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Kitchen skirts – lots of ideas and solutions for every need and style
paraschizzi kitchen decor rustic style

Kitchen skirts – lots of ideas and solutions for every need and style

A very popular topic when it comes to the home environment is undoubtedly the paraschizzi cucina. The kitchen is the environment of your home, which undoubtedly deserves so much attention and care. If you are planning to renovate the parasol we have the right solutions for every style and requirement. It is the ideal opportunity to give an extra touch of design to your kitchen. Moreover you have the possibility to play with a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

Kitchen skylights – an idea for classic style furniture

paraschizzi ceramic kitchen classic environment

Importantly, the style you want to give to the entire interior should not be underestimated. Based on this you will choose, as we have said, colors and models. Many times it is the small details that dictate the design of the entire environment.

Parze classic kitchen from Ohara Interiors

paraschizzi modern design white kitchen

As in this case our beloved kitchen paraschizzi. But let’s go into some detail. What is paraschizzi? The splash guard is the wall behind the sink and the hob. It is an element subject to stains and splashes of all kinds.

Original alternative in yellow combined with black

paraschizzi kitchen yellow color matched black

For this reason an adequate coating is essential. When renovating, also consider the colors of the floor and furniture. There should not be too much detachment between the different materials.

Splash shield in colored glass

paraschizzi kitchen black color wooden furniture

In recent times the tendency of using bright colors that can give vitality and movement to the room prevails. The materials available for the splash guard panel include tiles. The advantage of the tiles is undoubtedly the resistance over time.

Modern and elegant design by Watershed Design

paraschizzi kitchen modern elegant design

Let’s start from porcelain stoneware to double-firing and finally we come to ceramics. They are certainly a timeless choice that is not subject to wear and cleans without any problems.

Modern combination with stainless steel appliances

paraschizzi kitchen stainless steel appliances

Furthermore, they are available in many colors, easy to integrate into an existing kitchen. In the accompanying images you can see some examples in glass. The glass splash guard is a very bold choice that fits very well into a modern and design kitchen.

Idea with motifs of geometric shapes

paraschizzi kitchen colarata contemporary style idea

To ensure greater resistance, it can also be made with a type of scratch-resistant glass. In addition you can also add LED lights that can illuminate the work surface even more.

Decorative panel – very elegant and classic environment

paraschizzi kitchen elegant idea classic style furniture

However, you should know that glass is a very delicate material. Therefore it is essential to pay attention during cleaning. This trend in glass for the splash guard is spreading at a great pace.

LED lights to illuminate the blue panel

Parasol splash lighted blue modern design kitchen

And if you want to keep up with fashion, don’t hesitate to use this material for your kitchen too. Besides being elegant, modern and infinitely customizable, it is a low maintenance, inexpensive and very versatile material.

Modern rustic kitchen with wood splash protection

paraschizzi kitchen legn rustic effect

It’s definitely a nice addition to your design. The only disadvantage of this material is that it does not adapt well to large surfaces. That is, it risks becoming a punch in the eye if extended over a large amount of kitchen surface.

Kitchen Associates presents this rustic style idea

paraschizzi wood kitchen design eclectic environment

Therefore it is advisable for small or medium-sized kitchens.

Wooden splash guard in a Japanese style environment

paraschizzi kitchen wood Japanese style chandeliers

Immediately, however, we illustrate one of its enormous advantages: it could be painted on a transparent glass so that the splash guard perfectly matches the rest of the colors in the kitchen. Another valid solution is plexiglass. Among the advantages of this material we certainly find the low cost and the speed with which it is assembled.

White and glossy mosaic with wooden furniture

paraschizzi glossy white mosaic kitchen

It is resistant to humidity, heat and is washable. Another alternative to tiles is resin. The resin is part of a large class of plastics of various kinds. It also allows you to completely renew the image of an environment without necessarily having to remove the existing substrate.

Kitchen hood in reclaimed wood to create a rustic style

paraschizzi rustic style wood kitchen

The main characteristic of this material is the possibility, through the pigmentation of the base, to obtain an almost infinite range of finishes: glossy, smooth, opaque, bright, delicate and so also bright shades.

Glass panel – very versatile element for modern furniture

paraschizzi modern style glass kitchen

In this way the resin becomes a material of great expressiveness that not only satisfies needs for functionality and practicality, but also for design and style. So let’s add versatility as the main feature.

