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How to furnish a kitchen with white furniture and wood
how to furnish a contemporary white wood kitchen

How to furnish a kitchen with white furniture and wood

What is the environment of the home where you spend the most pleasant moments and above all you share them with the rest of the family? Simple question: the kitchen. In this article we deal with how to furnish a kitchen with white and wood furniture. The real heart of the house, the kitchen is the warm and welcoming place where meals are consumed, from breakfast to dinner, mostly with the whole family.

How to furnish a kitchen in white and wood

how to furnish a kitchen with wooden furniture white inserts

It is the room where, with a rich breakfast, you give yourself a good morning and where you find yourself in the evening for dinner, after a day of school for the children and work for the parents.

How to furnish a kitchen in shades of white and wood

how to furnish a minimal white wood kitchen

The kitchen, in short, is the fulcrum of everyday life, a place of conviviality and sharing and as such plays a central role within a home. To make this home environment even more special and welcoming, furniture can be leveraged, opting for impact ideas that are above all functional.

Furnish kitchen with glossy white furniture and wood

how to furnish a glossy white wood kitchen

Yes, because the eye certainly wants its part but, being the kitchen a place above all where recipes are prepared and meals are consumed, the watchword is practicality.

White and wood: trendy idea for kitchen furnishing

how to furnish a white wood kitchen

The kitchen, therefore, must obviously be beautiful to look at, it must marry better with the other rooms of the house, creating a sort of stylistic continuity, but it must be functional, practical and comfortable. In short, those who live there must be perfectly at ease.

White and wood kitchen furniture in continuity with the living

how to furnish a kitchen with white wood furniture

Among the many ideas for how to furnish the kitchen, we cite in the first instance that concerning the combination of different materials.

Kitchen furniture: white furniture and wooden details

kitchen furniture white furniture wooden details

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, here we deal with the bicolor kitchen furniture, that is white and wood. A kitchen does not necessarily have to be perfectly matched, indeed. The furniture must not present only a precise material.

Kitchen furniture with white furniture, top and wooden floor

kitchen furniture white furniture wooden top floor

Therefore, give ample vent to creativity, choosing different materials, which can blend together giving life to an environment in perfect harmony.

Modern kitchen furnishings with white and lacquered wood

modern kitchen furniture white wood furniture

In this space you will find various images of kitchens furnished with two-tone furniture: the white and brown of the wood, in its many variations and nuances.

Kitchens furniture: wood below, white above

trendy kitchen furniture white wood furniture

As you can see, the glance is extremely pleasant in all cases, as the two shades perfectly match, both if it is a light wood shade, and if it is a darker brown.

Traditional design kitchen furniture: white furniture, wooden top

traditional white wood design kitchen furniture

In short, white and wood are a winning marriage, which lends itself to being used in a particular way precisely for kitchen furnishings, as it is able to give light and brightness and, at the same time, warmth and hospitality.

White kitchens and wood: classic solution

contemporary kitchen furniture white wood top furniture

Whether we choose to shape a moderma kitchen, or if we opt for a classic-style kitchen, white and wooden furniture is an ad hoc choice. Let’s go into detail by going to see how to furnish a kitchen using just white and wood. Let’s think, for example, of an ultra modern kitchen, of which you can find several examples here.

Modern kitchen furniture in shades of white and wood

two-tone kitchen furniture in white wood

The finishes are glossy, so as to reflect the light and offer brightness to an environment that needs it, to which we can combine a beautiful island, made of wood, to be placed in the center of the room.

White kitchen and wood furniture with table

kitchen furniture white furniture wood table

It is possible to create an effect of continuity also realizing the work surface, and why not, also the wood splash guard, obviously of the same shade.

White kitchens and wood, open space solution

white wood furniture kitchen furniture

Another interesting idea is to furnish the kitchen with a series of wall units with modern lines, which can revive the appearance of a classic and traditional style kitchen. There are no rules regarding the choice of materials and their combinations, just give vent to your imagination, always keeping in mind the fundamentals of good taste.

Modern bicolor style kitchen furniture

kitchen furniture white furniture parquet floor

Among the various solutions for how to furnish a kitchen with white furniture and wood, here you will find an example of entirely white furniture placed in the lower part and wooden furniture in the upper part. Obviously it is also possible to do the opposite.

How to furnish a modern white and wooden kitchen

modern white wood kitchen furniture

How about then replacing the classic chairs combined with furniture with mismatched stools, one more particular than the other, of course either white or wood: an extra touch that will give the kitchen a very personal character.

Total white kitchen furniture and parquet flooring

traditional style kitchen furniture white parquet furniture

Furnish kitchen in luxurious white and wood style

furnishings kitchens luxurious white furniture parquet

In the images proposed here you will find very interesting solutions for how to furnish a kitchen with white furniture and parquet flooring, a perfect idea for both modern and traditional kitchens.

White kitchens and wood with central table

classic kitchen furniture white wood furniture details

Furnish kitchen with white furniture, parquet and colored island

kitchen furniture white island parquet furniture

The chromatic detachment is very pleasant, moreover the wood used for the floor is able to give a warm and welcoming feeling to the environment, together with a touch of refined elegance.

Kitchen furniture: white furniture, parquet and marble top

kitchen furniture white furniture parquet marble inserts

White is undoubtedly a color widely used for interiors, for the kitchen in particular, by virtue of its brightness, elegance, welcome and its ability to give depth to space. Combined with wood, then, it gives its best in terms of warmth and hospitality.

Kitchen furniture: white furniture and wooden floor

total white kitchen wooden parquet top furniture

In short, if you love the Nordic style, combine white with light natural wood elements. is the one for you. Darker wood, on the other hand, always combined with white, in particular glossy white, gives rise to a more contemporary style. You can play around with these two shades and the different materials as you see fit, the result will always be impressive.

White kitchens and wood, a design idea

white kitchens wood design idea