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Light parquet: the ad hoc solution for the Scandinavian style and beyond
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Light parquet: the ad hoc solution for the Scandinavian style and beyond

Wood is the natural material par excellence, of which we appreciate the heat it is able to emanate and consequently the welcoming atmosphere it gives to every room. Using it for floors is therefore not only a trend, but it is a desire to give a certain character to the living rooms and bedrooms, but also to the bathroom and the kitchen, where it has been definitively cleared through the treatments that make it perfectly resistant to water and moisture.

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There are various types and today we focus on light parquet, which has always been appreciated by end users, but which for some time now, thanks to the spread of Scandinavian, or Nordic, and modern, minimalist and shabby chic, is even more in demand.

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In fact, the eye-catcher is really very interesting: scroll through the twenty proposals that we have collected in support of our article, you will find appealing compositions in line with the latest dictates of fashion concerning interior design. The light parquet gives the room an excellent brightness that, in addition to contributing to visually expand the spaces (an important aspect especially for the rather small sizes of the apartments of today), enhances every kind of furniture. We mentioned a few lines above the Scandinavian, modern, minimal or shabby chic styles, for which it is perfect, but it is also well suited to a classic modern or rustic context.

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In particular, European maple is increasingly used, especially from which it wants a particularly clear tone. The palette of colors to choose from ranges from creamy white to light yellow and rosé. It must be said that if properly treated with ad hoc techniques, this particular type of light parquet has a natural shine that even recalls that of silk, for an extremely elegant visual effect.

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Among its main features, we note the elasticity, which has made it perfect for constructing musical instruments such as the back of violins and guitars. Even today, the European maple is counted among the most noble and precious woods.


The wood suffers the oxidation process and the European maple is noted for resisting very well the oxidation process due to contact with the sun’s rays. This means that it keeps its color almost unchanged year after year.


The color distinguishes maple wood in three types: flamed, marbled and eyed. The first is characterized by wavy and elegant wood fibers, the second allows for a light parquet with a fiber similar to that of a drop of water. Eyelet parquet, as the name suggests, has dots in the middle of the wavy veins. Having said some of the main technical features, we now come to the combinations with the rest of the furniture.

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First of all, we emphasize that thanks to its brightness and versatility, light parquet matches perfectly with everything that makes up the furnishings of a room, ie doors, windows, walls, furniture and accessories. Light parquet is the ideal background, the perfect base to give free rein to your creativity. Imagine it as a blank canvas to be filled at will.

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In fact, it offers great freedom of action. If you opt for white or otherwise light furniture, it is a good rule to interrupt the monotony with colored inserts, even bright ones, for example by introducing yellow, or red and green. On the other hand, as regards the insertion of furniture with dark shades on light parquet, it is necessary to make some clarifications: a light gray or white parquet is ideal with black furniture, but not with brown ones.

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Light oak parquet-bed-room

In contrast, a beige parquet matches perfectly with brown and light furniture and not with black ones. In terms of style, as we have pointed out at the beginning, white parquet is the ideal background for modern styles and currently in a great way such as the Scandinavian, or Nordic, modern, minimalist and shabby chic. But it is not said that it can be equally valid as a scenario of a classic modern and even rustic style. The light parquet is very versatile, it adapts perfectly to various contexts, so its success is certainly destined to last for years.


If you too have thought of this solution, you have therefore opted for elegant, refined and luminous environments, it is good to know, because even the wallet is a relevant aspect, which is the cheapest obtained from the fir tree. It is a very soft wood, which is processed quickly and easily. Light gray oak parquet is the most common and is also the one with a higher quality level. However, given that this is a particularly requested type of floor, the market has equipped itself by offering a wide range of solutions, suitable for every specific need.