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Kitchen splash guards – lots of useful furnishing ideas
modern style white kitchen splashback

Kitchen splash guards – lots of useful furnishing ideas

The kitchen is the kingdom of every woman. And the kitchen splashback argument often becomes the focal point in it. This integral part of the furniture gives the perfect opportunity to show the style you have chosen for it. The right design and materials can often make the difference. Having a fabulous kitchen can drastically improve the appearance of the whole house.

Kitchen splash guards in a dark shaded color

dark shaded kitchen splashback

Your dream kitchen should satisfy your personality and lifestyle, regardless of whether you prefer an elegant or modern space with white accents or a vibrant red for a cozy kitchen in the countryside. Aim at the top with creative motifs for the kitchen splash guards that will attract the attention of all your guests.

Kitchen splash guards on the entire surface of the wall for minimal furniture

kitchen splashback minimal style furniture

In the images that follow, you can see different ideas, starting with the more classic ones, such as tiles, reaching the more original ones for those who are not afraid to dare.

Here a rustic style was used with various decorations on the wall

orange splashback kitchen shelves view

This is perhaps the most delicate element in a kitchen since every day it comes into contact with water and any splashes of food while being caught up with the stove. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to carefully choose the material because besides being resistant it must also be easy to clean.

The stone effect gives the furniture a rustic touch

kitchen splashback rustic effect stone

In addition to classic materials, you can opt for different proposals that can give character to the room, bring color and value. If, on the other hand, you cannot do without the classic tiles, it is sufficient to lay them in the right way and with style, even with different shades and shades. In this way you will have obtained a different and original aesthetic.

Granite has been used for the shell, top and lining of the island

granite kitchen splashback combined with wood floor

Glazed ceramic tiles are the most practical and classic solution that can exist. Single-fired models are preferred.

Shiny plates with different shades

kitchen splashback idea lighting hood

This means that the support and the enamel are cooked together at very high temperatures, so I guarantee greater resistance. If you want a more modern and sophisticated look, double-fired coverings are excellent. But it must be said that they are also very delicate.

Tiles with matching colors ideal for a modern style

kitchen splashbacks idea different colors

This is due to the fact that the enamel that makes the surface shiny, has been baked in a second phase. They certainly look better, but are more subject to wear.

Splash guard panel with image print

splashback kitchen original idea photo

For a truly amazing result you can use ceramic tiles of different sizes and colors, with textures that recall different finishes and materials.

The contemporary style has been completed by glossy piatrelle

contemporary splashback style kitchen concealed hood

Then use your imagination and cover the critical seats in your kitchen with the kitchen splashbacks behind the burners and the sink. It is a functional and pleasing to the eye. You can play a lot on the choice of motifs and composition. You can place colored tiles for different points to contrast the different work areas.

Tiles with gray shades that match the top

gray splashback kitchen matched top

For a strong and decisive character, free your imagination and choose colored coverings to give more value and personality. For a more practical and less pretentious kitchen you can use the washable paint directly on the wall.

Modern white and glossy kitchen furnishings

white glossy modern kitchen paraschizzi white color

If you prefer clean walls without any coating this solution is ideal. Easy to clean, and available in many colors. For this less demanding idea you can opt for a DIY with a coat of paint.

A puzzle-like idea for the kitchen splash guard

decor ideas paraschizzi dark color kitchen

Marble splash guards for an elegant kitchen

decor ideas paraschizzi marble kitchen

The only drawback is that the difference with the remaining walls of the kitchen would be very noticeable. It is advisable not to use it on all surfaces because it is not very breathable and therefore is not suitable for an environment with a lot of humidity and steam.

Wall type wall covering

wall covering kitchen wall effect

Another material used with great success is porcelain stoneware. Its main features are waterproofness, resistance to impact and scratches. The fact that it is a very versatile element makes it possible to play a lot on shiny, silky or more natural effects. Granite is certainly the best of all materials. It is very resistant to wear and tear, abrasion and shocks.

The dark color creates contrast from the white top

rough effect kitchen wall cladding

It is a very expensive material with which you have to be careful in the places where it is applied. Unlike granite, resin is much more practical. It will certainly not have a long life like the latter, but it also has its pleasant characteristics.

Classic white tile cover

kitchen wall cladding white tiles

Rustic wall cladding

rustic style kitchen wall cladding

First of all, it is waterproof and the lack of leaks prevents the formation of mold or bacteria. It is ideal as a splash guard in the kitchen as it is resistant to oil and fats. A further aesthetic aspect is its versatility. You can customize your kitchen wall cladding with different finishes and colors. As for the colors for the different materials, it is an aspect of how personal you can easily decide.

Kitchen cover with a rough effect

classic kitchen with stone effect splashback

Keep in mind that the splash guards must be integrated in the best way with the remaining style of kitchen furniture. From the chromatic point of view they follow the same rules that are also valid for the other environments. So if your kitchen is small, avoid dark colors.

Modern white kitchen with blue accents

glossy white modern kitchen splashback white

But conversely if the color of the rest of the kitchen is in a dark color, use a light coating.

Country style furniture with tile wall covering

kitchen vintage style paraschizzi glossy tiles

Pay close attention to the combinations with the floor, for example a parquet, or always in ceramic belonging to another collection. Pay attention to the combination with the kitchen top.

Very original and creative idea for paraschizzi

original splashback idea foto citta

Another original idea I can give you is to use a panel with an image printed on it. This can represent any item you like.

Brown integrates well with the rest of the kitchen furniture

integrated ceramic splashback dark wood kitchen

There are so many ideas. In the image that comes to us from Facets you can see the modern style of a metropolitan city like Chicago. The ideas for parasic splashes are really many, so decide which one you like best and get started. Good job!

Rustic kitchen in which the dominant element is wood

steel kitchen top wood splash guard panel