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Double room and many extraordinary ideas to furnish it with style
furnished double room with romanticism taste

Double room and many extraordinary ideas to furnish it with style

In this article you can find lots of useful information to furnish and decorate the master bedroom. We have collected some ideas from which you can take inspiration, if you are about to renovate the sleeping area. We present styles and furniture designs that start from the classic and go as far as the modern.

Double room: ideas and suggestions for a stylish decor

exotic style double room

We have not neglected even the solutions with an industrial and contemporary type of furniture. The different compositions presented in the images can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Let’s see together what are the main features that double rooms must have, which will literally make you daydream.

Double room with a minimalist furniture design

minimalist style double bedroom

First of all, we want to specify that in the bedroom of your dreams, you can indulge yourself with furniture design, since it is a completely personal environment and you are free to express your personality.

Here is an idea with white furniture and a container bed

double room functional bed idea

Generally speaking, there are no precise rules to follow, such as what happens in the furnishing of the kitchen or living room. In that type of environment one feels the need to create solutions that are above all practical and functional.

Infinite elegance with a round shaped bed

double room round bed idea

In the bedroom instead, you can experiment with any type of furniture. Important that you like and that meets your needs. This means that if you like the round-shaped bed you are free to do so.

Bedroom with a classic decor style

double room classic design furniture idea

In fact, even in one of our proposals you can see a similar example. This type of design does not detract from the elegant and refined atmosphere that surrounds it. Go ahead also to decorations. Every room in your home must have your personal touch.

A personalized environment with a beautiful design chandelier

double room colorful wall idea

You are free to customize the bedroom as you see fit. For this purpose you can use paintings, photographs or simply choosing a chandelier with a particular design.

Bedroom with a modern decor in dark tones

double room original idea beautiful view

But what are the basic indications from which to start by furnishing a bedroom? First of all, as in any other room in your home it is advisable to choose the style you want to give. In fact in the images we suggest some of those that are in vogue and at the top of the rankings in terms of furniture.

Very elegant bedroom with dark colored walls

double bedroom with dark color walls

It continues with the choice of the color of the walls, the floor, the furniture and not the last place of the decorations. In fact, with the latter, style and mood can be changed quickly and easily.

Simple proposal with some truly original elements such as the armchair and the dividing wall

original interior design double bedroom

Speaking of flooring, it must be specified that the wooden flooring is the most appropriate for the sleeping area. Wood is a completely natural material that is able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

An infinite refinement thanks to the elegant furniture with sinuous shapes

double bedroom with white upholstered bed

Besides being a structural element in an environment, the floor can also have a decorative function. The color of the wood also depends on that of the walls. As always we reiterate the concept of the contrast between the walls and the flooring.

Very romantic decor in a bedroom with fireplace

double room design romantic decor

If one of them is lighter, the other must necessarily be a darker color. Also in this field we find some wood essences that are perfectly suited to the bedroom environment.

Bedroom with black walls contrasting with white furniture

double room furniture white color dark wall

Teak, Iroko and Doussié are just a few examples. This kind of flooring is able to create, as we have said, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is nothing better than relaxing on a comfortable bed, surrounded by the natural warmth of all these elements.

An elegant bedroom in warm tones and a classic design furniture

very elegant refined double room

The wooden floor is suitable for all furnishing styles. We can also say that it has a very long duration in time. Moreover the various producers offer the possibility to personalize it as it sees fit.

An idea with a wooden floor, combined with classic design furniture

double bedroom wooden floor extravagant accents

You can easily choose the thickness of the staves, the species of the wood, the processing and the various finishes. In short, a wide range of products that will surely be integrated into your sleeping area. The bedroom is the room that best represents our personality, for this reason it must be furnished and decorated in the way you like.

Proposal in a minimal style in dark shades

double room floor ceiling dark color

This environment is dedicated to night rest and is also the refuge where you can take a break from the daily stress that has now invaded our lives. How to create the right atmosphere? It is important to carefully choose the furniture, the color of the walls and, lastly, adequate lighting for this environment.

Double room furnished in minimal style

minimalist style modern design furniture double room

Idea for a night area inspired by nature

double room with wooden bed frame

Let’s see together which are the most suitable colors for the bedroom. It is easy to understand that they are those with warm tones, able to make the eyes and the head relax. Soft tones can influence the mind and have a calming effect. The most important thing is knowing how to create a harmonious environment.

Dark colored wooden bed frame to give an original touch

double bedroom with original wooden bed frame

Even the brightest and brightest colors cannot be excluded. Blue, besides being a risky proposal, is inspired by the color of the sky and therefore evokes tranquility and wisdom. Combined with white furniture, it represents an ideal solution to create a bright and very feminine sleeping area.

Another idea with wood as the absolute protagonist

bedroom furniture wooden furniture

Gray is instead the most classic choice. It is the color that perfectly matches a modern decor. Probably much more than other colors. Its different shades and shades allow to create different visual effects, able to make us immerse in another world.

