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Corner fitted kitchens: 10 ideas for every need
modular kitchens with corner-large-spaces

Corner fitted kitchens: 10 ideas for every need

Corner fitted kitchens are a very interesting solution both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. They are in fact very beautiful to look at and, making the most of the available space, are also practical and functional. Corner fitted kitchens can use two or three sides, with a “L” or “U” layout respectively. Whatever the choice you make, it is a setting suitable for both a kitchen in its own right and for an open space solution.

corner-modern modular kitchens

Looking through the ten images we have chosen to give you a range of ideas as varied as possible, the so-called operational triangle immediately leaps to the eye, where the three main operations that characterize the kitchen are carried out: the washing of food, fruit, vegetables and more other, cooking and food preparation.

corner-wood-dark modular kitchens

In the event that the surface of your kitchen is sufficiently large, or rather if the two sides of the room are quite long, in the middle, the advice is to place a table to consume the various meals of the day, so as to create an area convivial, or an island. The theme of angular modular kitchens must be addressed with adequate attention as there are many aspects to consider in the design phase and in the subsequent purchase of furniture.

corner-wood-light modular kitchens

How easy it is to imagine there are several variables to evaluate, many more than in a kitchen with a linear composition. Often the layout of the room or the position of the systems oblige us to move towards angular modular kitchens, sometimes, instead, it is a purely aesthetic choice, to give character to the environment and also functionality.


There are various solutions to make this kind of compositions, and we are not just talking about style, but about the placement of the hob or sink, for which we advise you to avoid the corner area. Although, often, one of the reasons why you opt for a corner composition, is precisely to have a design hob, perhaps with a corner hood that captures attention.


In setting up your corner kitchen start right from the corner and then proceed with everything else. Various kinds of corner fitted kitchens are available on the market, one for every style and space requirement, furthermore the fact of being made to measure allows you to get exactly the solution you want.


Our gallery will provide you with interesting ideas, a sort of starting point for starting to shape the project. At the opening you will find clearly modern mold solutions, created for large spaces. The furniture has square and essential lines, everything is strictly in place, creating a set with a balanced and contemporary look. There is no lack of more classic proposals, elegant in their sobriety, both in dark and light wood.


Then there is an idea of ​​an angular kitchen where an exuberant and original red glossy splash protector and an elegant suspension chandelier stand out. If the surface at your disposal is limited, take a cue from a composition proposed here, where the choice to include white lacquered furniture proves to be a winner as it offers a greater feeling of space. For lovers of dark furniture, we have selected an idea to take into consideration both for the aesthetic side (very interesting, in fact, the combination with stainless steel inserts), and the functional one: it is precisely the image placed here over it.


In short, the possibilities are varied, all you have to do is choose the one that best meets your tastes and needs, starting with the captivating proposals from our image gallery, where you’ll also find an industrial-style composition with an island in the center of the room that, in addition to being very fashionable, offers the maximum in terms of functionality.