem. Above we offer a solution in neutral and refined shades of gray.


In addition to the paintings in line that embellish the wall, the original table stands out. If you are about to furnish the living area of ​​your beach house, take a look at the beautiful image above. The furnishings in the light shades of ecru, wicker and wrought iron are an impressive mix. From the sea to the mountains, but also to the city. Take a look at the next image, it is a large, comfortable living area, furnished according to modern aesthetic standards, where there is a wall area, the one that houses the fireplace, and a wall, where the TV is located, made with of the exposed stones. It is a very original solution as well as aesthetically appealing.


The fireplace is undoubtedly a real added value for the living room: the fire is capable of generating a warm, welcoming and romantic atmosphere. We conclude our selection with a living room where the fireplace and the wall with exposed bricks from the rustic look go very well with modern and other vintage elements. To complete a perfectly successful picture, the choice of green-yellow touches, which offer the right degree of sparkle to the room.