Gray colored bed with wooden inserts for decoration

modern furniture bedroom furniture

Besides being relaxing, it is also very clean, fresh and in some youthful nuances. It matches perfectly with any color furniture. It is the ideal alternative to white.

Another example of minimal style, environment in dark color tones

minimalist style bedroom decor

A bedroom in yellow? Why not, an exceptional idea for those of you who have a free and very dynamic spirit. Represents the sun and fire. A bright color that does not suit the sleeping area of ​​those people suffering from insomnia.

Furnishings and accessories with an original look

furnish bedroom furniture design

Consider creating a main wall. The main wall is the one that has a touch more than the others. Whether it’s a decoration, another color, a painting or a mirror, it doesn’t matter.

An elegant proposal with a truly personal touch

furnish contemporary style bedroom

The fundamental thing is to be different, and be noticed first. Here are some ideas on how to create a main wall. It is easier than it seems.

Many creative ideas regarding lighting

furnish dramatic style bedroom

Another very important topic we mentioned earlier is that of lighting. Also in the photo you see above is a creative way to illuminate the master bedroom adequately.

An original way to furnish the bedroom

bedroom furnished with original design furniture

The important thing is to have the right lighting for the different times of the day, as well as for the different activities that are carried out there. For example, if you want to read a good book, you will need a bedside lamp that can satisfy this need.

Lamps to illuminate both parts of the bed

bedroom colors contrast

Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are ideal for creating a unique and creative environment. You can also indulge yourself with the design of the chandelier. In the proposals you see, you can see the original look that they present, giving the environment a charisma and a truly fascinating touch.

Bedroom with a wooden bed with a particular shape

modern beautiful home bedroom

In some cases, I am able to catch the eye immediately entering a room. Also in this case, in the photo you see below, a crystal chandelier that fits perfectly with the furniture.

Classic style hanging lamp

modern bedroom gray color bed

The light in the bedroom, however, must not be too invasive and disturb the rest. Also in this photo we have a perfect bedside lamp to adequately illuminate, if for example you want to dedicate yourself to a reading before going to bed.

Bedroom with gray walls

very elegant contemporary style bedroom

In any case, the soft lighting is perfect. In case you want to leave the bedside table free, then consider the idea of ​​buying wall-mounted lamps. Don’t forget the classic lampshades. The latter are able to create a very romantic atmosphere.

Industrial furniture and inspiration

bedroom furnished in industrial style

In the sequence of images you can see other examples with lamps of different design, such as the modern and contemporary one. Try to imagine what would be better in your sleeping area.

Idea of ​​classic furniture with two hanging white chandeliers

classic style bedroom furniture idea

Also in this example of composition you can see how the classic furnishing style is combined with the elegant design of the two suspension lamps. The white color is timeless when we talk about a classic double room. Furniture and decorations come together in a single idea to create a very special atmosphere.

Very simple suggestion to create with minimal style

minimal style bedroom white walls idea

White also used by itself does wonders. As in this case, the contrast between light and dark tones creates a mix with minimal design. In most cases, combining these two colors does not even require decorations.

An example of a double bedroom with an industrial design chandelier

idea room bed traditional wood fireplace

If you have always dreamed of living in a country house, this composition is for you. Simple furniture with a worn effect are the typical features of this style of furniture.

The eclectic design in all its forms

eclectic design bedroom idea

A fireplace in the sleeping area? It is the ideal solution to bring romance and intimacy into the bedroom. Imagine pleasant evenings in the company of your loved one in front of the fire. In this way it becomes easy to create unforgettable moments.

Main wall with wallpaper

bed in black color with light shade walls

Another modern proposal with country accents

mix modern design country furniture

In this composition we have a mixed design furniture. The modern is at the base, and the country is represented with some small accents. In this case colors in light shades are to be preferred.

A minimal proposal with wooden inserts

minimal bedroom design proposal

To create a clean and elegant environment, the minimal decor style is perfectly suited. An essential touch characterizes such an environment. Decorations are also excluded.

A colorful proposal with classic design furniture

original proposal colored bedroom

If, on the other hand, you can’t do without it, take a cue from the previous image and its soft lighting that can be glimpsed on the wall. Wooden accents are the elegant touch that completes the entire composition.

Particular bedroom with a decorated main wall

bedroom decorated main wall

We reiterate the concept that in every environment that is furnished by your hands and with your ideas, you must never forget to leave a personal imprint. In this case the elements with fur are the personal touch of the artist of the composition. Mirror and furniture have their own personality and tell their story.

Double room – classic idea with gray walls

bedroom bed dark walls light color furniture

Here is an idea that you can tell a lot about. Furniture and decorations all with original design. Materials and styles come together in a composition to create an eclectic mix that fully meets expectations.

Double bedroom with original headboard: high, padded and gray

gray wood bed floor suggestion

The classic wooden floor, once again, as in this composition demonstrates its majesty. Also have fun creating your own double room with our ideas, capable of making dreams come true. The photogallery will help you.