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Kitchen shelves: ten original ideas for ordering and furnishing!
kitchen-proposal-metal-original shelves

Kitchen shelves: ten original ideas for ordering and furnishing!

The kitchen shelves represent an optimal solution to keep everything in order, at your fingertips and… of sight. They were one of the first furnishing complements to cross the threshold of the kitchen and over the years they have evolved in terms of materials but above all in terms of design. From very useful they have also become beautiful, able therefore to bring a greater coefficient of originality and aesthetic pleasure to every kitchen.

kitchen-solution-simple-metal shelves

There are various types, one for every space and style requirement. In some cases the kitchen shelves are an integral part of the furnishings – two very interesting examples can be seen in the first and second images proposed here – in others they are elements in themselves, inserted even later, but still able to fit best in every context as they can be made in many materials, so as to recall those already present in the kitchen.

kitchen-solution-open-space shelves

From the chromed or colored metal (above all black), from the natural or white-painted wood, the kitchen shelves find place from the industrial environments to the rustic ones, passing through the modern and shabby chic ones. Above we have selected a proposal for an open space kitchen.

kitchen-idea-style-industrial shelves

The idea of ​​inserting shelves not only offers an additional storage possibility but also moves the furniture, creating a pleasant dynamic effect. The linear and essential style fits perfectly into a context with modern connotations. In the following image, we find ourselves instead in the presence of a kitchen that in some ways (the steel hood and other metal elements) recalls the industrial style. Here it was decided to insert the kitchen wooden shelves with black metal latches on the sides of the hood.


Wood is also the ideal material to make (if you are skilled, you can do it with the DIY technique) shelves for a rustic style kitchen. Let’s think, for example, of a country house furnished with poor art furniture: wooden shelves are the ad hoc choice. If, on the other hand, your kitchen wears the romantic clothes of the shabby chic style, take a cue from the image below where white, simple shelves are placed one on top of the other.


Materials, measurements, layout and even layout depend exclusively on your taste and your needs. In kitchens furnished with modern furniture, steel is the best choice. In addition to the shelves it is possible to opt for solutions equipped with hooks, so as to be able to hang cups, ladles, forks, but also of aromatic plants (basil, rosemary, thyme and so on), which will not only make your kitchen more original and cheerful , but they will also be very useful and at hand when you make your favorite dishes.


In short, the kitchen shelves are a useful, versatile piece of furniture and also a valid ally to make the environment more lived-in and original. A very nice idea is to place all the spices in transparent jars, or the various pasta shapes in jars. Being in sight, it is important to maintain a certain order and also to create pleasing combinations from the aesthetic point of view.


For some styles – the rustic and all its various declinations, and even the industrial – the lived-in aspect and the objects in sight are not only well accepted but must even be highlighted, so the kitchen shelves are a solution to be practiced without hesitations. In the case of modern kitchens, this kind of solution finds a place as long as it only has some objects (of succulent plants, design bowls …), so as to


do not burden a space where essential lines prevail. If your kitchen is small and you don’t know where to put cutlery, utensils, dishcloth or anything else, take a look at the image above: you will have everything at hand and you will also give an extra touch in terms of originality to your kitchen.