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Kitchen wall color: here’s how to choose the most suitable one
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Kitchen wall color: here’s how to choose the most suitable one

What color should you use to paint the kitchen walls? The goal is only one: to create a comfortable environment. Obviously we must know how to match the shades of the walls with those of the furniture, all to have a harmonious whole. How to choose kitchen wall color? The nuances must be decided based on the furnishing already present. If you are at the time of the initial planning, then only at that moment it is possible to start from the color, then the other shades will be decided.

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Color contrasts are allowed, provided they are designed and matched with the rest of the furniture. The ton sur ton can accentuate a very precise tone in any context. Choosing the color of walls in the kitchen is not an easy task. First of all, the various colors have a direct impact on a person’s mood, and the kitchen area is considered one of the most important places in the house, so the choice of wallpaper or paint must be carried out with a lot of responsibility.

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kitchen-furniture-white-purple wall color

If the bright and warm palette is the preferred one, you should choose a color that is compatible with the kitchen furniture itself, so as not to fall into error. You can choose from the simplest options such as a combination of the warm shades of coffee with red, orange and gray.

wall color kitchen-light-shades

In the sequence of images you can understand how to match and set the kitchen wall color, so that the environment is really comfortable and welcoming, with furniture and other furnishing complements perfectly in harmony with each other. The walls are the background of interior design, so for an ideal design it is necessary to respect the following guidelines: the color of the kitchen walls must always be in harmony with the overall furnishings.


If you have opted for a classic design the wallpaper is the best solution. The most suitable shades are peach, beige or white. Remember that white is the perfect background for every style and design; red, green, yellow and blue combine with beautiful furniture in white shades. If your kitchen has light colored furniture, the background of the room can be painted in bright colors.


In this case, you can decide to also create a main wall. If the room has enough light, then it is best not to paint the walls with too bright colors. After all, sunlight can make the background lighter or even completely change the hue.


One piece of advice we can give you is to not use wallpaper that is too neutral, so as not to risk making the environment boring and cold appear. When designing your kitchen, consider the suggestions we have given you, and do not forget that even the smallest space, with the right colors, can appear very spacious and organized in the best possible way.


If your kitchen is located in the north, where little natural light comes in from the windows, it is better to opt for warm colors: delicate nuances of orange, bright yellow, light beige or simply white.


The indicated palette will give an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Pastel colors like beige, cream or white are ideal for any type of decor. They also fit into small-sized kitchens. In general, if you want to create a relaxing environment you don’t need to opt for too bright shades that stimulate.


Better to concentrate on the colors listed above. As we said earlier in our article, even the game of counting is completely admitted. It is possible to combine bright colors with some neutral ones. Everything depends on what you want to achieve and of course on your personal tastes.


The most suitable way to decorate the kitchenette is the use of bright colors for some accessories. As a general rule, floors, walls and furniture facades should be decorated in neutral shades. Carpet, clock, table and chairs can be distinguished.


If the kitchen walls are painted white it is necessary to add the interior some accessories with bright colors. The advantage of white walls is that in such a room it is always easy to change furniture and other furnishing accessories, if you want to differentiate the style.


Here in the image above we present a beautiful example of furniture for a small kitchen. The walls are violet in color, combined with original and creative furniture. The dark color contrasts with the decorations and obviously with the walls themselves. The wooden floor is an excellent addition.


The combination of red and black in the decoration is a great way to completely change the atmosphere from the rest of the house. However, the light palette can also be combined with other styles, not just modern designs. For example, it mixes well with the classic style, with the shades of latte coffee and accessories in red.

kitchen-walls-white-blue-splash guard

After all, warm colors can convey the depth of colored furniture. To complete the picture, you can use an apron, such as beige. But in principle we can specify that, always and in any case, bright colors must be used with great caution, because if the proportions are wrong, very easily one can fall into the aesthetic error.

Kitchen wall color and an unusual proposal


And here is an example in the image above. The unusual color of the kitchen walls gives a sober, elegant and refined look. The whole. however, without giving up the comfortable and relaxing side. The wooden furniture is the perfect addition.

Kitchen wall color and a modern design idea


The important thing in all kitchens and knowing how to identify the style of furniture and consequently continue with the shades that will complete the look of the room. Obviously tastes and needs are always the first place.

Kitchen wall color and many proposals even DIY


The classic white, however, can always be the most appropriate variant. It is able to fit into any environment and design. Precisely for this reason it is also the most popular one. Black and white are the favorite contrast for many people. Elegant and refined, it never goes out of fashion. We conclude with this DIY proposal!