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Country kitchen: 10 ideas for a warm and welcoming decor
country kitchen-furniture-ceiling-beams-view

Country kitchen: 10 ideas for a warm and welcoming decor

Thanks to this small guide we want to rediscover the country kitchen, with its elegant, antique and romantic design. Here are ten tips and ideas to help you create a successful design. This kitchen is a good choice for those who love the cozy atmosphere of country houses, full of decorative accessories. This type of furniture is very close to shabby chic and vintage style, and not just for the type of decoration.

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What are the main features of country cooking and how to recreate it? Take inspiration from the images proposed here, to find the necessary inspiration. The main objective to be achieved is to obtain a practical, functional and above all welcoming environment. Furthermore, it is very easy to design it, since there are no precise rules to follow.

country kitchen-three-ideas-decor

The privileged material is wood, in short, all the natural elements find space in the furnishings. Everything that comes from nature is the right tool to return to the authentic life of the countryside. The furniture has the task of creating the typical atmosphere that characterizes the country houses. So, when planning, take this side into consideration. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is the one that must prevail, because the kitchen is the space dedicated to the family.


In the compositions we show you, white is one of the main colors. However, even the pastel shades match very well, such as beige, light blue and light gray. It’s up to you to decide which one is closest to your personal tastes. However, the furniture makes the difference and above all the construction materials. Wood, as we have already said above, is the main one, but stone also has its essential part.


Marble is another element that finds its place. Also go to the decorations and accessories. Copper is basic in kitchens marked by country style. Modern design appliances must be completely hidden, so as not to create stylistic chaos, between innovation and tradition.

furniture-kitchen-country-style-top timber

The oven, on the other hand, should be chosen in a country style, because this will have to be visible. If the space available allows it, it is also possible to insert the dining table and chairs. These too must be made of wood. If you like it, even the benches can play a key role. The color of the set should be chosen based on the kitchen furnishings.


If your kitchen is white, then it is possible to break and insert elements of another shade. If, on the other hand, you want to stay on the classic, then light colors are the best solution. Curtains, sideboards, wooden shelves and a particular chandelier can be of great help in the decoration.

Country kitchen and an original solution


Resisting country charm is almost impossible. These spaces combine comfort and elegant and comfortable design. Among the main features of the country kitchen there are, as we have said, the decorations. Precisely for this reason you can give free rein to the imagination and insert, without hesitation, original elements to your liking.

Country kitchen: solution with some touches of modern design

furnishing-kitchen-country-style-top floor

Don’t be afraid to make the space appear too “heavy”. Almost everything is allowed. As in our last example, in which the exposed shelves highlight books and objects of various kinds. In short, kitchens furnishing according to this trend will undoubtedly be able to make you feel good and relaxed. Do not hesitate to visit our other articles to discover other furnishing ideas.