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English style kitchen: 10 with a perfect British look
English style cuisine: ten 10 with a perfect British look

English style kitchen: 10 with a perfect British look

It is known as English style kitchen and is the emblem of elegance with some hints borrowed from the rustic and country style. If you are looking for a welcoming, family atmosphere that recalls rural settings, the English style kitchen is exactly for you. Scroll through the ten proposals that make up our collection of images, you will certainly find the idea and the suggestion that is right for you.

English-style pastel-colored kitchen

It is a style of furnishing that is perfect for the kitchen, able to satisfy both those in search of a more refined atmosphere and those who, instead, aim for a more rustic look and tones more inclined to nature. The English style in the kitchen rhymes with elegance and is ideal both for decorating kitchens in the countryside, the well-known cottages, and urban ones, where you want to find the calm and relaxation of nature. Now let’s see in detail the general features of a rustic kitchen. As mentioned at the beginning, the rooms are warm, welcoming and familiar, you breathe deeply the genuine air of the past.

English-style kitchen furniture-white-top-black
English-proposal-style white kitchen

These are compositions that invite the family to be together, to gather around a table to share the meals of the day. An English kitchen is then extremely accurate in every single detail, the furniture is rich, precious and, at the same time, clean and rigorous.


The image you will have visualized is very similar to that of a country style kitchen, in fact an English kitchen has some characteristics, but the differences do not fail to start with the colors that in kitchens furnished according to the dictates of the country style are generally more gritty, more understood, while in the English ones the more tenuous and more delicate tones, like the pastel ones, dominate.

English-style kitchen accents-rustic

The choice of furniture is also different: in an English-style kitchen they are richer and more refined, while in a country setting the furnishings take on decidedly more rustic tones. Even the accessories are different: in the English style they are more refined, refined and even more showy, while in country settings they are more essential.

Provencal-style English-style kitchen

The English style kitchens are a successful mix of elegance, refinement, but also warmth and comfort. All seasoned with a care for details that brings to mind the ancient Anglo-Saxon residences. But how to make an English style kitchen? The ten images we have selected are a valid help to recreate your ideal composition.


In general, wood is the material on which it is necessary to aim with determination, in particular painted in light, even pastel, and sober shades. Even the wall units are clear: white, cream and ivory in particular. Accessories, table legs and chairs, for example, are mostly made of wrought iron. The focal point of an English kitchen is the exposed sideboard, where there are tea sets, cups, plates and glasses.

kitchen-style-English-top dark

To best complete this type of set-up the advice is to insert wild flowers, baskets with fruit, but also old copper pots, cookbooks and paintings. If you are looking for a cozy and refined furnishing at the same time, the English style kitchen is for you, in particular for those who have romantic tastes and love the warmth of wood.


A final suggestion to set up an ad hoc English kitchen: make it appear lived, or rather live it, make it the centerpiece of your home. Spend most of your time with your family, relatives and friends, after all it will be a real pleasure! All you have to do is review the compositions we’ve selected, drawing on the most interesting ones, drawing inspiration here and there to make your perfect English cuisine!