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Design beds: lots of original ideas for a thousand and one nights!
king size design wave shape beds

Design beds: lots of original ideas for a thousand and one nights!

It is the undisputed star of the bedroom. Not only that, it is the realm of dreams and romance. You will certainly have intuition, we are talking about the bed and, in particular, today we put the accent on particular, original proposals, some completely out of the ordinary, in two words we deal with design beds, both in the most modern and in the most “ traditional”.

Design beds: fanciful and avant-garde proposals for comfortable but stylish sleeping

design beds tested many white stones

Together with the bathroom, the bedroom is the most intimate room in the house. There we spend the night, which may mean relaxation, rest, romance, in short, we abandon ourselves to some of the pleasures that life offers us, for this it must first of all be comfortable, moreover it must fully reflect our personality and lifestyle.

Design beds: particular shape and a touch of color that stands out in an environment with neutral tones

beds design structure yellow lists

In furnishing it, the first element to choose is the bed, around it rotates like a pin all the rest: bedside tables, wardrobe, chandelier, rug, mirror and so on.

Design beds: the protagonist wood together with an original half-moon shape

beds design structure conca wood

Today we deal with design beds, details, unusual shapes, design lines and cutting-edge materials. Looking through our image gallery you will be surprised by the variety of proposals in this area, without doubt one, or more than one, will capture your attention.

A proposal for a double bed with a design shape in military green combined with bedside tables

design green military fabric beds

Let’s look at them together starting from the first image that concerns a bed with a wavy shape, comfortable and beautiful to look at the same time, with a modern design and an oil blue color, a combination that goes perfectly with the gray walls and the parquet floor.

A design double bed in white faux leather with stitching and lights combined with an amazingly shaped armchair!

design white eco-leather bed lights

In addition to the shape of the structure, this bed has another peculiarity, namely the blue LED light incorporated in the headboard. This is a perfect solution especially for those who love reading. We continue with the second proposal that catches the eye thanks to the particular headboard that reproduces the shape of white round stones.

Design beds: an idea with a modern and rounded shape for both the structure and the headboard

modern design rounded shape beds

The material used is eco-leather, the same as the structure, the latter takes up the softness and roundness of the headboard thanks to the sinuous lines. The rest of the furniture (carpet, bedside table, lamp) plays again on the round shapes.

Particular beds: a proposal hanging from the ceiling with steel chains

design idea beds suspended chains

The third proposal is dedicated to a young, whimsical, lover of modernity. The structure of the bed is made up of yellow side-by-side lists that form a wave with a squared line. On closer inspection, they look like so many fries in the shape of a stick next to each other!

A simple structure for a raised half-bed

raised design slender structure beds

The effect is truly original and goes well with the shades of gray with which the room is furnished. Do you like wood, the sensation that it transmits on a visual and tactile level? The third proposal, then, is for you. The bed has the shape of a half moon, which also resembles the hull of a boat, all in wood with a long pillow in the area of ​​the headboard.

An original and fun proposal for bunk beds for children

beds design solution castle children

The square is completed by a bedside table with an essential design and a spectacular spiral staircase. Do you love color and design shapes? Take a look at the double bed with a military green fabric structure. The lines are soft, original, as well as those of the bedside tables.

A stilt bed, ideal for an exotic location

design beds solution stilt exotic place

More suited to a female audience due to its high level of romanticism, the fifth image stands out for its elegant shape, the purity of white, the headboard with stitching, the lights set like diamonds in the structure and for the truly original armchair in the shape of stiletto heel, made with the same concept of the bed.

Special beds: romantic proposal suspended from the circular shape

design round solution suspended beds

Modern and rounded shapes, both for the structure and for the headboard, two-tone pattern (white and dark brown) are the main features of the seventh proposal, based on a contemporary design softened by rounded shapes. Is your dream to sleep suspended?

Design beds: white structure with a soft and sinuous shape

beds design soft line structure

Observe the following proposal in which the bed is supported on the ceiling by steel chains. You find the same idea shortly after, applied to a circular-shaped bed, this time supported by ropes. Dreaming a little with your eyes open, without a doubt you will have been fascinated by the bed in a pile of exotic places …

Double beds: a linear, square proposal perfect for a minimal design environment

design black squared frame beds

Returning with your feet to the ground and to more “traditional” bedrooms, we offer other interesting ideas to furnish your dream room with style and originality.

