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Industrial style kitchen: ideas and suggestions for an environment with an original design
industrial style kitchen open space environment

Industrial style kitchen: ideas and suggestions for an environment with an original design

There is a unique style that celebrates practicality and convenience. Yes, we are talking about industrial design. In particular today we deal with the industrial style kitchen with furniture and accessories characteristic of this way of furnishing the living area.

Industrial style kitchen: many proposals for an original furnishing

industrial style kitchen environment beams view wood

Industrial design was born as a work environment, but it soon evolved and transformed into a distinct style. It has become a very functional place that is typical for contemporary lofts. We have created a collection of images, as concrete as possible to show you how to furnish your kitchen with this modern style.

Industrial style kitchen: a particular proposal in a loft

industrial style kitchen light wood doors

Industrial style kitchen and a wall with exposed bricks, leather inserts and wooden furniture

industrial style kitchen original creative design

Perhaps you can even call it a courageous choice, but without a doubt very apt. It is nothing short of original and particular, which with its uniqueness can give a relaxing and truly chic atmosphere. Be inspired by our proposals and be inspired if you are looking for ideas for your interior design.

Creative furniture for an open space with industrial style furniture

industrial style kitchen architectural elements view

First of all, we specify which materials are most used in industrial style furniture. It is made of light wood, steel and stone is also inevitable. The main objective is to reproduce the typical atmosphere of industrial sheds, naturally after appropriate restructuring.

Solution with a vintage style freestanding fridge

industrial style vintage fridge kitchen

At the base of it all is the original structure, later enriched by modern details with typical furniture and accessories. If you want to create a unique and innovative environment, surely you will find the right ideas in this article.

A kitchen with a modern style decor with hanging chandeliers

industrial style kitchen suspension chandeliers

Industrial design gives the opportunity to furnish the home, not just the kitchen, at no cost. How is it possible? This style favors DIY and the recycling of objects. So, green light for imagination and creativity.

Particular environment with an industrial style furniture and recovered objects

industrial style kitchen shelves view

All you need is to go to the flea market and find unique items that can be adapted to your kitchen. But the market has evolved so much that almost all producers now offer the possibility of buying everything already, spending little.

Here is another particular proposal with a central wooden island and a white top

industrial style kitchen contemporary design furniture

Industrial-style furniture with a modern look and suspended design chandeliers

industrial style kitchen dark wood color furniture

We thought it would be appropriate to show some furnishing ideas even with more modern furniture, all inspired by this trend. Some proposals represent lofts and open spaces. The latter give the possibility to indulge in fantasy and present this fashion in the best possible way.

Suggestion with a gray wall and black dining table

industrial style kitchen wall gray color

In addition to the long tables, previously used as a work table, you can use the old DIY technique and build them yourself, with your own hands. For those who are DIY enthusiasts, they can immerse themselves in this beautiful task and create completely “green” furniture with simple pallets.

Another tip with an exposed brick wall and a freestanding red fridge

industrial style decor red fridge freestanding vintage style

A particular solution with a wooden floor and a recovered table

industrial design kitchen furniture wood floor

The pallets are wooden pallets, used for the transport of goods. It’s much simpler than you can imagine. In addition to furniture, you must also think about the walls and the floor. For the latter, the possibilities are many.

Wooden floor and modern furniture in an industrial setting

masculine style loft industrial style kitchen furniture

In addition to the wooden one, there is the possibility of leaving it in a rough state, with simple cement. A truly unique look, which in all cases can meet your needs. But there is who to whom this idea is not so enthusiastic, and does not want to risk, then the wooden floor is as always the most suitable solution. The color depends on the rest of the furniture.

Simple solution with wooden furniture and a black pendant lamp

industrial style furniture kitchen wooden furniture

An idea of ​​furnishing with an island and suspended chandeliers

kitchen furniture furnishing industrial style chandelier suspension

If you have chosen a lighter shade for the furniture, then the floor will have to contrast, so choose a darker one. For the walls, however, the question is much simpler. The first alternative is to paint everything in white.

Ceiling with exposed beams and brick wall

industrial design modern kitchen furniture

White is a neutral color shade, capable of enhancing the rest of the details and highlighting all the furnishings. The second possibility is exposed bricks. Rough, simple and original but somehow stealing the show from the furniture.

Original proposal with white furniture and exposed brick wall

industrial design kitchen white color furniture

It is certainly not the right choice if the absolute protagonist is your kitchen. Lighting is also an element that should never be underestimated. Even a simple chandelier can change the appearance of your interior design. Suspended chandeliers are typical of industrial design. The right position is on the island, or on the dining table.

Industrial style kitchen with wooden ceiling and a particular chandelier

open space environment industrial style kitchen furniture

Open space with wooden floor and a kitchen with dark colored furniture

dark color kitchen industrial environment furnishing

But in such environments, you can find the central island with a dining table function. Often these two environments are united in a single element.

An idea with particular paraschizzi and light-colored wood-effect furniture

elegant kitchen industrial original paraschizzi

We conclude our proposals with some images that represent open space environments with kitchen, dining room and even living area. As you can see, the rest of the furniture must also be selected with great care and attention.

An original but very simple and elegant suggestion

simple elegant industrial style kitchen

Every little detail has to be taken into consideration. All to create a unique and original environment. If you too have decided to furnish and decorate your industrial style kitchen, following this perspective, know that you have made the right choice. Practicality, functionality and undoubtedly uniqueness in a single environment.

Exposed bricks and a wooden ceiling

open space industrial design decoration proposal

A last proposal in industrial style with white modern furniture

particular solution kitchen furniture industrial style white furniture