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Kitchens with peninsula: beautiful, functional and above all design
kitchens with peninsula-furniture-modern-color-white

Kitchens with peninsula: beautiful, functional and above all design

Beautiful, practical and functional! Yes, we are talking about kitchens with a peninsula. In our collection of proposals, carefully prepared for you, we show you twenty furnishing ideas, all inspired by a very specific design. Our compositions range from the modern, classic, contemporary and industrial furnishing style and we do not miss some examples of the country one.

kitchens with peninsula-color-white-design-modern

In short, a few proposals designed to satisfy all your needs and all your tastes. Choosing to have a kitchen with a peninsula is not only a practical choice, but also an aesthetic one. Nowadays almost all modern design kitchens have such an element.

kitchens with peninsula-color-blue-design-modern

But design is often a very difficult process, since there are so many elements that must be taken into consideration. We need to assess the space available and above all to understand what the real needs are. Kitchens with a peninsula, as we have said before, are very beautiful, but also functional.

kitchens with peninsula-design-modern-color-white-glossy

Depending on the function you want to attribute to it, it is possible to use the peninsula as a support surface, as a counter or as an additional storage space. Precisely for this reason, if you have decided to renovate your kitchen, seriously consider the idea of ​​adding this functional and essential element of furniture.

kitchens with peninsula-shape-oval-top-black

The compositions that we present are all made in different styles and are particularly striking for the variety of materials in which they are built. Wood is very often the absolute protagonist. However, we cannot forget steel, marble and tempered glass.

kitchens with peninsula-idea-original-wood

The glossy lacquered surfaces are a typical feature for a modern furnishing style. Kitchens with a peninsula fit very well into any space and environment. They are perfect, for example, for furnishing an open space. In this way it acts as a dividing element.

kitchens with peninsula-idea-practice-furniture-wood

They could also be used as a perfect space for breakfast and for a candlelight dinner. In short, its uses can be varied depending of course on your needs. All you need to do is find the idea that is right for you and start designing your new kitchen right away. In one of our proposals we show you how to combine the peninsula directly with the dining area, through a cantilevered table.

kitchens with peninsula-idea-area-bar-wood

Thus, a wooden table winds from the peninsula. This is a perfect solution to satisfy all needs, at the same time without sacrificing design, which is increasingly sought after. In many of our articles we emphasize the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

kitchens with peninsula-style-contemporary-color-gray

Precisely for this reason and in order not to separate the environments of the living area, the open spaces have become very popular and allow to make the most of the space. One of the advantages of such a kitchen is that it is the perfect solution to solve the problem of tool storage.

kitchens with peninsula-style-modern-color-red

By investing in this type of design, you will have access to many new drawers and not an additional work plan at the last place. This could be used for example for the placement of appliances, such as the hob or why not for the sink.

kitchens with peninsula-style-traditional-cream-color

As we have said this type of compositions are perfect for open space environments, or “open”, but they are also ideal for a family in which there are children. This way you will never lose sight of them.


In case your children are old enough, the peninsula could be the ideal place to do homework, while the mother cooks. If you intend to install the hob on the peninsula, then you must consider the idea of ​​adding a fume hood.


The best solution is the suspension solution. In this way you will transform this corner of the open space into the fulcrum of the living area. But if you have decided to use it as an additional work surface or as a dining table, then chandeliers can point the lights on the item in question.


In short, whatever use you have made for it, know that the peninsula is an almost indispensable additional accessory. As we have said before, in our proposals you will find solutions with modern, classic, contemporary, industrial and even country style furnishings.


In short, a little for all tastes and needs. Traditional cuisine prefers natural materials, such as wood and stone. Metal is another element that adapts very well to such environments.

furnishing-kitchen-contemporary-style-color-gray wood

This type of furniture is very relaxed and warm, particularly suitable for an environment such as the kitchen. Also in this case there are rules to follow, first of all it must be genuine and above all heard. Warm colors, such as those in pastel shades, green, yellow and cream are the most suitable solution.

furnishing-kitchen-country-style-color Light

Every accessory present, so also the furnishing accessories must be chosen with great care and attention. So, green light for imagination and creativity. In this sense, the visible shelves cannot be missed, on which to place an antique plate service and coffee cups. In short, the decorations are very important in order to reproduce the typical atmosphere of a country house.

Kitchens with peninsula: original solution in country style


This style is also becoming very popular in town houses, because the desire to return to ancient traditions and a quiet life is taking the place of hectic everyday life. If you want to create a modular kitchen, it is permissible to diversify with the furnishing elements, not only for the colors but also for the furniture. The installation of a freestanding fridge in most cases turns out to be the winning solution.

Kitchens with a peninsula and an industrial style furnishing proposal


We conclude with a proposal for industrial style furniture for a modern kitchen with a peninsula. In this case, our favorite element acts as a dining table, made of dark-colored wood. As a background we have light-colored kitchen cabinets. The suspension hood undoubtedly presents a very particular design, black in color. The chandeliers and the ceiling are typical elements of the industrial furnishing style. Free, causal, with design furniture, all characteristics belonging to this original style.