Wooden example for a modern white kitchen

modern furniture kitchen wooden parasol

In this respect, the choice is yours alone. You can easily decide based on your personal tastes. Another big advantage is the impermeability and the lack of leaks.

External fridge and kitchen blackboard effect

kitchen furniture outdoor fridge blackboard effect

Unlike the tiles that have joints, the resin, from this point of view, is better. This prevents the formation of mold, which for women is a real nightmare.

Classic kitchen and furniture in white color

classic kitchen white furniture elegant paraschizzi

But let’s not forget, however, that you have to try to integrate it in the best way with the remaining style of furniture in the kitchen. An additional tip, which we can suggest is to choose a light color for small rooms.

Martins Camisuli presents us with his idea for a glass parashizzi

kitchen central island glass splash guard

Light colors can make the environment appear larger. And conversely, use dark colors, if the rest of the furniture is in a light color. This is to create a minimum of contrast between the colors used.

Another example in glass by photographer Rikki Snayder

modern white color kitchen parashizzi glass

Pay attention to the combination with the floor and the top. For those who prefer a more rustic style, the wooden kitchen parasol panel is perfect. Until not long ago, wood was a material to be completely discarded, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. But the new processing techniques and innovative materials have made this material ideal also for these rooms in the home, subject to water, heat and humidity.

Elegant and refined by Goforth Gill Architects

vintage furniture paraschizzi stately dark tones

As we have said, wood is the perfect material to obtain a rustic style. Of course, with different types of wood you also get a different design.

Ideal blackboard wall for your original designs

black chalkboard screen protector panel

The rustic style is considered one of the most suitable ethnic styles among kitchen designs. It must be said that there are no precise rules to follow. It is possible to select some elements of the environment and give them the rustic touch we want: walls, floor, ceiling, worktop or as in this case the splash guard.

The glass also integrates well in a contemporary decor

contemporary glass kitchen splashback

There is no better way to get closer to nature.

Rustic style with wooden wall

very original rustic environment wood wall

Oak and pine are among the materials of great use for this kind of environment. By choosing a wood splash guard, you will have as a final result a “country” environment, that is, of the countryside. As you can see from the images it is possible to combine it with a modern, classic and even industrial style.

Vintage furniture with classic panel

classic blue paraschizzi oven vintage furniture

The possibilities are many and therefore do not hesitate to experiment with ideas and new compositions. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best one. This could be true when it comes to renovating the kitchen splash guard panel.

Original idea with different shades

glass effect paraschizzi modern kitchen

If you are satisfied with the material you have used so far, there is no reason to replace it. With a coat of paint you can give your kitchen a completely new look.

A bright blue ideal for a minimal style

fresh blue idea modern kitchen

Of course the paint should be suitable for the material you have as a background. Another simple and fast way to revisit this so versatile element of the kitchen are the stencils. The stencil is a bricolage technique and represents a quick solution to make furniture and walls more appealing.

Exposed shelves with resin kitchen splashguard

idea shelves with warm tones

At the commercial level, many shapes and models are available. With a bit of manual skill and with the old DIY technique, you will be able to make them yourself.

Panel with blackboard effect

funny idea chalkboard effect painted wall

The choice of color depends a lot on the surface that you have decided to modernize: wall paint, wood enamel, indelible colors for glass and much more. Some pictorial and graphic interventions can make a space often overlooked. A pictorial way is undoubtedly the blackboard effect wall.

How to renew the splash guard panel of the kitchen by Croma Design

original paraschizzi different gray shades

It is a type of coating that allows you to write and delete in a fairly simple way. This type of painting is suitable for extroverted people who like original ideas. And this without a doubt is a very extravagant idea.

The top and the panel have the same color and the same material

small parasol gray shades wooden floor

You can write for example the foods that are missing in the fridge, some recipes or make drawings that are more suited to your personal life.

An original and creative idea for a rustic-industrial style kitchen

kitchen magnetic effect ideal blackboard paint

With this little guide we wanted to suggest you some ideas to renew your kitchen paraschizzi easily and above all without confusion. Often an element of this kind could put us in difficulty, but a little imagination and creativity are enough to make it unique and original. Together with the collection of images that we have prepared for you, we show you the trends and news to help you in this restructuring venture. We hope to have been of help.