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Kitchen Worktops: 12 ideas for a truly original work plan
top kitchens concrete open space environment

Kitchen Worktops: 12 ideas for a truly original work plan

In many of our articles we pay more attention to the kitchen and all its components. Precisely for this reason, even today we present an interesting and decidedly different idea regarding the top kitchens, or the concrete worktop. Yes, that’s right, the concrete inserted as a fundamental element in a modern and elegant kitchen.

Kitchen Worktop: concrete idea in an industrial style environment

top industrial design concrete kitchens

Often this element is considered cold and used for outdoor constructions, but its use today also finds a place in interior design. But let’s see exactly what the concrete is.

Kitchen Worktops: lots of original ideas for a different living area

top kitchens modern design original

First of all it is a material composed of cement, stone aggregates, chemical additives, mineral additions and water. Its resistance and durability is absolutely to be emphasized. It undoubtedly has a very industrial aesthetic, which makes it perfect as a coating in the kitchen in such an environment.

Kitchen Worktops in worked concrete inserted in the central island

top kitchens idea concrete wood inserts

The industrial style was born around the 1950s and is a completely new way of conceiving how to furnish the home. A typical feature of the industrial style is that nothing is hidden.

Original proposal in minimal style

top kitchens modern minimal style idea

Bricks, pipes and beams, and so on and so forth, it’s all in sight. Every little detail is emphasized. For an environment like the kitchen the creative mix typical of this style is absolutely to be taken into consideration.

Kitchen in an industrial style with a central island

top kitchens original minimal style ideas

The search for the unusual, the different and the original led us to the idea of ​​creating a concrete top. In short, a decidedly original choice that will make your kitchen unique. This masculine style is also perfectly suited to the rest of the furniture.

Unique and interesting proposal in a decidedly modern context

creative idea concrete innovative design

It doesn’t matter if the other kitchen cabinets are made of wood or if the floor is parquet. In the images that we propose you can see very well that this is not a question that deserves a particular look.

Idea for an unusual work plan

design idea kitchen worktop concrete

As we said, creating a creative mix is ​​absolutely possible. Concrete as the basis for the worktop is becoming increasingly popular and used by contemporary designers, because it gives the environment an original and creative touch.

Concrete worktop with an extended shape

modern concrete idea work plan

At the same time it goes very well with the other furnishing styles. However, it is important to specify that there are two types of concrete: natural concrete and another from its compounds.

Central island with a unique and original design

central kitchen concrete island top

The first type is constructed from the materials listed above, but the compound is made with a resin base. In its raw state, concrete is a light gray color. Once finished its processing it is possible to color it and personalize it in the most pleasant way.

Industrial style with central island and wooden inserts

kitchen top idea central concrete island

But we have focused on the gray color in our images, because that’s exactly what fits in almost all styles. In fact it is the classic color in industrial design.

A decidedly modern look in an industrial design kitchen

top industrial design concrete kitchens

Browse through our images, and choose the top of your concrete kitchen, which will surely be a very practical decision. It is a very resistant material that fits very well even in interior design. The price of this project is generally modest, but it is a long-term investment. The choice is yours to leave it in its raw state or lacquered and painted for a more modern aesthetic. This type of workmanship improves appearance and gives a more sophisticated look. Browse through our image gallery and find the idea that’s right for you!