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Country bedroom: many suggestions for a welcoming environment
Country bedroom painted in neutral color tones

Country bedroom: many suggestions for a welcoming environment

Do you want a different and original sleeping area? We offer you some furnishing ideas designed to meet this need. We have created a collection of images to show you how to make a country bedroom. This style of furniture is synonymous with simplicity and originality.

Country bedroom with a traditional wood-burning fireplace

traditional country fireplace bedroom

Let yourself be inspired by our proposals and recreate the natural country atmosphere, directly in your sleeping area. This has become a real trend in terms of furnishings and is taking over even in the most modern homes, even those in the city. The embrace of nature is mainly perceived by the wooden furniture and the heat produced by the fireplace.

Country bedroom and a yellow sofa

country bedroom yellow loveseat

Country bedroom and a light color environment

country bedroom metal love seat

In fact, in many of our proposals the fireplace is the focal point. Yes, just like that, such an element in the bedroom is no longer a dream. The sleeping area is the space dedicated to rest, for this reason it deserves the right attention, both in terms of furnishings and decorations.

Special proposal for the night area with elegant white furniture

country bedroom furniture white color

In such a place the decorations are welcome and in some way necessary, in order to guarantee a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The main objective is to create a harmonious place that guarantees pleasant moments in the company of a loved one.

Another original suggestion with wooden furniture and gray walls

country bedroom dark colored wood furniture

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying moments of relaxation in front of the fireplace lying on a rug. In short, all you need is just a little imagination and you will be able to make your own country bedroom by yourself.

An original idea with particular decorations

Particular original country bedroom

Literally country style means “country style”, because it is inspired precisely by the atmosphere of a rural landscape and the authenticity of the land. It is the ideal place to take refuge after a long day of work, a quiet place far away from stress.

Elegant country-style atmosphere overlooking the master bathroom

country bedroom white walls wooden beams view

Sleeping area furnished and decorated in country style

bedroom country ceiling wood

If you have just bought a house in the country, this is the most suitable style if you want to feel like a cottage. If you want to create an original environment outside of modern schemes, you just need a few simple steps.

Another suggestion for the night area with pink curtains

country bedroom pink curtains

The key word that describes the country world is simplicity. The scent of lavender, the pleasant sensation of wood and the warmth of the fireplace are the details that must never be missing in a room. When it comes to colors, we can say that the most used are white and all pastel shades.

Sleeping area with a bed head decorated with floral motifs

padded headboard country bedroom

The wallpaper lends itself very well to the walls and thanks to the motifs, all different and special, you can create many suggestive atmospheres. The idyllic atmosphere is also represented by yellow and brown. Why not even pink.

Bedroom furniture with a decorated wall and a particular pendant light

country decor cozy bedroom cute bed

In fact, in one of our proposals you can see pink curtains and blue bed linen. Nothing is forbidden, just feel in a welcoming and harmonious environment.

Here’s how to furnish and decorate the bedroom in a country style

country decor bedroom bed wooden furniture

Everything that is close to nature can find a place in a bedroom furnished in country style. The stronger colors, instead, are used to highlight some particular details. For example, the blue bed linen wants to highlight the particular design furniture, made of wood.

A proposal with blue walls and colored curtains

country furniture bedroom furniture light color furniture

The same applies to the image in which we have a brown fur rug. In this case, however, we approach a style closer to the rustic. It is necessary to make a difference between the two, even if in principle they are very close as characteristics.

Original suggestion for the sleeping area with wooden furniture and a fireplace

furnish country style bedroom traditional fireplace

Country style bedroom with wooden wall

country furniture night area original bed wood

All the furniture and accessories are made entirely of wood. What other material, besides wood, is closer to nature? Even the stone is another element that could be adapted very well in this area of ​​the house.

A suggestion in the light color tone and with beige walls

bedroom furnished country style cream colored furniture

We can meet it, for example, as a chimney covering. In some cases also for the walls, but in general the flowered wallpaper is the ideal solution. In addition, if combined with cushions and curtains, the picture becomes complete. We cannot neglect the floor too. In a country-style bedroom, parquet is one of the key elements.

Sleeping area with a white wooden ceiling

country style bedroom wood ceiling

Wood gives a sense of welcome and warmth. Familiarity in such an environment must never be lacking.

Environment inspired by country life with a metal bed and traditional wood-burning fireplace

bedroom furniture idea wooden furniture

Sleeping area with gray walls: infinite elegance

idea to furnish country style bedroom light wood furniture

Instead, a mirror in a frame does nothing but reinforce the relaxing atmosphere. In short, all furnishing accessories that can completely change the look of this area of ​​the house. A special attention, as we have said before, also to decorations.

Wooden bed inspired by country style and a fur rug

wood bed inspired by country style

Therefore, wide with wrought iron candle holders and textile accessories in linen and cotton. In this way the country style infuses a sense of harmony, completed also with flower vases and wicker baskets. Look carefully at the images and take inspiration from the ideas we provide.

Elegant sleeping area decorated in a particular way

original proposal to furnish country style bedroom

This kind of furniture can also be applied in other areas of the home, such as the kitchen, the living room and so on for the bathroom furniture. Colors and accessories with a thousand facets that at any time of the day can make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Very elegant country bedroom with an original designer chandelier

country chic style bedroom furniture

Here is a last suggestion for the bedroom furnished in country style

original suggestion bedroom design