Special beds: structure on the ground, with a round shape and built-in led lights

beds design structure earth lights

The image below, for example, proposes a floor bed with a round structure in white eco-leather. But the real gem concerns the profile of incorporated blue LED lights. Imagine the splendid effect with the lights out! We continue with the proposal below, it is a room with a masculine design: the bed is perfectly round with a glossy wooden structure, combined with the long nightstand placed on the wall, with a layout that distorts the usual layout of these two elements.

Special beds: round design with a masculine design

marimonial bed, circular shape, leather structure

Modern design double bed with suspended structure

modern design double bed raised structure

The floor, as well as the walls are dark and the TV is suspended. Speaking of suspended objects, the image above shows a raised design bed, in line with one of the most fashionable trends in this period.

Special beds: an example of avant-garde design for a thousand and one nights

special beds design avant-garde structure lights

The image below, instead, steals the eye thanks to the ultra modern, refined design, clean shapes and, above all, the luminous insert. Here, below, instead, we have chosen a composition based on a design bed, in black faux leather, with a soft shape, which invites you to relax.

Double bed in black wave-shaped faux leather, comfortable and elegant

double bed shape black leather design

In the next image we find a bed with a special design, perfect for small apartments. The design focuses on the classic-elegant combination of wood combined with white.

Loft double bed with a linear wooden structure

double bed loft idea wooden structure

The wood still protagonist with a proposal of bedroom in perfect Japanese style, with the addition of a very simple headboard in black.

A Japanese-style bedroom idea based on natural wood

double bed proposed natural wood

If you love industrial style, you can take inspiration from the image below. The bed, with a wooden structure, is hung from the ceiling by steel chains. The rest of the room is furnished with a few elements, but the atmosphere is still welcoming thanks to the presence of wood both on the floor and on the walls.

Idea of ​​double bed suspended by industrial design

industrial style double bed suspended structure

With the image below, we allowed ourselves a second digression: we moved to a seaside resort to offer you a splendid bed with a rattan structure, ideal for resting lulled by the gentle sound of the waves.

Double bed with rattan structure: splendid proposal for the beach!

double bed rattan beach structure

The image below is perfect for a room with a masculine look, in fact the bed is in black faux leather, the shape is undulating and the headboard is stitched, which gives it grit and character.

Double bed in black faux leather with a wavy shape and stitched headboard

special beds black faux leather wave shape

Below we have another perfect proposal if you are looking for a circular bed. In particular, this composition plays on wood in its light shade, worked in a smooth, linear way.

Another unmissable proposal with a circular shape with an attached headboard

special beds circular shaped headboard incorporated

Note the attached headboard with the comfortable drawers on the sides. Originality is fertile ground especially for the little ones. Among the many proposals in this regard, here we offer a really cute van-shaped bed that your children will adore!

For the little ones, a minibus-shaped bed

special beds form children's bus

Remaining in a modern, contemporary theme, the bed below is truly spectacular both in shape and size. The wooden structure offers a pleasant sense of continuity. The strengths are the design and the precious essence, which recalls wall, bedside tables and wardrobe.

Design beds: polished wood and continuity of shapes

avant-garde special wood beds

All complemented by a decor that is cared for to the smallest detail. With the image below, instead, let’s take a dip into the past. It is in fact a bed with a canopy structure in perfect nineteenth-century style.

A step back in time with this double bed with a canopy structure

special beds vintage canopy structure

Obviously the whole context follows the same style. The effect may seem a little baroque, but for lovers of the genre it can be an interesting idea. And here we come to another proposal in a contemporary key that I play on the combination of always white-black trend.

Double bed with two-color squared structure, combined with the rest of the furniture

special beds modern structure square shape

In this case, the headboard has two spotlights attached, ideal for creating a soft atmosphere. We arrived at the last of our thirty proposals, once again a particular bed, this time in pistachio green and ivory fabric. The element that captures attention concerns the headboard of the bed: a semicircle in the two colors, where the green one has elegant stitching. At this point you just have to choose the design beds that most impressed you, draw inspiration from the ideas of a thousand and one nights that we have selected for you and create the room of your dreams.

Special beds: proposed in ivory and pistachio green with a staggered semicircle headboard

special beds staggered semicircle headboard