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Kitchen worktop: proposals for the best choice
glass worktop modern kitchen

Kitchen worktop: proposals for the best choice

Are you going to buy a new kitchen and want to choose the kitchen top that best suits your needs? Today we have many wonderful ideas to present to you which concern the worktop in modern and stylish kitchens. Choosing a kitchen top should be carefully evaluated and can be a great challenge. When you have to decide which is the best kitchen plan on which to invest many factors come into play.

Worktop kitchen: trends and news

copper worktop country style kitchen

The aesthetics and design alone are not the most important factors to satisfy the style of modern kitchens or the classic ones you have chosen to make. First of all, a good kitchen worktop must be practical, functional and not ultimately resistant.

Surface kitchen in accordance with your needs

modern kitchens work onyx floor

Many possibilities were presented regarding the materials for kitchen tops able to respond more or less to these requirements. Follow our gallery to find the material you like best and the one that meets your needs most effectively.

Kitchen top: “classic” and latest generation materials

colorful resistant glass kitchen top

The main objective of the kitchen countertops is to complete the furnishings in harmony with the other furniture in the kitchen. Here is our guide to the most current technological and “classic” materials. Here you can find the most suitable materials to use for perfect worktops.

The perfect worktop for your kitchen

creative modern wood kitchen recycle

In recent times, the market has been revolutionized by the introduction of elaborate, technologically enhanced materials, such as natural stones, solid surfaces, plastic laminates, ceramic tiles, wood, glass, quartz or refined cement.

Innovative materials for kitchen worktops

interesting combination of modern wood kitchen quartz

From a certain point of view, progress on the market brings a bit of science fiction and creativity in the kitchen. On the other hand, however, this variety of proposals makes the choice of kitchen worktop even more difficult.

Cement finish: excellent solution

kitchen central island concrete top

At this point you just have to ask yourself the question: what material should you choose for the kitchen top? In this article we offer you many wonderful suggestions regarding kitchens tops to choose from at any cost.

High-tech materials in the kitchen

modern kitchens central island kitchen countertop granite palomino

An excellent choice can be a top for laminate kitchens which has the ability to brilliantly imitate the aesthetics of a large number of materials such as wood, natural stone and a great range of colors. Moreover, beyond the aesthetics and quality of this extremely eclectic material, one of the advantages of the laminate kitchen top is its ability to not absorb liquids.

The ideal worktop for your modern kitchen

golden brass kitchen worktop

The laminate kitchen top is resistant to shocks, scratches and abrasion. Another advantage in favor of the laminate kitchen top is its value for money. The laminate kitchen tops undoubtedly offer you the chance to take a whim with their perfect look.

Aesthetic qualities of the chosen materials

vintage style recycled wood kitchen top

The aesthetic characteristics of the marble and granite kitchen tops make them among the most sought-after worktops among kitchen lovers. What are the differences between marble and granite kitchen worktops?

Kitchen top that guarantees maximum practicality and resistance

wonderful blue granite kitchen top

Primarily a granite kitchen top is more durable and long-lived, while a marble worktop is more appreciable but less resistant to moisture.

Top for kitchens suitable for your country kitchen

marble kitchen top suspension lamps

The marble kitchen tops in combination with the wooden furnishings exalt the design and values ​​of a traditional mold kitchen in an ideal way. The marble kitchen top is the perfect choice for people in love with classic design. A marble worktop is a challenging choice but can uniquely enhance your kitchen.

Worktops at the top

kitchen top green marble white kitchen minimalist style

The quartz kitchen worktop is a satisfying solution for those who love the aesthetics of marble worktops but cannot devote too much time to their maintenance.

Quartz worktops: excellent solution

very resistant quartz kitchen top

Quartz kitchen worktops are very resistant to abrasion, stains and acidic agents. Quartz is an extremely durable and resistant material.

Wonderful combination of crystal and wood

very interesting fusion top kitchen materials

Thanks to a non-porous surface it does not even need to be protected, such as the tops for kitchens in natural stone.

Modern kitchens with worktops that catch the eye

ideas to use modern kitchen top plates

The incredible variety of models and colors put this type of kitchen counter next to its main competitor, namely: the granite worktop. How to choose the best top for your kitchen depends on many factors.

Kitchen worktop ideas in brown onyx

brown onyx kitchen wooden metal chair chairs

Mostly you have to start from the budget available to devote to furniture, especially if you are planning to buy a cheap kitchen. In the meantime it is very important to make assessments related to the design and in accordance with the rest of the furniture.

Top for agate kitchens: illuminated from inside

kitchen agate top illuminated inside

Pay attention to the choice of suitable material for example for a contemporary country kitchen. Before choosing the material for your kitchen top do not forget to ask yourself how much time and attention you have to devote to the care of your kitchen furniture.

A top designed by designer Max Lamb: an artistic combination of granite and quartz

kitchen worktop marble artisan

Worktop in precious violet stone: amethyst

dark amethyst stone kitchen top

For example, laminate worktops are certainly less demanding but the kitchen tops made with natural materials such as marble and granite are the only ones able to give a touch of authentic prestige to country kitchens as well as classic or rustic ones.

Top for kitchen in resistant glass

incredible robust glass kitchen top

The aspect, the price and not the last place the resistance are among the main factors to keep in mind. Don’t waste your time but take new cues from our gallery about the furnishing of your modern kitchen and especially for the kitchen top suited to your needs.

Glass top: give your contemporary kitchen an aesthetic look

glossy colored glass kitchen top