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Kitchen floors: stoneware, parquet, terracotta and marble, the choice is yours!
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Kitchen floors: stoneware, parquet, terracotta and marble, the choice is yours!

How to choose the most suitable kitchen floors for both the furniture you want to make and the specific needs of the family? The choice of one type rather than another is not only important but it is fundamental, since it is a definitive choice that will last for many, many years: it is not like a wall that can be painted whenever you want or a piece of furniture that can still be changed

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In short, the choice of floors and in particular those of the kitchen that we are dealing with in this space must be carefully considered and in doing so a number of factors must be taken into consideration. The first element to be evaluated when choosing kitchen floors is to move towards solutions that best meet your lifestyle. On this occasion we propose a series of proposals, to be exact ten, relating to the most used materials in an environment so used and frequented as the kitchen.

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Not only that, it is also a room where it is necessary to clean frequently and humidity and water are present in significant percentages, therefore it is necessary to direct one’s choice towards resistant and also water-repellent materials. Obviously, there is a wide variety to choose from on the market. Here, we offer some ideas for parquet floors, both light and dark, porcelain stoneware tiles of various shapes and colors, terracotta and also a precious marble solution.

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Let’s start by saying that if you live alone or in a couple but without children, the idea of ​​opting for an extraordinary material for elegance and shine like marble is not to be excluded. The result from the aesthetic point of view is truly remarkable, the cost is undoubtedly relevant and its maintenance requires particular care and attention.

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Even the parquet is one of the most delicate kitchen floors. It must be said, however, that it conveys unparalleled comfort, it is also warm during the winter season and is cool in the summer. Parquet kitchen floors offer excellent thermal conductivity and also high acoustic insulation.

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If parquet is your choice, you will have the opportunity to indulge in different types, formats, essences and finishes. The traditional parquet is made of solid wood and is supplied in its raw state. It is then sanded and treated with wax or paint. The pre-finished parquet is supplied already treated, ready to be laid. Light parquet is all the rage because it goes very well with the most popular styles currently, from the industrial to the shabby chic, from the modern to the minimal.

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The various types of parquet differ in durability, color and finish. If you have children or if you use a lot of cooking, you like having friends and relatives often at dinner, or you have a four-legged friend, be it a cat or a dog, the situation is different.


It is necessary, in fact, to orientate towards more resistant kitchen floors, such as stoneware or terracotta. Stoneware is a particularly resistant type of flooring that can last over time. It also lends itself to the appearance, for example, of wood or stone. This is the most common choice as it is extremely versatile and durable. There are two types, porcelain and red.


And here we are with cooked, a mixture of clay mixed with water that is divided into two types, the glazed terracotta and the ancient one. The first has an irregular surface given by a different absorption of the enamel, while the second is distinguished by the many irregularities given that it is handcrafted. This type of kitchen flooring is perfect for rustic contexts. In conclusion, the possibilities are different and as mentioned at the beginning it is necessary to carefully evaluate various elements and situations because the floor of your kitchen will accompany you for a long time.