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Gray floor: all the nuances of elegance in a modern key
Floor-gray-living room-style-minimal

Gray floor: all the nuances of elegance in a modern key

Choosing the gray floor for one or more rooms in your home means aiming straight for elegance and refinement. But not only. It is in fact a strategic option as gray is able to bring out the furniture and its colors. Furthermore, the gray floor allows a wide range of combinations, ranging from the most classic to the most modern.

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If once the choice could have been rather limited, today the market offers a chromatic range so if you have chosen gray floors you can really indulge! As far as materials are concerned, the most requested are undoubtedly parquet, porcelain stoneware, ceramics and resins, so as to be able to respond, also in this sense, to a varied and more and more extensive demand. As the twenty-five images in our collection show, the gray floor can take on various nuances, different shades and give a certain imprint to the environment. Those who prefer a distinctly contemporary look, characterized by a strong personality, will choose dark gray or anthracite.


The ad hoc combination is with light walls, with white in the first place. However, combinations with other dark shades should not be excluded, as long as they are balanced. The light gray floor is an equally chic and elegant solution but more discreet and neutral. As we have been able to emphasize when speaking of gray walls, it is important not to fall into the trap of chromatic monotony, therefore in the choice of furnishings, the advice is to prefer accents of colors that can be in sharp contrasts with very strong colors (violet, blue, green, red, yellow, orange), or more “soft” (white, wood, including larch and light pine provide excellent visual impact). lovers of minimal style, tor sur ton is the ideal. And finally, here we are with the combination with the walls. The classic solution, but still valid, is with white. But also beige, straw yellow and antique pink are to be considered in its most tenuous shade. The latest tenets are all for the dove, one of the most popular colors currently.

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